21 Brilliant Hammock Ideas for a Laid-Back Staycation

TSP Home Decor – There is nothing more indulging than reading your favorite book in a hammock. You can also take a nap on it comfortably. Having this lounge furniture is a must in your home or on backyard. To help you carving out a cozy treat, we have compiled these appealing styles.

1. Unique Pleasures

If you have small outdoor space, it is such perfect option. Suspend a couple of transparent egg chairs from your living room’s ceiling.
• The red cushions match well with the backdrop.
• A black and white zebra print rug creates more relaxed feel.
• While white floor and ceiling make the swinging chairs and rug stand out.

2. Lazy Day


This bedroom is so multi-functional. Even the colorful fabric is strung between the metal supports.
• A pile of throw pillows give you maximum comfort.
• Vibrant lounger pops against the white space scheme.
• Geometric area rug draws the eye up.

3. Happy Kids


All your children love lying in their own mini couches. Turn their dreams into reality by installing four hammocks.
• Metal frames suit the industrial-themed home.
• Bold color delivers playful vibe into the casual space.
• White wall turns the swinging chairs into focal points.

4. Better Than Sofa


Although there are sofas and armchairs in the living room, we guarantee you still opt for the hanging Mayan handwoven net. Because it lets you kick back in the cool way.
• It adds visual interest.
• You can use it for dividing two different areas.

5. Smart Solution


Living in tiny apartment? No problem. As you can see, the long navy piece is strung between the sturdy posts. It is easy to remove too.
• Place it above your sofa for ultimate napping experience.
• Involve green armchairs and two-tone rug to perk the area up.

6. Sleep Under Patio


It looks like you bring your bed outside. The patio works as the support for the shaded paradise.
• You get into it fast due to the flat bed surface.
• Wooden frame fits pleasantly with the wooden floor.
• Since it is surrounded by trees, it seems so lively.

7. Expect The Unexpected


Think out of the box to maximize your pocket-sized bedroom. Like the picture shown above, an exquisite egg pod chair doubles as the personal retreat.
• Nautical rope produces the coastal air throughout the space.
• Plus, the white swinging chair blends well with the neutral theme.

8. Lovely Moroccan


No hesitation, this living abode is greatly influenced by the Moroccan decor. And the hanging ornate fabric serves as the most tranquil zone ever for sipping the tea.
• The lacey pattern on either sides exudes feminine flavor.
• Yellow and white throw pillows unify the area.

9. Home Gym Addition


After working out for a few hours, you must feel so tired. Why don’t you rest on the comfiest treat?
• Suspend the two-tone parachute from your gym equipments.
• Feature invigorating parachute to liven up your home gym.
• You can move it into the other rooms because of its portability.

10. Staircase Companion


A space beside your stairway tends to be neglected. It is better if you tuck it into an enjoyable spot during daytime.
• The white fabric fits into neutral-toned home.
• The macrame and muslin inject the area with airy and breezy nuance.

11. Industrial Nook


For you who are fond of reading in your bedchamber, give it a try. Just let the awkward area hosts an ultra-comfy hanging chair.
• Its metal frame and rope chain make the rustic industrial bedroom complete.
• White fabric along with the giant windows lend the space sunny and open setting.

12. Warm Night


In the winter, we suggest you to spend the night on your petite sanctuary. Because it is strategically located near the fireplace.
• The fireplace infuses the space with welcoming and intimate feeling.
• Use soft throw pillows as the headrests.

13. Boho Fantasy


The bedchamber’s structure is already unusual. That’s the reason you should not hesitate to go the non-traditional way.
• Suspend the rattan egg pod chair from the ceiling’s heart.
• Throw a bohemian rug into the floor for more enchanting appeal.

14. Lovely Stripes


Two striped loungers in veranda will make boring day into unforgettable one. Their stripes truly add pop of delightful colors.
• Striped bench cushion looks so impressive here.
• You get the swing on with a nature view.

15. Endless Fun


This statement-making furniture has the hidden function. Your kids can excitedly play in it.
• Light grey playground matches tastefully with the concrete floor.
• Hot orange armchair gives the invigorating accent to the space.

16. Rejuvenating Afternoon


The spreader-bar spot creates larger space compared to the other types. We bet you will nod off to sleep on it.
• The sleek design of wooden frame is suitable with the contemporary Scandinavian home.
• Lacey pattern produces the vintage look.

17. Sweet Paradise


Who says minimalist abode cannot be marvelous? With the presence of hanging fabric, you are set.
• The rocking chair, book collection, and ball-shaped throw pillows incorporate the playful vibes into the sunroom.
• Hammock’s design really steals the show.
• Light blue wall brightens up the whole space.

18. Indoor Camp


If you are too busy to go camping, it could be the best choice. When successfully hung between the walls, you have a true mind-relaxing sanctuary.
• Open the doors to make the room sunny and breezy.
• The metal supports secure your swinging camp.
• White pillows create a harmonious environment.

19. Nicaraguan’s Beauty


In need of attractively colorful net? We completely guarantee you will fall in love with this one. It is such remarkable addition for any nautical-themed bedroom.
• Blue and green-striped swinging fabric mixes well with the striped area rug.
• The porthole mirror on the wall takes the center stage.

20. Trampoline Lover


This fancy hanging trampoline is worth the effort. Just imagine you spend a day slowly in the shaded porch. It is unbeatable happiness for sure.
• Decorate your trampoline with cushions, pillows, and drapes.
• Suspend it from the sturdy ceiling.

21. Serene Retreat


De-stress your mind by swinging away in this black and orange piece. It is super powerful to revitalize your energy.
• Bold fabric turns the minimalist industrial home into cheerful zone.
• The navy armchair and sofa are utterly fashionable.

So, do not give up on your tiny outdoor and indoor spaces. Because hammock is available in various sizes, designs, and shapes. Pick the one which meets your personal need and character.

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