Wonderful Space Theme Room Design For Children

TSP Home Decor – There are many ways to decorate the home living including the children’s bedroom. One of them is by using the wallpaper and wall stickers.

Not only are they about a certain pattern motif, but the wallpaper can also have a certain theme. One of them is the space theme.

What are they and how to implement them well? Here are some ideas that may inspire you.

Wall Sticker with the Space Theme and the Name

Space themed kids room idea

Maybe, attaching the stickers of stars, planets, spaceships, meteors, and aliens, are not enough.

You may want also to make an identification that the bedroom belongs to. This way, adding the child’s name is really necessary.

For the kids below 5 years old, it should also be colorful and cheerful.

It can just stimulate their nerves as well as make them feel more comfortable when being inside.

The Huge Wallpaper with the Aerospace Theme

Space Theme Room Design

If it is more recommended to have many colors on the wall particularly for the children’s room, such a mature idea looks more necessary when the children have grown as teenagers.

The idea of dark space with some pieces of tiny LED lighting functioned as the stars is really smart.

When the main lighting is turned off, the real night scenery can just be simply presented on the bedroom’s wall.

The Wall Space Decoration with Paints

Space themed kids room idea

This may require more budgets indeed. It is mainly if you also need to hire an artist to paint something on the bedroom’s wall.

But if the results are satisfying, it will never be a bad idea.

Despite being permanent, the paint commonly has the more beautiful result.

Make sure that your child is not easily bored with the paint and he or she wants another painting idea in the near future.

The Stunning Space Theme in the Entire Bedroom

Space Theme Room Design

It is very good if the bedroom, in general, has applied the space theme.

Then, all you need to do is just preparing any other stuff including the wallpaper with the same idea as well.

Particularly if you want your wallpaper is in a dark color like the black and dark blue; make sure that it has a good lighting to keep it bright and comfortable.

Despite the wallpaper that is full of planets and maybe astronauts, the other things in the bedroom including cushions, bedcover, rug, and even the furniture should be in the same idea also.

Cute Cartoon Wallpaper for the Girl’s Bedroom

Space themed kids room idea

Not all the wallpaper must look mature and real, the cartoon one is surely necessary.

It is also by remembering that the bedroom’s owner is the children or the girls.

There are such kinds of wallpaper available in the stores out there.

Just make sure to buy one that is in line with the bedroom’s theme in general.

The Realistic Space Wallpaper for Modern and Contemporary Bedroom

Space themed kids room idea

Although they are still children or pre-teenagers, it doesn’t mean that anything in their bedroom should look cute.

If you want to make them recognize something more mature like the modern and contemporary decoration, it is a good idea also.

For the modern bedroom, try also a kind of space wallpaper that looks realistic, no more cartoon and animation characters.

Just like in the picture above, the wallpaper of the Saturn’s satellite is undeniably so cool.

The Space-Theme Wallpaper for the Baby’s Bedroom

Space Theme Room

Do you want to introduce the science to your child since the beginning?

Surprisingly, you can just even start it since he or she is still a baby.

Sure, it doesn’t mean you should read them the science book rather than the story book.

Applying the space wallpaper is a very good idea.

Since it is indeed a baby or a toddler’s room, the space wallpaper in the cartoon is just suitable.

The LED Lighting as the Sun on the Solar System Wallpaper

Space Theme Room Design

The exploration of the outer space can be started from our own solar system for sure.

So, the wallpaper can also be in the solar system theme that includes the sun along with its planets.

The smartest thing about this idea is about the application of LED lighting right on the middle of the wallpaper or as the sun.

When it is turned off, it simply looks like a picture of the sun.

Meanwhile, when it is turned on at night, it is just likely the sun that enlightens the entire solar system.

Cute Space Wallpaper Idea for the Baby Boy’s Bedroom

Space Theme Room Design

The space wallpaper should not always be applied to the wall.

But if you want, it is necessary also for the ceiling.

It makes anyone who is laying on the bad to feel the sensation of sleeping under the stars.

For this idea, the wallpaper’s motive can be only the starlight without any planets or the astronauts.

Beautify the ceiling also with lighting that looks like the stars as well.

This way, the bedroom can just be more adorable.

The Wallpaper and Bedcover with “Planets on the Space” Theme

Space Theme Room

Not only is it related to the wallpaper, the other bedroom stuff including the bedcover should be in the same idea also.

If it is possible, prepare some accessories and decorations with the space theme.

They can be put on the shelves, the racks, or the table near the bed.

A Bedroom with the “Little Scientist” Theme

Space Theme Room Design

Similar to the previous idea, this one is also about the application of space theme, not only on the wall but also the decoration and the accessories around.

Interestingly, the decorations should not always be the toys.

You can just put on the real learning media or science and astronomy just like the miniature of the solar system, the real pictures or planets, and many more.

The Hanging Planets Aside the Space Wallpaper

Space Theme Room Design

The other decoration ideas to be put on your children’s bedroom are the planets hanged on the ceiling.

Well, if commonly the hanging decorations are in the form of the birds, flowers, and the others, the physics and astronomy lovers may like this idea more.

The miniature or the toys of planets can just be simply found anywhere.

Some of them can even be available along with the strings to hang them down.

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