Unique Coffee Table Design in Your Enchanting Living Room Area


TSP Home Decor – Talking about the living room furniture, it seems not complete without mentioning the coffee table.

Yes, only the chairs and sofa are not enough to welcome your guests mainly if you also want to serve them some cups of coffee and the snacks.

Many coffee tables are just provided in the shops out there.

However, not all the designs are probably attractive to see.

Well, it is not bad to choose the unique ones just like in the examples below.

Unique Coffee Table with Invertible Chairs


The chairs that are available in a set with the table are indeed sometimes needed and sometimes not.

When they are not yet needed, you may want to remove and keep them somewhere so that anyone else cannot see them.

You should not be confused about where to remove them by choosing the unique coffee table like in the picture above.

Well, the chairs are invertible so that you can just slip them under the table neatly when they are not needed.

The Application of Glass to the Entire Coffee Table


Commonly, the glass is only applied on the surface of the table.

Then, for the edges, here are woods and maybe stainless steel used.

But if you want something unique and different, the glass can even be applied to the entire table.

Of course, make sure that the glass is indeed strong and qualified to avoid it simply damaged, scratched, and broken.

Interestingly, it matches to any type of chairs and sofa.

Changeable Coffee Table with Drawers


In this modern era, even the technology is applied in a common stuff like the table and furniture.

One of them can just be seen in the picture above.

When the table and all the drawers are inserted, the furniture looks like only a simple box or a briefcase.

But then, you can just arrange it into any furniture you want including the coffee table. So, do you want it?

Unique Yin and Yang Coffee Table


This life needs to be balanced. This is the message basically implied in the Yin and Yang concept.

Well, if you think this concept is just true, use it to the furniture in your house including the coffee table.

There is a unique coffee table with Yin and Yang look in which the table can be separated into two.

But if you only need a table, just put them together to form a single round table.

Modern Coffee Table with the Fireplace


Traditionally, the fireplace is placed on the edge or the corner of the room for the safety.

But again, due to the development of technology, the fireplace now can just be put anywhere including on the coffee table.

To keep it safe, the fire is surrounded by the glass that can be simply removed when both the glass and table want to be cleaned.

Then, put it on the table when the fire wants to be light.

Rustic Coffee Table with the Wagon Style


There are some coffee tables that are produced by applying certain themes.

One of them is the theme or the style of the wagon.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that the table was made from the original wagon. It is just designed that way.

This unique idea is very good for you who wish for a sort of rustic idea to be applied in your living room.

For the rest furniture and decorations, they should be in the similar ideas also.

They are likely the coarse stones on the wall, the wooden tiles, rustic sofa, and many more.

From Some Pieces of Wood into a Stunning Coffee Table


Some ideas for coffee tables are possible to be made by ourselves.

Well, one of the easy DIY coffee tables is presented in the picture above.

There are only some pieces of woods that are put together.

To make it more multifunctional, you can prepare also some drawers and spaces below the table’s surface.

Then, you can just put anything there starting from the books and other tools and stuff necessary in the living room.

With a vase of plants on it, it is definitely a piece of artwork.

Contemporary Coffee Table with a Unique Shape


Contemporary is indeed closely related to the minimalism.

But it doesn’t mean anything in minimalist design should be in square or simple round. Sure, it can be unique as well.

In the picture above, the table is something like a big opal but with space or a cavity inside.

The space is functioned like a drawer where the books and the stuff can be kept there.

If you want to put vases and any other decorations on it, make sure it is in the contemporary and minimalist idea also.

A Piece of Tree as the Coffee Table


The simple idea like the piece of tree is just necessary for your coffee table.

Sure, it doesn’t mean you can just cut off your tree and then put the piece on the living room.

It needs some sorts of finishing also to make it smoother and more artistic.

This idea matches any interior design whether it is modern or classic.

Moreover, if you are the lovers or country or rustic ideas, this one definitely meets your personality.

The Big Briefcase as the Coffee Table


Despite the wagon, another unique idea for your coffee table is the briefcase.

It is not the real briefcase indeed. It is just a sort of table that is designed just like the briefcase.

In fact, there are drawers and other details just like the conventional tables.

Like the tree idea above, this coffee table is good for any interior design.

It depends on the style of the briefcase itself actually, whether it looks more classic or modern.

A Kind of Unique but Simple Coffee Table


Who says that the unique design must be full of details and strange looks?

Some of them can be simple also just like in the picture.

The table is likely a sheet of material that is folded and then the edges are attached.

There is no reason not to choose this kind of coffee table mainly if your living room is in the modern and minimalist design.

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