30 Cheapest and Easiest Fence to Install

Cheapest and Easiest to Install Fence Types

When it comes to types of fences, there are many to choose from. But when it comes to cheap fencing alternatives, the four least inexpensive types that are easy to install are wire, chain link, wood, and vinyl fences.

Below, we briefly explain each type of easiest fence to install yourself, how much they cost (material only), and their pros and cons.

Wire Fence

Wire Fence

The wire fence is the cheapest and easiest fence to install of all types of fences. In general, installing a wire fence costs between USD 1 and USD 7.

Common wire fences include hog wire and woven wire. There is also barbed wire, but it is dangerous to use in residences, so we won’t include it.

When it comes to price, hog wire fencing costs about USD 0.75 to USD 3.25 per foot, while woven wire fencing costs about USD 1.25 to USD 1.48 per foot.

Pros Cons
  • Cheapest fence material
  • Decorative
  • Does not keep out small animals
  • Not the best choice for privacy

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

The next cheapest and easiest fence to install is chain link fences. On average, installing a chain link fencing costs between USD 4 and USD 15 per linear foot. Notice how far the difference is in the price.

This is because of the options you have when it comes to chain link fences. You can opt for a 4-foot fence, a 6-foot, or an 8-foot one.

Not only that but there is also the option to upgrade the fence with vinyl coating, which adds the price but makes the fence a lot more attractive and protects it from rust.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Secure
  • Attractive (with vinyl coating)
  • Not that attractive
  • Can rust
  • Not the best choice for privacy

Wood Fence

Wood Fence

Compared to wire and chain-link fences, installing a wood fence is more costly. On average, the installation cost ranges between USD 3 and USD 8 per foot.

While wood fencing is not as inexpensive as the two, it offers many perks. From privacy, style, and durability.

With proper maintenance, wood fencing can last as long as 20 years. When it comes to wood fencing, there are various species of wood to choose from. The most popular choices are cedar, redwood, and pine.

Pros Cons
  • Better privacy
  • Strong
  • Versatile
  • Stylish
  • More expensive than wire and chain-link fences
  • Requires yearly maintenance

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence Semi Privacy

Vinyl fence is the most expensive type we listed. On average, it costs between USD 10 and USD 30 per linear foot. Don’t dismiss it as an option yet, however.

While it is true that installing a vinyl fence is more expensive than even a wood fence, it is strong, durable, rust-proof, and doesn’t require that much maintenance. In fact, it can last longer than a wood fence.

It is expensive upfront. But considering how long it will last and its minimal maintenance requirement, a vinyl fence is actually a more affordable option down the line.

Pros Cons
  • Very easy to install
  • Better privacy
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t require that much maintenance
  • High initial costs compared to wire, chain link, and wood fences

Which Type of Fence is the Best?

Which Type of Fence Is the Best

There is no absolute answer to this. Why? Because homeowners want different things from a fence. Some homeowners want a fence that provides them with privacy. Some want to increase their property’s value. Some others, want a simple fence to keep their kids and pets safe. And so on.

While we cannot answer the question for you, we can help clear things up. Let’s say that you want a fence that provides you with privacy. The best type of fence will be the one that covers your property from the outside world.

In this case, the best cheapest and easiest fence to install for you is the wood fence. Yes, it is more expensive than a wire and chain link fence. But it also provides better privacy, is strong, durable, and can increase the value of your property.

If you are looking for cheap fencing ideas that can prevent your kids and pets from wandering off, a wire or chain link fence will do the job just fine.

And if you are fine with spending more upfront but get the benefits of wire, chain link, and wood fence without their downsides, the vinyl fence will be your best option.

30 Cheapest and Easiest Fence to Install Designs

  1. 4-Rail Black Vinyl Fence

4-Rail Black Vinyl Fence

The first cheapest and easiest fence to install on our list is a 4-rail black vinyl fence. 4-rail fences are often installed in farms and ranches. But that doesn’t mean you can’t install them on your property.

On the contrary, you can. And it can look good, too. This one here is an excellent example of how a fence can enhance the looks of a property.

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