15 Superb Steampunk Bedrooms Design Style

Many individuals get caught up in the hype of the current design bedroom trends, but if you’re looking for a style that stands out, then Steampunk is your answer.

This aesthetic is a mix of Victorian and modern style bedrooms, with just the right amount of whimsy.

Three major design elements make up the overall art deco in a steampunk bedroom; color, light, and materials. If you’re not sure where to start looking for ideas, then this article is for you.

What is Steampunk Style?

Steampunk bedroom

Steampunk is popular alternative culture, a blend of the modern and antique style seen in most things from fashion to technology. Instead of adopting the traditional style of mid-century design, Steampunk followers opt for an alternative version with a high level of creativity.

Steampunk is a mix of Victorian and industrial design in its current form, but there are other interpretations of this alternative style that allow for a wide range of ideas.

So what exactly is Steampunk?

It’s a mix of old-time fashion and technology. Steampunk looks like it has a modern feel to it, but it honors the past in reality. The idea here is to adjust your own things without making a big deal out of it.

Perfect Steampunk Paint Colors

Perfect Steampunk Paint Colors

If you want to go for the classic look, consider using a black and gold color palette. Keep your wall color light so that it doesn’t overwhelm the scene. You can also choose to add some polished brass elements to complete your design.

Steampunk Element Decor Ideas

Strands of micro-clusters, vintage lamps, a tank, or a clock with gears all make great decorations for your steampunk bedroom. You can place them on your nightstand or anywhere close to your bed.

1. Wall Art

Steampunk Wall Art

Try to include something close to your bed. Add a steampunk photo or poster of your favorite character.

2. The Bed Frame

Steampunk Bed Frame

If you’re looking for something cheap and easy to put together, then steampunk beds are the answer. You can purchase a metal frame that doesn’t necessarily look like it came from the Victorian period.

3. The Dresser

Steampunk Dresser

According to the Steampunk tradition, clothes are accessories. So your bedroom must get a lot of attention with steampunk dressers and wardrobes.

4. The Nightstand

Steampunk Nightstand

The nightstand is another necessary item in your bedroom. You can go for a metallic design or a simple wooden stand. Make sure that it matches your steampunk style.

5. The Bookshelf

Steampunk Bookshelf

Find a bookcase that is close to the floor and doesn’t stand out. You can also opt for a steampunk version of this piece of furniture.

6. Decorative Elements

Steampunk Decorative Elements

If you want to add some decoration to your bedroom, then consider steampunk knickknacks. This will help you achieve the look that you are after.

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Steampunk Bedroom Ideas & Design

So, what’s next? You can take a look below for ideas and inspiration to get you started.

1. Awesome Steampunk Metal Bedroom with Geometry Wallpaper

Awesome Steampunk Bedroom with Geometry Wallpaper

This is a fascinating steampunk bedroom. The wallpaper patterns show an old map world, and it is a great touch for the steampunk design.

The bed is a simple metal design that doesn’t have too much detail to distract you from the rest of the room.

2. Eye-catching Hanging Light Bulbs in Metal Steampunk Bedroom

Eye-catching Hanging Light Bulbs in Metal Steampunk Bedroom

The light bulbs hang in a metal frame on the bed’s canopy. The light bulbs are a unique touch for the steampunk bedroom, adding color and style. The metal bed has been painted black to give it more detail.

3. Old Clock + Steampunk Bedding

Old Clock + Steampunk Bedding

Bedding pattern also plays a big part in the overall look of a bedroom. For this steampunk bedroom, the bedding has been designed to show off the metal framework of the bed.

Decoration has been made with an old clock behind, and it’s a perfect touch for the overall design.

4. Steampunk Heavy Metal Boat Bed

Steampunk Heavy Metal Boat Bed

Built-in a Victorian style, this heavy metal boat bed fits the concept of Steampunk and is a great example of how to get a ‘Victorian’ look without being traditional. This bed was made to ‘be the centerpiece of your bedroom.’

5. Stylish Silver Steampunk Bedroom

Stylish Silver Steampunk Bedroom

With all silver accent and black lining, this bed is puffy and round without a headboard and a chaise in the corner for resting.

The black fabric covering of the bed is of excellent quality, and it has silver studs lining all the way around. Add a chandelier with steampunk style to make your bedroom more appealing.

6. Simple Steampunk Design Bedroom

Simple Steampunk Design Bedroom

A clock art wall decoration, a pair of black nightstands, and its lamp, bedroom frame made from iron to make it stable and strong all are a part of a simple steampunk bedroom design that you can decorate.

You can take steampunk design to your bedroom, don’t be scared of looking different and weird or old-fashioned. In fact, it is a stylish style that you can bring to your bedroom and make it look like a classy steampunk-themed bedroom.

7. Red Bedroom with Steampunk Design Style

Red Bedroom with Steampunk Design Style

A red bedroom is perfect for the steampunk-inspired design. You can paint your existing walls with a darker color add some rustic decor like chandeliers and vintage lamps. Exposed pipes, rebar, and piping can be mounted on the wall.

8. Creative Steampunk Bed Headboard

Steampunk Bed Headboard

Frankly, this is one hell of a headboard—the little grey and silver steampunk-themed headboard made from metal – galvanized steel trash.

You can’t call it a headboard because it looks more like the display in a jewelry store. This would make a great addition to any steampunk bedroom!

9. Modern Steampunk Bedroom

Modern Steampunk Bedroom

As one of the most popular bedrooms, this is likely due to one designer’s combined design and inspiration – Steampunk. The bed here comes with a tall headboard with a pair of unique metal hanging lamps.

10. Steampunk Industrial Style Bedroom

Steampunk Industrial Style Bedroom

The first thing you will notice is the large iron box and the pipeline on the wall. These are very similar to the industrial look, but it is a steampunk design. The bed is also covered with metal, and you have to admit – it looks amazing.

11. Victorian Steampunk Bed in Black

Victorian Steampunk Bed in Black

In this Victorian steampunk bedroom, you can feel the atmosphere of a Victorian-era with its black furniture.

The bed frame is painted in gold, giving an impression of golden light from the lamp above it. The bedside tables are clear, giving a unique blending of Victorian and modern style.

12. Old Fashion Four Poster Steampunk Bedroom

Old Fashion Four Poster Steampunk Bedroom

As you can see, it’s a beautiful four-poster bed. Blue bedding decoration works great for this room.

It’s a comfortable and beautiful bedroom with an old-fashioned style. Add wall art for you to put on the wall, such as a picture of an old building-themed.

13. Steampunk Rusted Gear Decoration in Bedroom

Steampunk Rusted Gear Decoration in Bedroom

If you’re in the mood to put an old-style twist on a bedroom, then consider using rustic items as a decorative element.

This goes well with Steampunk-inspired décor, but it doesn’t have to be limited to that style. Using items from old machines can give your room an industrial hint without being too obvious.

14. A Big Round Window with Steampunk Style

A Big Round Window with Steampunk Style

One thing that you find in a lot of Steampunk-style bedrooms is a big round window. A window like this will certainly make you feel as if you’re living behind the glass. Still, it’s a great focal point in a room that can be hard to come by.

15. Steampunk Bunk Bed with Metal Frame

Steampunk Bunk Bedroom with Metal Frame

This black metal bunk bed has a nice feel of mystery. A red single sofa beside it invites you to lie down and relax. The bed is covered with a red sheet. You will get a lot of compliments for this design!


What are the key features of steampunk?

Steampunk is an art movement that is a blend of Victorian design and technology. It originated in the early 1900s and was inspired by everything from the Industrial Revolution to science fiction. It remains one of the most recognizable and engaging design movements in the world today.

Why do you think steampunk is such an enduring trend?

Steampunk is a style that blends elements from the past and the present to bring the old world into the modern world. It is also a trend that continues to grow, with new steampunk projects and designs popping up worldwide.

How do I steampunk my room?

To start steampunking your room, you should think about the key features of steampunk design and try to incorporate them into your room.

You can do this by tweaking your bedroom furniture, adding vintage elements, or simply revamping an old piece of furniture. You can also choose a color scheme that fits the steampunk style or add a few steampunk accessories to help you get the look.

What are the main features of steampunk?

Many steampunk design ideas would be easy to incorporate into any room design, and you can get some great ideas by looking at pictures of steampunk rooms from all over the web.

You can start by choosing a favorite piece of furniture to use as a focal point, then pick out some furniture that fits in with the design theme. You can also incorporate some vintage items into the room or use one of the steampunk colors.

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