30 Cheapest and Easiest Fence to Install

The Cost of an Installing Fence

The Cost of a Installing Fence

How much exactly is the cost of installing a fence? For an average yard, the cost of installing a fence ranges from USD 1,500 to USD 3,000. As a reference, most homeowners spend around USD 1,800 to install a fence in their yard.

Keep in mind that installing a fence can be inexpensive as well as very expensive. The total cost depends on many factors. The important ones are the material or type of the fence, the length, and the height of the fence.

At the minimum, a fence costs about USD 1 per foot. At the maximum, about USD 44 per foot. Most homeowners spend between USD 10 and USD 18 per linear foot for materials and installation.

To give you examples, a wire fence costs about USD 1 to USD 7 per foot, a wood picket fence about USD 10 to USD 14 per foot, while a vinyl fence costs about USD 15 to USD 30. (Note: These prices include labor costs.)

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