Pallet Fence Ideas

TSP Home Decor – Garden with colorful flowers and green plants on the backyard is indeed beautiful. But it still seems not enough without any fence around.

Sure, some kinds of fence can just be made or at least designed by you. It doesn’t always mean such a big fence to protect the entire garden.

Pallet Fence Ideas

The small ones in the form of pallet are yet cool to sweeten the garden more. So, here are some of the ideas.

1. A Small Vintage Pallet Fence in White for a Small Garden

 Wood Pallet Fence

Not all people may be blessed with a big backyard. So, if you are also one of them.

Don’t worry since it can still be beautified with a stunning pallet fence which is small also. Just arrange some pieces of woods together. Then, paint them in white.

2. Simple Country Styles Pallet Fence

 Pallet Fence Ideas

The ideas still use woods as the main materials. Again, there are put together and then pain them.

Another idea is by providing thin pieces of woods and then weaved to form the pallet fence.

3. Grey Pallet Fence with Accents

 Pallet Fence DIY

Arranging the woods vertically must be something too common.

Then, aside from nailing them each other and painting the woods, adding some accents looks necessary.

The simplest idea is by forming edges of woods in the form of curves or like the swords.

4. Sunshade-Designed Pallet Fence for Gazebo

 Wooden Pallet Fence Ideas

It is so good if you also think about a sitting area on your backyard garden.

Then, to protect you from the sun, a kind of pallet fence is needed. Additionally, it should be arranged in a denser way.

5. Coarse Farm-Style Pallet Fence

 Pallet garden Fence

Although this kind of pallet fence is commonly found in the farming and poultry area, it is not bad to apply this one to your backyard garden. The fence can just be coarse without too much varnishing.

6. Smooth Pallet Fence with Varnish Finishing

 Wooden Pallet Fence

When the previous point above is about coarse look, this one is the smooth and soft one.

The design is actually simple with the woods that are arranged horizontally. But then, the paint and the varnish just make it perfect.

7. Colorful Pallet Fence

 Pallet Fence DIY

The design is actually just simple. But what makes this kind of fence so special is due to the colorful paints applied.

Yes, there is the red one over there and then it is followed by the black, light blue, dark blue, orange, and more.

8. Wavy Metal Pallet Fence for a Large Backyard

 Pallet Wood Fence

This one is maybe impossible to be done by yourself except you are working in the metal fence manufactures.

Yes, the fence is only about metal pieces that are arranged in a row.

But in the arrangement, the row is wavy to add the aesthetic vibrant to the garden.

9. Rustic Pallet Fence

 Pallet garden Fence

This idea is quite similar to the point 5 but you may make it a little bit smoother.

There is no need to paint and varnish it as you can just let it raw and coarse.

To make it look nicer, cut off the woods in certain designs just like in the picture above.

10. Pallet Fence in Fortress Style

 Pallet Fence Gate

Have you ever thought of building a fortress in the backyard? If this is one of your imaginations, just realize it now.

It should not be really in the form of a gate. But with some accents and even a small gate on the fence, the fortress is just simply there.

11. Pallet Fence in Horizontal Lines

 Pallet Fence Ideas

The key point of creating this pallet fence is the neatness. The idea is simple actually; it is just pieces of thin woods arranged horizontally. But without making it neat, it seems the results will not be that good.

12. Small Country Pallet Fence for Poultry

 Pallet Fence Design

If you, by any chance, have a farm with the poultry, this one is good and really easy to make.

It is only about some pieces of coarse wood that are arranged to form a small cattle pen.

13. White Pallet Fence for the Sitting Area

 Pallet Fence Design

You can just make the pallet fence as well as the furniture by yourself using the pieces of wood you have.

Next, paint them in white to give more elegant sense.

14. Simple Pallet Fence as the Neighborhood Separation

 Pallet picket Fence

To separate one house to another, you sometimes don’t need a kind of big and luxurious fences.

Some pieces of wood that are arranged are quite unique without too much finishing.

15. Pallet Fence with Cute Decorations

 Pallet Wood Fence

Do you find that the pallet fence you make is just simply like that? There is no garnish or decoration that makes it look more beautiful?

If yes, this idea can be followed. It is by hanging and attaching some cute decorations like in the picture above.

16. Stair-Designed Pallet Fence

 Wooden Pallet Fence

There is no need too much effort actually for the backyard garden. Sometimes, you only need to apply such different designs.

One of the examples is the stair-designed pallet fence made simply from some pieces of woods.

17. Rustic Pallet Fence as the Planting Media

 Pallet Fence Design

The fence is not only functioned as the border of your backyard. It is possible also to be used as the planting media.

Some plants are indeed able to grow and spread on the vertical media including the fence.

18. Farm-Like Pallet Fence with Different Height

Pallet Fence Ideas 1

Some pallet fences arranged in a row are commonly presented in the same height to make them look neater.

If you want something different, applying the same concept but in some different heights is a good choice.

19. Another Rustic Pallet Fence as the Planting Media

Pallet Fence Ideas 2

In this point, the fence is added by some small pots made from the same materials.

Then, just grow some plants and flowers on the wooden pots available.

20. Simple Shelves on the Fence

Pallet Fence Ideas 3

Still about the planting media using the fence, there is no additional pot but just the shelves.

There will be real pots later when the plants are already there. Then, put the pots with flowers on the shelves provided.

21. Minimalist Fence with a Gate

Pallet Fence Ideas 4

Using the thin pieces of wood, there will be such a minimalist fence to be formed.

But then, add a sort of gate to make your backyard look more astonishing.

22. Colored Simple Fence as the Protection

Pallet Fence Ideas 5

There are probably some spots on the garden for certain plants that need to be protected.

Well, Some simple fences are enough actually. To make it look better, paint them with some colors like red, yellow, or blue.

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