Best Fence Panels for Noise Reduction

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Looking for the best fence panels for noise reduction? You come to the right place. There are many ways to reduce noise.

Among them is installing a fence. The thing is, not all fences are equal. Some types of fences are better at reducing noise than others.

Here, we will explain what noise is and its causes, tips to reduce noise, the best types of fences to reduce noise, how to make them, and their costs. We also have a list of 30 fence design ideas to inspire you.

Noise: What it is and Causes?

What is noise? Noise is defined as an undesirable and unpleasant sound that causes discomfort in human beings. In other words, noise is an unwanted sound.

WHO defines noise pollution as noise that is above 65 decibels or dB. It is recommended to keep noise levels below 65 dB during the day and at most 30 dB during the night.

As the population grows, so is noise pollution. In fact, it has become a matter of concern due to its negative effects. From stress, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, heart disease to hearing loss.

There are three types of noise pollution based on their causes.

  • Industrial Noise

This type of noise includes the high-intensity sound produced by heavy industrial machines. According to various researches, this type of noise damages the hearing ability to approximately 20%.

  • Transport Noise

Transport noise mainly consists of traffic noise, which continuously increases over the years. The increase in transport noise has been associated with headaches, hypertension, and the deafening of older people, among others.

  • Neighborhood Noise

Neighborhood noise is the type of noise that comes from residences. This includes noise from people, animals, household utensils, gadgets, musical instruments, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and so on.

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