21 Backyard Wall Fountain Ideas to Wow Your Visitors


TSP Home Decor – One of the most significant elements in your outdoor space is the water wall. It truly helps spice up your dull backyard. If you want to freshen its look, let’s have a read at these magnificent backyard wall fountain ideas.

1. Go Simple


This water feature is unpretentious yet elegant.
• Upcycle your damaged concrete tank into the stunning fountain.
• Install the water pump.
• Add color by growing the plants in the ground.
• Fill the wall base with pebbles.

2. Harmonious Blend


Bored of standard fountain? You can opt for fresh and attractive courtyard waterfall.
• Let the water flow through the dark slate wall.
• Build bright slate wall to balance out the gloomy one and rectangular pond.
• Wooden patio flooring exudes the welcoming feeling.
• The grass creates a perky landscape.

3. The Wonderwall


There is an existing T-shaped pond in your backyard. It will be much better when you see the water coming out from the tiny cube.
• Install the stucco wall.
• To adorn it, plant palm trees in the containers.
• The grass and flowers inject the space with lively air.

4. Embrace The Rustic Charm


In case you love something unrefined, go for this idea.
• Use the fireplace as the backdrop of your fountain.
• Place stone vases in various heights in the middle of the base.
• Arrange the large stones strategically around the fountain.

5. Tiered Waterscape


We promise you will like spending your leisure time in this corner. The cascading water is super soothing.
• Install oversized concrete wall.
• Make the fountain cubes out of concrete stone and metal sheet.
• The red pebble rocks to add a pop of color.

6. Majestic Water Wall


Complement your small pond with the man-made waterfall.
• Decorate your backyard fench using floral pattern ceramic floor.
• The metal tiers display the gorgeous directional water flow into the pond.
• Green plants offer the organic setting to your living space.

7. Modern Touch


This fountain looks more appealing and modern with the help of underwater LED lights. They illuminate the pond after the dark as well.
• The backyard patio features the multiple concrete slates.
• Colorful flowers in the terracotta containers jazz it up.
• The soft glow of led lights emanate the warm atmosphere.

8. Brick’s Appeal


From the wall of fountain to the base, all is made from the terracotta brick. What a lovely nostalgia!
• To keep the waterscape from looking bland, place the river rocks inside the basin.
• Arrange the vibrant potted flowers on the left and right sides of fountain.

9. Striking Aesthetics


Who doesn’t admire the Mediterranean style? We bet you are one of its fans.
• White brick fencing performs as the neutral backdrop.
• Above ground pond and fountain wall are adorned by Mediterranean ceramic tiles.
• The tier grabs the attention.

10. An Artistic Soul


The presence of angel statue on the patio floor steals the spotlight in no time.
• Old-fashioned vertical wall only takes a little space.
• It showcases the arching waterfall impressively.
• To liven up your backyard, just grow various plants.

11. Peaceful Corner


No matter where your waterscape is, you never go wrong with the lighting. It evokes the tranquil ambience throughout your indoor backyard.
• Pebble wall adds the nice texture to the space.
• The spotlighting turns the standard fountain into focal point.
• Big palm trees spruce up the backyard.

12. Unexpected Addition


No pond? No problem. As long as you are creative, you can have this captivating upright waterfall.
• Place the stone posts on the ground.
• Install the water pumps.
• The large slabs are awesomely arranged around the posts.
• Vegetation becomes the natural landscape.

13. Small Sanctuary


Although your yard is short on space, your waterfall can be as graceful as the large one. We guarantee you will love the trickling stream.
• Use thin slabstones as the unique waterfall tiers.
• The fieldstones provide the fountain rustic frames.
• Tiny river rocks finish out the basin.
• Landscape the yard with ornamental grass.

14. Mind-Relaxing Statuary


The key to extraordinary fountain is adding in a life-size statue. For instance, the liberty statue totally blows the mind away.
• The wooden backyard fencing embraces the rusticism.
• You can arrange the rocks and stone as you desire.
• Let the water flow from one tier to the next.

15. The Mixing Colors


This waterscape welcomes the constrasting colors and sleek design. The combination produces the ultra-modern look.
• The sound of dripping water is so calming.
• Pebble underlayment makes it more interesting.
• Flat stones double as the walkways.

16. Smart Construction


Believe it or not, the pocket-sized water wall will instantly entice all your guests. Thanks to its fireplace-like design.
• The mini fountain is surrounded by artificial and real plants.
• Small potted flowers complement the space.
• Statues add the visual interest to the fountain.
• Green backdrop transforms the indoor backyard into a jungle.

17. Brick Business


Nothing beats the gushing sound of the home waterfall. That’s why you should create it.
• The rough bricks embellish the water feature.
• Palm trees look like the guards of the fountain.
• Water cascades down into the pond in an astonishing way.

18. Two Beauties


Instead of building one pond, you can take two. Like the picture above, the waterfall links the upper pond with the lower one.
• Double ponds make the backyard feel more spacious.
• The floral dark brick fence is such gorgeous backdrop.
• Potted plants are placed on the top of stone water wall to adorn the outdoor space.

19. Be Natural


You do not need fancy waterscape just to enjoying the falling water sound. With stone slabs and rocks, you will have a hillside waterfall.
• Flat stone amazingly showcases the trickling water.
• The colorful flowers, stones and grass round out the waterscape.
• Water disperses into the basin and brings out the inner peace.

20. True Perfection


Never sacrifice the pool for the landscape. Because this backyard wall fountain is the best solution.
• The rugged brick wall pairs well with above ground pool.
• Water comes out from it in an outstanding way.
• The vegetation emanates the vivacious life.

21. Refreshing Privacy


This water wall is undeniably fascinating.
• The fountain wall matches perfectly with the wooden fencing.
• Hanging flower and potted plants beautify the space.
• Multiple pumps aim for directional water flows.

We hope you get inspired with our backyard wall fountain ideas. They are seriously worth the effort and time. So, what is your favorite waterfall?

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