Best Fence Panels for Noise Reduction

Looking for the best fence panels for noise reduction? You come to the right place. There are many ways to reduce noise.

Among them is installing a fence. The thing is, not all fences are equal. Some types of fences are better at reducing noise than others.

Here, we will explain what noise is and its causes, tips to reduce noise, the best types of fences to reduce noise, how to make them, and their costs. We also have a list of 30 fence design ideas to inspire you.

Noise: What it is and Causes?

What is noise? Noise is defined as an undesirable and unpleasant sound that causes discomfort in human beings. In other words, noise is an unwanted sound.

WHO defines noise pollution as noise that is above 65 decibels or dB. It is recommended to keep noise levels below 65 dB during the day and at most 30 dB during the night.

As the population grows, so is noise pollution. In fact, it has become a matter of concern due to its negative effects. From stress, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, heart disease to hearing loss.

There are three types of noise pollution based on their causes.

  • Industrial Noise

This type of noise includes the high-intensity sound produced by heavy industrial machines. According to various researches, this type of noise damages the hearing ability to approximately 20%.

  • Transport Noise

Transport noise mainly consists of traffic noise, which continuously increases over the years. The increase in transport noise has been associated with headaches, hypertension, and the deafening of older people, among others.

  • Neighborhood Noise

Neighborhood noise is the type of noise that comes from residences. This includes noise from people, animals, household utensils, gadgets, musical instruments, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and so on.

10 Tips to Reduce Noise

The good news is, there are many things we can do to reduce noise. Below are 10 easy and practical tips you can try to reduce noise.

  1. Close the Door

The first and foremost thing to do to reduce noise is to close the door. When you close a door, you keep unpleasant sounds away.

If you have appliances that produce noise, place them in separate rooms so that you can close the door and seal off the noise.

  1. Close the Windows

Next, close the windows. Closing the windows will reduce the amount of unwanted noise that enters your property.

  1. Wear Earplugs

An easy way to reduce the amount of unwanted sound from hitting your eardrums is by wearing a pair of earplugs. You can do wear them any time of the day. That includes when you have difficulty sleeping due to noise.

  1. Improve Insulation

Good insulation can help to block the sound vibrations and unwanted sound. Why? Because when you improve your insulation, you also install soundproofing materials. It is a way of soundproofing your house, basically.

  1. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting is also a practical way to reduce noise pollution. It can help make the interior look better, too.

  1. Install Wall Partitions

Installing wall partitions not only makes dividing the space easier, but it also helps to reduce the overall indoor noise too. Even low-level wall partitions work wonder.

  1. Invest in Sound-Friendly Furniture

Did you know that furniture can help reduce noise? If you want to reduce noise, invest in upholstered furniture.

  1. Fight the Noise with White Noise

A clever way to fight noise is by using white noise. White noise, like the sound of flowing water, a fan, or hanging wind chimes masks the undesirable and unpleasant sound.

  1. Plant Trees

Planting trees has various benefits. One of them is reducing noise. So, if you don’t have any trees on your property yet, it is a good time to add some.

If you already have, well, why not add another? After all, besides reducing noise, trees also improve air quality and aesthetics. What’s not to like?

  1. Install a Fence

Last but not least, install a fence. If your property hasn’t been fenced yet, installing a fence will help to reduce noise that comes into it.

If it already has, consider upgrading your fence so it has better noise-reducing capabilities. Like adding acoustic fence wrap, for example.

Best Types of Fences to Block Noise

Best Types of Fences to Block Noise

When it comes to noise reduction, there are four types of fences that are very good at it. They are wood fences, vinyl fences, tall fences, and fences with greenery.

  • Wood Fences

Wood fences work very well in reducing noise from the street or neighborhood. The ideal noise-reducing wood fences are thick, tongue-and-groove boards made of red cedar.

You can further optimize a wood fence’s ability to reduce noise by installing mass-loaded vinyl directly in it.

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  • Vinyl Fences

Next are vinyl fences. Vinyl fences are a good alternative to wood fences.

Not only can they reduce noise, but they also require less upkeep and maintenance than their wood counterpart. Plus, they come in various colors, too. That means you can find one that fits your property’s design.

Like wood fences, the best vinyl fences are thick and have a tongue-and-groove interlocking system.

  • Tall Fences

Height matters. If you want a fence that reduces noise, you will need a tall one. A tall fence will reduce the amount of noise that enters your property.

You can’t install a tall fence right away, though. There are regulations about tall fences. The thing is, the maximum allowed height of a fence is different from one place to another.

So, before you install any fence, do consult with your local authority.

  • Fences with Greenery

Tall, wood, and vinyl fences are great. But if you want to further improve their noise-reducing ability, you can adorn them with greenery.

This not only further reduces the amount of noise that enters your property, but also makes it more interesting.

As for the plants, choose evergreen varieties. This way, you will have the benefit of noise reduction all year round.

Making the Fence and Costs

Making the Fence and Costs

Since noise-reducing fences are different from ordinary fences, we recommend you to buy ready-made fence panels and leave it to professionals to install the fence for you. Unless you have serious DIY skills, making and installing a noise-reducing will be a very difficult task.

After all, noise-reducing fences need to be thick, tall, and have no gap whatsoever. This applies to all types of noise-reducing fences.

As for soundproof fencing costs, the average price to install a wood fence ranges between USD 13 and USD 19, while a vinyl fence ranges between USD 15 and USD 30. These prices include both the material and labor.

Note that we are talking about noise-reducing fences here, expect the costs to be on the higher end. Again, the fence needs to be thick, tall, and without any gap. These will cost you more.

Plus, if you want to add greenery, there will be additional costs for the seeds, soil, fertilizer, and planters, among others.

Other additional costs may include permit (USD 25 to USD 50), gate (USD 150 to USD 500 per gate), and grading (USD 500 to USD 5,000).

30 Design Ideas with the Best Fence Panels for Noise Reduction

  1. Timber Acoustic Fence

Timber Acoustic Fence

Thickness is one of the most important things a noise-reducing fence must have. The thing is, the thicker a fence is, the heavier it becomes. And the heavier it is, the stronger its support must be.

While wood panels are among the best fence panels for noise reduction, you don’t need to use wood for all of the fence parts. Notice how the noise reduction fence panels here are supported by steel posts.

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  1. Vinyl Fence with Baluster Top

Vinyl Fence with Baluster Top

The primary function of a noise-reducing fence is to reduce noise. But that doesn’t mean you must end up having a boring fence.

On the contrary, there are many stylish fences to choose from. This one here is a vinyl privacy fence. What makes it more interesting is its baluster top.

  1. Vinyl Fence with Decorative Tops

Vinyl Fence with Decorative Tops

Vinyl panels are undoubtedly the best fence panels for noise reduction when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. Sure, vinyl fences have high initial costs. But compared to wood, vinyl doesn’t require as much upkeep and maintenance.

In the long run, vinyl fences are the more economical choice. Plus, you have plenty of options when it comes to style, too. Just look at how stylish this vinyl fence is.

  1. Dark Brown Vinyl Fence

Dark Brown Vinyl Fence

Another reason that makes vinyl panels among the best fence panels for noise reduction: color options. Want a fence with a calmer color? A dark brown vinyl private fence will be a nice choice.

It doesn’t look as contrasting as a white vinyl fence would. On the contrary, it blends and complements well with the surrounding.

  1. Wood Fence with Black Tops and Rails

Wood Fence with Black Tops and Rails

Many fences come only in a single color. But that is not an absolute rule you have to follow. Fences with two contrasting colors look great, too.

Notice how the light brown pickets contrast with the black tops and rails. The contrast creates an interesting visual cue to the space, which is always welcome.

  1. Dark Walnut Vinyl Fence

Dark Walnut Vinyl Fence

When it comes to affordability and versatility, wood fences are the best fence panels for noise reduction.

The thing is, wood fences cannot withstand the weather without maintenance and are susceptible to moisture damage. Not to mention not all wood panels are insect- and termite-resistant.

That is where vinyl fences come in. If you like the look of a wood fence, you can get the same look with a vinyl fence. You have the looks and noise-reducing ability but without the downsides.

  1. Vinyl Fence and Trees

Vinyl Fence and Trees

A vinyl privacy fence provides a buffer against outside noise. Want to improve the fence’s noise-dampening capability?

Pair it up with trees. Trees do wonders in reducing unwanted sound. Plus, they improve air quality and add aesthetics to the property.

  1. Light Brown Vinyl Fence

Light Brown Vinyl Fence

The next on our list of design ideas with the best fence panels for noise reduction is a light brown vinyl privacy fence.

What makes the panels appealing is how they look similar to wood panels. Not to mention they can last longer than their wood counterparts, too.

  1. Vinyl Fence with Closed Spindle Topper

Vinyl Fence with Closed Spindle Topper

Looking for the best fence panels for noise reduction that can also increase the value of your property? Consider installing a fence with decorative tops.

This one here is a vinyl privacy fence with a closed spindle topper. It looks far from ordinary. It makes a great focal point in the outdoor.

  1. Vinyl Fence and Greenery

Vinyl Fence and Greenery

If trees are not a viable option, you can also use greenery to help the installed noise barrier fence residential reduce noise that enters your property. Plus, placing greenery behind a white vinyl fence like this makes it look more lively and fresh, too.

  1. Unfinished Wood Fence

Unfinished Wood Fence

Wood panels are the best fence panels for noise reduction for many reasons. One of them is beauty. Even without any finish, the wood looks charming. It has a naturally beautiful look. It is pleasant to look at.

Notice how attractive this unfinished wood privacy fence is. No finish, no tops, and it is still beautiful.

  1. Wood Fence with a Masonry Wall

Wood Fence with a Masonry Wall

If your property is just next to a street, a wood privacy fence may not be enough to reduce the sound. Especially if the street’s traffic is high.

What can you do, then? Consider installing a masonry wall. A masonry wall is solid. The more solid a wall or fence is, the quieter it will be.

  1. Wood Fence with Trees

Wood Fence with Trees

If you already have plenty of trees on your property, the best fence panels for noise reduction are wood panels. Why? Because wood panels have a more natural look and feel, thus complementing the trees.

Just look at how gorgeous the fence and trees are. Here’s the bonus: the more the wood panels age, the better they look.

  1. Decorative Wood Fence

Decorative Wood Fence

Fences typically come in a single color. But that doesn’t mean your fence has to be like that, too. And yes, a noise-reducing fence can be decorative as well.

This fence here not only has different colors, but also has decorative tops and rails. Its posts have the same color as the soil, making the fence even more interesting.

  1. Wood Fence with Shrubs

Wood Fence with Shrubs

Another reason that makes wood panels the best fence panels for noise reduction is their versatility. Wood panels can work with many things. That includes shrubs.

Greenery, like shrubs, can help to reduce noise. And they work well with a wood fence.

  1. Fence with Acoustic Sound Wrap

Fence with Acoustic Sound Wrap

What if you already have a fence installed? How can you make it soundproof? Don’t worry. There is a way to make your fence soundproof. One of them is by installing acoustic sound wrap.

Acoustic sound wrap is easy to install, cost-efficient, and has sound-absorbing properties. That means you don’t need to take apart your fence to make it soundproof. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  1. Fencing Acoustic Curtain

Fencing Acoustic Curtain

In some cases, you need to soundproof your fence temporarily. The question is, how can you do it? The answer is by installing fencing acoustic curtains.

Fencing acoustic curtain works best with the best fence panels for noise reduction. But it works well with other fence panels, too. It is a great temporary solution for soundproofing.

  1. Exterior Acoustic Curtain

Exterior Acoustic Curtain

Speaking of fencing acoustic curtain, you can also install it on the fence’s exterior. If you install it on both sides, the noise will be greatly reduced before entering your property.

It is even more effective if your fence is a thick, tall, privacy fence made of the best fence panels for noise reduction.

  1. Ready-made Wood Noise Reducing Fencing

Ready-made Wood Noise Reducing Fencing

If you want a quick and easy solution for noise, then consider ready-made fence panels. There are plenty of excellent ready-made noise reduction fence panels out there.

These panels are designed in a way that they can reduce noise from the outside. Usually, these panels have a tongue-and-groove interlocking system, which ensures that the panels are tight and leave no gap.

  1. Tall Privacy Fence with Plants

Tall Privacy Fence with Plants

Besides thickness, height is another factor that determines a fence’s ability to reduce noise. And yes, a tall privacy fence is quite good at reducing noise.

Particularly so if it is made from the best fence panels for noise reduction. Want to reduce outside noise even further? Add some plants here and there.

  1. Flowers at the Bottom

Flowers at the Bottom

Installing the best fence panels for noise reduction might not be enough if there are gaps at the bottom part of the fence. Small gaps are enough for sound to travel through.

If you have gaps at the bottom, try to close it as tight as you can. There are various things to do so. One of them is planting flowers. Flowers help to reduce noise and they look beautiful. What’s not to like?

  1. Wood Privacy Fence with Built-in Planters

Wood Privacy Fence with Built-in Planters

Don’t have enough space for your garden? Why not add built-in planters? Built-in planters, coupled with the best fence panels for noise reduction, reduce outside noise significantly. On top of that, you get a space to plant your favorite plants.

  1. Living Privacy Fence

Living Privacy Fence

Installing a living privacy fence is not a bad idea, either. If anything, it has plenty of benefits. Firstly, the plants growing on and around the fence helps to dampen noise. Secondly, they improve the air quality, which is always good. Thirdly, well, it looks amazing.

  1. Wood Fence with Mass-loaded Vinyl

Wood Fence with Mass-loaded Vinyl

A tall wood fence is good at reducing noise. If, however, the noise is still overwhelming, you can try installing mass-loaded vinyl on the fence. Mass-loaded vinyl absorbs noise. It is easy to install, and cost-effective, too.

Mass-loaded vinyl is easiest to install when your fence is not yet set up. Installing it on an existing fence is not as easy, but still far from difficult.

  1. Stone Vinyl Fence

Stone Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences have many variations, which is why we consider them as among the best fence panels for noise reduction. If you want the looks of a stone fence but don’t want to install it, just get a vinyl fence with a similar look to a stone one. Like this one here.

  1. Tall Wood Privacy Fence with Flat Top

Tall Wood Privacy Fence with Flat Top

A privacy fence is usually tall enough to provide privacy. But if you want to reduce noise, a tall one will do nicely. The taller the fence, the more noise it can reduce.

Note that before you install a tall fence, you need to consult with your local authority first. There is a height limit for residential fences. But the maximum allowed height differs from one area to another. So, consulting with your local authority will be the first thing you want to do.

  1. Pine Wood Privacy Fence

Pine Wood Privacy Fence

In terms of affordability, wood fence panels are the best fence panels for noise reduction. Especially so with pine panels.

Pine fences are the more affordable option for wood panels. They are more soil-resistant and excellent for humid climates. They are widely available, too.

  1. Wood Acoustic Fence

Wood Acoustic Fence

Acoustic fences are fences that are specifically designed to reduce noise. Acoustic fences are made from various materials. Of course, wood is one of them.

The best thing about wood acoustic fences, like this one here, is that not only can they reduce noise effectively, but they also look amazing. They make a nice addition to the property.

  1. Elegant Acoustic Fence

Elegant Acoustic Fence

Acoustic fences come in various styles, too. This fence doesn’t come in bright or dark colors. It is pale and neutral. And yet, it adds elegance to the space.

Definitely among the best fence panels for noise reduction if you want to make your property more appealing.

  1. Cedar Privacy Fence

Cedar Privacy Fence

The last one on our list of design ideas with the best fence panels for noise reduction is a cedar privacy fence.

Cedar fences are not as affordable as pine fences, but they have a more natural and beautiful look. Plus, it has a beautiful reddish hue, too.

Noise is disturbing and can be downright harmful. But now that you know the best fence panels for noise reduction, reducing the noise that comes into your property will be a lot easier.

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