17 Awesome Hog Wire Fence Design Ideas For Your Backyard

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TSP Home Decor – Do you have a plan to renovate your home exterior in the near future? If yes, it seems that the fence can be one from the list to be decorated or change.

Maybe, you find the fence you already have is no longer good-looking or it has been damaged. But then, how should the new fence be?

Materials like wood and metal iron must not be new things. For such a different vibe, the application of hog wire can be a great idea to choose.

What is Hog Wire Fence?

What is it?

The hog wire fence means that some pieces of wire are arranged together in crossing and the woods are only used as the frame.

Hog wire fence is a type of fence which is made from multiple lengths of wire twisted together.

The hog wire fence is mainly used for the purpose of physical containment, such as to get rid of livestock, keep the boundary, or contain plants.

A part of the hog wire fence can also be used for decorative purposes, such as creating a sculpture or garden.

Construct A Hog Wire Fence

Construct A Hog Wire Fence

How do you construct a hog wire fence?

The best way to construct a hog wire fence is to use posts that are set every 2.5 meters (9.84 ft) in length.

Ideally you should use wooden stakes on the top and bottom of the poles for support, but these can be substituted for steel rods if necessary.

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