14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love

TSP Home Decor – No matter how amazing your bedroom is, it won’t be complete without the headboard. As the important feature, it wholly alters the appearance of your space. However, you may be overwhelmed due to limitless options. Do not worry! We are here to present the outstanding ones for you.

1. Wood Madness

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 1

Whether you are on tight budget or not, you are gonna fall for the acacia live-edge panel. It looks rustic, ravishing and monumental. This tree slice bed crown exudes magnificently unrefined style.
• The white space color scheme works as the nice background.
• Table lamps and low bedside tables are such chic additions.
• Bold patterned throw pillows create the boho charm.
• The artwork on the wall adds a pop of shades to the bedroom.

2. Upcycled Plywood Divider

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 2

Are you get bored of the standard panel? This is the right one for you. Since room divider has ornate geometric pattern, it will adorn your bedchamber effortlessly. For an easy upgrade, you can repaint it.
• A plywood divider is hung at the back of the bed.
• A bloomburst pillow, funky ceiling light, and white fur rug provide your space new texture.
• The customized mattresses keep the room minimalist.
• While dazzling table lamp boosts the sense of luxury.

3. Chalkboard Statement

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 3

Bring your good school memories back with the chalkboard backdrop. You just need a wood, white chalk, and matte chalkboard paint. And the end result couldn’t be more captivating.
• In this sleeping area, baby blue wall pops against the backdrop.
• The fashionable table lamp doubles as centerpiece.
• Bed sheet and blanket match gorgeously with the flowers in the glass vase.

4. Simple Yet Fun

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 4

If you adore the simplicity in life, it is a cool and an inexpensive way to go. As an oversized wooden board sits behind your bed, you have the unfinished home accent.
• Both the wooden panel and adjustable metal table lamp exhibit the industrial flavor.
• The table and decorative items are such space savers.
• Patterned bedding offers pleasant aesthetic.
• Hanging framed butterflies add shots of color. In addition, they reflect the perky corner.

5. Cheerful World

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 5

We completely guarantee this bedchamber will always radiate the positive and happy vibes. Because right colors overpower the room in an enchanting style.
• The blue French country bed crown fits well with the wall’s shade.
• The green curtain, ceiling light, and bed frame produce the organic setting.
• The room is also infused with textural elements.
• Thanks to the floral theme, it makes everything more joyful.

6. Floating Fabric Panel

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 6

Perhaps, it is unconventional for you. But nobody has it in the bedroom. Furthermore, you just prepare recycled wood frame. Wrap the foams in your favorite fabric. Then, stuff the frame with them and mount the bed backdrop on the wall.
• If you choose motif headboard, be sure the walls and bed come in neutral shades.
• Flower in terracota pot perks up your space.
• Knit blanket creates unique texture.

7. Industrial-Inspired Dreamscape

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 7

This low-cost project suits all rustic-themed bedchamber. With the enticing design template, corrugatel metal sheet and cutting tools, your one-of-a-kind headboard is ready to decorate your sleeping zone.
• The wooden wall meets wonderfully with the metal panel.
• A throw pillow and the other embellishments give the space shots of vibrant color.
• The eclectic ceiling light steals the spotlight.

8. Artistic Personal Retreat

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 8

Looking for a non-traditional way of designing your bedroom? Wall suspended abstract paintings serve as the bed backdrop here. You must offset them to generate an asymmetric appeal.
• Fill your predominantly white room with sleek furnitures.
• Bold yellow throw pillow exudes the energetic spirits.
• An indoor potted plant emanates the vivid aura.

9. The Modern Touch

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 9

A bed board can be made out of anything. It means a patterned wallpaper in the wooden frame won’t cease to amaze you as well.
• For unifying your room, place geometrically patterned bed sheet and motif throw pillows on the bed.
• Soothing hues cool off your mind after getting through rough day.
• Keep the rest of the room minimal.
• Simple round ceiling light will brighten it up.

10. Go Big or Go Home

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 10

Replace your old bed panel with something tall and wide like the picture shown above. The contemporary fabric backdrop is up to the ceiling. It helps lend the room tailored and extravagant look.
• You can welcome different patterns as well.
• The throw pillows and table lamps are supremely attractive.
• An antique ceiling light grabs the attention in no time.
• The ceiling and walls are painted in neutral hues for calming effect.

11. Terrific Upholstery

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 11

Your bedchamber needs a major refresh. So, why not hang lovely upholstery fabric on the bedroom’s wall? As a bonus, you are able to switch it out at any time.
• The yellow upholstered backdrop, stripped area rug, throw pillow, and textured blanket pop against the white things.
• Light blue wall incorporates the carefree and marina vibes into the sleeping area.
• Velveteen throw pillow seems lavish here.

12. Gorgeous Wallpaper

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 12

This inexpensive and unusual board is super adorable. Purchase a wallpaper of your choice. After that, cut it in your preferred shape. And directly apply it to your wall. It certainly creates awesome headboard illusion.
• Paint the wall in the striking color.
• Place the blooming pink flower on the table to complement your room.
• Pile shag and motif pillows on the bed.

13. A Wall of Pillows

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 13

Show off your massive pillow collection on the wall. Like the picture above, the homeowner mounts the pillows asymmetrically. Unexpectedly, they turn into trendy bed crown.
• To make your room more spacious, bright and airy, you must involve white furnitures.
• Coat your ceiling and wall in white paint too.
• The red rug and chair liven up your space. So, it is not dull and uninteresting.

14. The Zigzag Way

14 Jaw-Dropping Headboard Ideas that You Will Love 14

Even, in the absence of bed backdrop, you can still style your bedroom. The printed wallpaper is all you need. Cut it like an actual bed board. Then, install it neatly behind your bed. Be fascinated as yours visually look grander.
• A bold motif wallpaper keeps your room from being montonous.
• Put a couple of white pillows on navy bed. They come in glasses design.
• The pale yellow walls and the wallpaper marry together.
• Tall floor lamp provides soft brightness during the nighttime.

All those headboard ideas surely get your creative juice flowing. If you have several bedrooms, do not hesitate to pick varying styles. And you are gonna be surprised by how divine they are.

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