Hog Wire Fence

TSP Home Decor – Do you have a plan to renovate your home exterior in the near future? If yes, it seems that the fence can be one from the list to be decorated or change.

Maybe, you find the fence you already have is no longer good-looking or it has been damaged. But then, how should the new fence be?

Materials like wood and metal iron must not be new things. For such a different vibe, the application of hog wire can be a great idea to choose.

What is Hog Wire Fence?

Hog Wire Fence 1

What is it?

The hog wire fence means that some pieces of wire are arranged together in crossing and the woods are only used as the frame.

Hog wire fence is a type of fence which is made from multiple lengths of wire twisted together.

The hog wire fence is mainly used for the purpose of physical containment, such as to get rid of livestock, keep the boundary, or contain plants.

A part of the hog wire fence can also be used for decorative purposes, such as creating a sculpture or garden.

Construct A Hog Wire Fence

Construct A Hog Wire Fence

How do you construct a hog wire fence?

The best way to construct a hog wire fence is to use posts that are set every 2.5 meters (9.84 ft) in length.

Ideally you should use wooden stakes on the top and bottom of the poles for support, but these can be substituted for steel rods if necessary.

How to Use Hog Wire?

Using Hog Wire

There are a number of ways in which you can use hog wire. It can be used for many different types of applications, and each application will have its own benefits.

Whether it is protecting your garden from animals, or to secure your crops for the night, or to keep wild hogs out of an area – it is a very effective tool that you should have in your survival tool shed.


  • Hog wire is cost effective.
  • It can be used for many different applications.
  • It can also be combined with other materials to maximize its benefits.
  • It is easy to use and easy to install.
  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • The material used in the manufacturing process helps prevent corrosion.


  • Hog wire fencing cannot be electrified because of the corrosive properties of the materials used in making it.
  • It is not recommended for keeping in domesticated animals, as it does not have enough strength to prevent them from breaking through.
  • Because of how flexible and soft hog wire is, it might be very easy for a predator to cut through the material with their teeth, which may cause serious injury or death to livestock.

Hog Wire Fence Installation Cost

Hog Wire Fence Installation Cost

How much does a hog wire fence cost?

The cost of hog wire fence varies from person to person. Most people who are in the construction business will tell you that it is one of the most expensive fencing materials out there. You should ask around and find out what kind of fencing material you can expect to pay for.

If you hire a fencing contractor, it costs from $35 to $50 per running foot to install a 6-foot-high wood-and-wire fence. If you are doing it yourself, the cost will be between $6 and $10 per foot.

Where to Buy Hog Wire?

Hog Wire Fence 2

Most hardware stores carry it in your area, but you may have to check online as well. Going to a local fencing supply store will help you get the best deal and the highest quality of the product that you need.

Hog Wire Fence Design Ideas

Here are some different designs that you can make with hog wire fencing. It is a good idea to design the fence according to what you are using it for.

1. Simple Small-Square Hog Wire Fence

wood framed Hog Wire Fence

If you love the details, the wire can just be arranged in much denser. Indeed, it means that the wire prepared must be more as well.

But it seems that the results are better particularly if you can make it neater. Then, put and weave them on the wooden frame you have prepared before.

2. Simple Big-Square Hog Wire Fence

Hog Wire Fence

This is almost the same idea as the previous point. The difference is only placed on the size or the density of squares made from the wire. This idea is good to protect your plantation or maybe farm from the animal attack.

3. Hog Wire Fence for Backyard Garden

Hog Wire Fence installation

A benefit of using this idea is regarding the smaller budgets. In fact, aside from the home living, people sometimes don’t even garnish and beautify their fence more.

If you also think so for your backyard garden, hog wire fence is a very good answer.

4. Hog Wire Fence around the Garden

Hog Wire Fence design

It is reasonable if you want the front yard fence nicer than the backyard. Still using the same concept, it is the hog wire fence; you can just make sure that the cutting and design smoother.

It is by applying the idea of dense hog wire as well as wooden frame that is painted and varnished.

5. Hog Wire Fence on the Terrace and Balcony

pet Fence wire

Installing this type of fence doesn’t always be on the land or soil. Putting them right on the edges of terrace and balcony is a great idea also to make the home exterior look nicer.

6. All-Wood Hog Fence

building a Hog Wire Fence

The idea of hog wire can also be used for other fences but with different materials. To deepen the sense of smooth and more expensive, just apply only wood as the materials.

Arrange and weave the thing pieces of wood in squares just like what you may have done to the wire. With some beautiful flowers around, this can create a scenic landscape on your yard.

7. Hog Wire Fence with Bamboo

framed Hog Wire Fence

Sure, anything is actually possible in this idea. It is including applying any other materials like the bamboo. If you can find the qualified bamboo materials, you don’t even need to varnish them in the end to maintain the natural sense.

8. Varnished Hog Wire Fence for the Front Yard

Hog Wire Fence panels

There is no need too many details and garnish to make the simple hog wire fence look more beautiful. Mainly for you the beginners just create a kind of fence in a simple design. Then, varnish it in the end. It is enough to make your front yard look amazing.

9. Metal Hog Fence for the Elegant Look

decorative Hog Wire Fence

Who says that hog wire idea is only for natural materials like wood or bamboo plus the wire. Some fences from metal also use this idea as well.

There are still the similar waves and arrangements for sure. But the application of metal indeed makes it safer and more elegant.

10. Dense Hog Fence with Concrete Bricks

Hog Wire Fence 3

While the hog wire fence is often assumed as all about the square arrangement, you can just try any other idea which is a little bit different.The pieces of woods can be arranged in more density to make it look more “expensive.”

11. Hog Wire Fence in Lining Idea

barbed wire Fence

Another idea regarding the application hog wire can just be seen in the picture above. The wood and the hog wire are still just the same.

The difference is that there is no any square there. But just the wires are arranged into some lines over the wooden frame.

12. Round-Looking Fence from the Hog Wire

welded wire Fence

There are some conditions in which the fence must not be just straight. It may need to be rounding in keeping the house or garden.

It is still something that can be realized through the hog wire fence. Create some fences and the put them together to form a big circle.

13. Hog Wire Fence in Stairs

Hog Wire Fence installation

For the uphill lands, this idea is a good solution. In the previous point, you are allowed to make some fences from woods and wires and then put them together in a circular way.

In this case, the basic concept is just the same. The difference is that the fences must be attached one another to form the stairs.

14. As the Protection of an Open Land

wood and wire Fence

Interestingly, the hog wire fence is not only about applying it to the houses and plantations. The organizers of tourism objects like dangerous beaches and the zoos can also use this idea to protect the object.

It avoids the animal going outside as well as prohibiting the visitors to go inside.

15. Large Hog Wire Fence in Plantation and Industry

diy Hog Wire Fence

You may have heard the application of electricity wire to protect the area plantation and industry. Well, it can be applied properly also with the idea of large hog wire fence.

Sure, the fence particularly wires must be connected to the electricity to shock the theft without making them injured too dangerously.

16. Hog Wire Fence for the Playing Field

Hog Wire Fence installation

Do you want to apply a kind of fences on the playing field? It is mainly to separate the players and the audience. The hog wire can still be a good solution anyway.

Even you can use the ready hog-wire pieces so that there is no need to weave the wire one by one.

17. Hog Wire Fence with a Gate

pet Fence wire

Applying hog wire idea doesn’t mean that the entire face must be in the same design. Just install a gate that is in line with the concept in general.

Despite making it look more beautiful, this idea is good to avoid the feeling of boring and monotonous.

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