Enchantingly Beautiful Cinder Block Ideas that You Can Use for Your Garden

TSP Home Decor – Cinder blocks are hardly beautiful on their own, but do you know that you can turn them into something beautiful?

Check out several pictures below to get a clearer look at how you can do so.

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The block vases are beautiful if you want to try it

cinder block herb garden

A long time ago, a person tried to be creative and started using cinder blocks as vases for flowers.

Who knew that idea, however weird it was, is now an acceptable thing?

Turn unused cinder blocks into vases and you will have a beautiful block garden in no time.

What about a vertical garden?

diy cinder block garden

While this might look like an effort to beautify a half-worked wall, it actually works pretty well, especially if you plan on putting this in the back of your house.

No matter the what was the purpose of the half-built wall, turn your predicament into something beautiful with this idea.

Patterned blocks can also be a good replacement for terracotta vases

cinder block garden ideas

Terracotta vases or basically any other vases out there are somewhat old-schooled.

Why not take the new road and go with patterned blocks?

Do not be afraid to be creative with them because creativity is what you should have when you are doing this.

Lacking a garden patch? No problem for people with cinder blocks

cinder block raised garden

Take a few blocks with you and turn them into a rectangular shape like the picture below.

When you are done, just grab a fertile soil and plant away.

Contrary to what people love to say, cinder-blocks based plants are not dangerous to eat.

Grey cinder blocks are boring. Go with a colourful one

cinder block garden ideas

Because you would not find a coloured cinder block in a home improvement store, the only thing you can do is pain the blocks.

Get yourself a bucket of paint, a brush, and an open and creative mind. The sky is the limit when painting is in question.

These patches will invoke questions and praises

cinder block garden ideas

In my country, it is popular for the deceased to be buried in cinderblock patches as depicted below.

In other countries, however, these cinder blocks are a testament of the creativity within you.

Make sure to plant colourful plants to counter the rather boring blocks, though.

Aqua coloured cinder blocks cannot go wrong

cinder block raised garden

The colour aqua is a colour that can ‘tolerate’ many colours aside from itself.

For that reason only, I believe if you colour your cinder blocks in aqua and put colourful plants in there, nothing can go wrong.

This vertical cinder block planter can work indoors as well

diy cinder block garden

If you do not have an outdoor area where you can plant your flowers, you can use this idea and start planting inside the house.

Not only that this design is very space-saving, it can be an additional decoration for your house provided there are plants in them.

This one, again, is for the indoor

cinder block raised garden bed

Again, if you have a lot of unused cinder blocks and you want to do some decorating in your house, you can incorporate those blocks and turn them into decorations like the two pictures I have below.

Public places? Cinder blocks!

diy cinder block garden

There are places that use cinder blocks to their fullest extent, and the picture below is one such example.

This place is not afraid to make cinder blocks as a part of the decoration.

The result? A wonderfully crafted piece that is totally not out of place.

Vertical planters will never disappoint you

cinder block vegetable garden

Vertical planters and blocks are the two things that cannot be separated from each other.

You got unused blocks? Why not turn them into a planter?

Not only that they are very good, you can actually save money on the vases.

What about a cinder block throne?

cinder block garden bench

Oh I love this one. This throne of cinder is made of cinder blocks, and within those cinder blocks are green plants and flowers that complemented the throne.

If you do not think that this is cool and creative, we cannot be friends.

What about a fountain-shaped garden?

cinder block raised garden bed

Fountains are so cliche that using them backyard is basically following a hype.

The same cannot be said on a fountain-shaped garden, though.

If you got the spare materials, do build this one if you are planning to be on the receiving end of a praise.

A line of patterned block vases will definitely bring your mood up

cinder block vegetable garden

Everybody love colourful things. These block vases are colourful.

With this in your garden, you will surely attract the attention of those who visited it.

This vertical garden is a bit different than the others before it

cinder block vegetable garden

Simply because everything in here is so closely knitted. You see how close the plants to each other? This somewhat forms a small jungle-like sight that you will appreciate.

Just be careful with the positioning because putting the plants too close will hinder their growth.

This planter is basically the same as the others before it, but…

cinder block herb garden

It gives you more of the same. While the other planters lack colours to it (as it only depended on the flowers to bring life to it), this design is different because it got colours on its own. The colourful vases underneath them are also a fine addition.

You can turn the blocks into vase holders

diy cinder block garden

Maybe you do not want to go all out with the blocks and turn them into a full-blown vase.

You want to turn the blocks into vase holders instead. This idea can give you a bit about what it will look like.

A patch of an amazing proportion

raised bed cinder block garden

If someone says that you cannot use cinderblocks for anything else aside from building houses or road pavements, show them your lettuce cinderblocks garden, as depicted as below. Invite them over for a lettuce dinner right after.

A stone couch fit for a rock-strong kinship

cinder block herb garden

The point of getting a big couch is that you can sit on it with everyone else you love or respect.

This stone couch right here will be a couch perfect for that relationship.

Everybody will definitely want to have a kinship as strong as this couch right here.

These tall patches are also a fine decoration

diy cinder block garden

What makes this different than the other patches is the fact that this patch is taller than the others.

Do you know what this entails? You can plant short, beautiful plants on it. It can also work as a vegetable planter as well.

Last but not least, you can make rising lines of vases like this one

cinder block vegetable garden

This one here is good because you can show the beauty of each plant.

most leveled patches, the only thing that you can directly see are the plants that are planted on the sides of the patch.

With this one, every plant will be given the equal location.

Cinder blocks are more than a material for you to make houses or to create roads.

You can also turn them into a beautiful decoration for your garden. As long as you are creative, you can do a whole lot of things with blocks.

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