9 Secret Advice To Make An Outstanding Home Bathroom Remodel

TSP Home Decor – Remodeling the bathroom was once seen as a needless luxury. There are many that dream with a beautiful, practical bathroom and that is not a luxury for them. It is a necessity and a desire.

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After all, the bathroom is an intimate space, many times the only one where you can truly have some privacy. A nice bathroom must be beautiful and charming, have elegant coating and cozy lighting.

It is possible to use a lot of tricks to improve your bathroom without having to remodel it. But if you really want to change the way it looks, remodeling might be the best solution.

If every time you go to the bathroom you dream of how you want it to look, maybe it is time to start actually planning your remodel.

9 Best Tips of Home Bathroom Remodel

In addition, if you have a restricted budget, a lack of ideas or just don’t know where to begin with, don’t worry. These 9 tips will be very helpful for your remodel.

1. Planning is fundamental for your bathroom remodel.

Home Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Before beginning the remodel, check the electrical installations as well as the plumbing to see if there are any problems you should know of. If necessary, hire a professional to take a look. He or she can give you a technical point of view on the costs of the project and its viability.

Projects without planning tend to waste time and resources. Having a budget since the beginning will also help you not to overspend. If you have some free time in your hands and a lot of disposition, try a DIY project.

A Do It Yourself kind of project will cost less and you can give your signature to the remodel, making it more of your way. Even with a tight budget, if you do the project yourself, you can have a nice result that goes with you or your family’s style.

2. Have a practical project.

Home Bathroom Remodel Design

When you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, looks is not the only thing you need to worry. Your bathroom must be practical and attend to your daily needs, as well as everyone else that uses it.

Think about what you need to make your bathroom more organized and your life will become easier when the remodeling is over.

Imagine the space you will need and what is the best use for it. Do you need a cabinet over the sink? Do you want more space on the bathroom countertop? Maybe have separate sinks for couples.

Imagine that if you have enough space, you will be able to keep everything organized. And organizing is important to have a beautiful, clean bathroom.

3. Lighting is essential.

Home Bathroom Remodel Design

A good project must contemplate a decorative yet functional lighting. Decorative lighting gives the room a cozy feeling and can highlight the other attributes of the bathroom.

Still, there must be also a functional light in the bathroom. It must combine white and yellow lights and be very clear and bright so to permit good sight. That attribute is especially important where the lighting is used for doing make up, so to see clearly all the colors and tones.

The mirror can affect the lighting too. You can use it to irradiate the light, making the room brighter. They can also give the illusion of space, great for smaller bathrooms.

4. Choose the bathroom coating carefully

Home Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Do not use too many different textures in the same room or it will fill very heavy and loaded. Give preference to using the same coating on the floor and walls, preferably in more neutral tones.

Use a different color or material on the shower or bathtub area. That is the main area and should be highlighted. This is a very elegant combination and is bound to keep you satisfied for a long time.

If you don’t want to change the tiles or other material in your bathroom, a coat of paint can make a lot of difference. Again, the tendencies point to neutral colors, so give preference to them. The remodel is yours, though, so you decide the color at the end.

You can also paint tiles and other similar materials, but be careful. Not all paints are good for it. Make sure you use the correct one.

5. Porcelain and metal

Home Bathroom Remodel Design

The sink, toilet and faucets are the main objects in the bathroom. You must choose them very carefully. Design is important, you want them to look good and be in harmony with each other and with the rest of the room. They also need to be practical and attend to your needs.

The sink and faucets work together, so make sure that they go along. They must look good together, but also function. Measure the distance between the faucet and the sink and if it is good for the water. The wrong distance and angle can make the water splash everywhere.

Be careful with the showerhead you choose. It must have the right flow rate so the water does not go where it is not supposed to go.

6. Choose the right materials

Home Bathroom Remodel

Choose materials that are waterproof. Ceramics, porcelain, limestones, marble and granite are the best choices. Porcelain is more practical and low-maintenance. The stones – marble, granite, limestone – are more sophisticated, but demand extra care with cleaning and need to become waterproof by the use of special products.

You can use waterproof paint and other special materials on your bathroom. The important thing to keep in mind is the need to waterproof the whole bathroom.

If you do not, the room will just be damp and the walls and the walls and floor will rot. It can also become a fungus paradise if you do not keep it clean and dry.

7. Woodwork

Home Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Use the woodwork to make the room cleaner and prettier. The cabinets, drawers and niches are a great solution for storing everything you need in the bathroom.

It is important to plan the woodwork and always have its design in mind. It must harmonize with the rest of the room.

Find other objects and solutions for the organizing of the bathroom too. Towel racks, toilet paper holders and maybe even magazine racks. They must all follow a definite design and look good with each other.

A good idea is to make a niche on the wall, using the negative space to store soap, shampoo and other products you use during shower. It is a clean and charming solution.

8. TV and sound system

Home Bathroom Remodel Design

If you are looking for something different, TV and stereo systems inside the bathroom are a very strong tendency. Those items are becoming more common in bath spaces. You may think only celebrities and millionaires do it, but you may be able to afford it too.

Of course you have to check your budget and include this desire in the project since the beginning. A change of that magnitude will require a few adaptations on the structure of the room, which will be done at the beginning of the remodel.

If you want just a simple project to revitalize your bathroom, this may be a little too much. But if you a want a full transformation and is willing to be a little extravagant, go for it. A TV inside your bathroom will completely change your life.

9. Decoration

Home Bathroom Remodel

Only consider your bathroom remodel done after you finish decorating it. The decoration will give the finishing touch your remodeling needs. It is what will bring everything alive and the bathroom cannot show its true beauty without the decoration.

Invest in accessories to keep your belongings. Put the toothbrushes on a nice case over the countertop, instead of a simple glass. Keep the make up inside nice pretty boxes.

Home Bathroom Remodel

The other bathroom supplies can also be put inside nice design pieces, instead of just laying around wherever. You can use trays to put your perfumes and soap over the countertop and keep it tidy and organized. A nice liquid soap dispenser can make a big difference too.

Try using flowers inside the bathroom. They offer a nice, natural smell and depending on the kind, can do very well with the humidity of the bathroom. They bring life to the room and lend their beauty to your project.

If you have some spare wall space, a painting or a poster can be in order. Make sure it can handle the humidity and heat of the room, though.

Enjoy your new bathroom!

Home Bathroom Ideas

If you follow these well-thought advices, you may save yourself a lot of trouble. The main issue with remodeling, not only bathrooms, is the lack of planning. A good thorough planning can make your project become cheaper and faster. The lack of it can have the exact contrary effect.

Keep it in mind that the bathroom is yours, the dream is yours, and is ultimately you that make the choices. Follow your style and be true to yourself. That being said, enjoy your new bathroom!

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