15 Perfect Ideas for Creating Lovely Hello Kitty Bedroom

15 Perfect Ideas for Creating Lovely Hello Kitty Bedroom 1

TSP Home Decor – Choosing the right idea for your daughter bedroom can be really difficult.

So, ask her what theme, movie, or character that she likes, then use it as the decoration theme for her room.

Here are some great examples for kids that love Hello Kitty character.

These ideas will create a great bedroom for your daughter that makes her happy.

1. The Hello Kitty Playing Paradise

Hello Kitty bedroom

Changing your kid’s bed into playing exhibits like this will make your kids happy, definitely.

It even has a slider, which makes the bed become much more valuable in your kid’s bedroom.

This idea uses a unique bunk bed that its bottom part has been removed.

Therefore, the bottom part can be used as a tent.

Or, you also can keep the bottom part, so your daughter will have two different places to sleep with a different nuance.

2. Princess Hello Kitty Ideas

Hello Kitty bedroom

This idea shows the very strong girly atmosphere.

Your daughter will love it because this is what a girl’s bedroom should be.

The mosquito net on top and around the bed catches our attention.

It makes the bed that has round or heart shape looks more amazing.

Although it doesn’t have that many Hello Kitty image, the color and cute shape of its furniture do the job perfectly.

And, we also see, it doesn’t need too much modification in the bedroom.

Just a few additions of furniture and decoration and that’s enough.

3. The Red Wall

Hello Kitty bedroom ideas

The Hello Kitty means pink color theme. But, this one also uses bright red as the wall color.

That creates a nice focal point, which also can make the Hello Kitty decoration looks more noticeable.

Just take a look at the hanged painting and you know what we’re talking about.

The big window also adds great natural lighting that matches perfectly with the red and pink color theme inside.

4. Simple Hello Kitty Room

Hello Kitty bedroom decoration

We can see this idea as the easiest-to-apply idea among others Hello Kitty themed bedroom.

You don’t actually need change too much. Just buy the bed sheet and pillow with Hello Kitty image printed on it.

The curtain decoration on the head of the bed gives it more elegance, which is perfect for a girl’s bedroom.

5. Cute Hello Kitty Bedroom

Hello Kitty bedroom

The stripes wall pattern looks great. The pink and white color on its wall make it looks like candy color. It’s so sweet.

The Hello Kitty furniture adds cuter thing into this bedroom. The puzzle-like picture above the bed is especially interesting.

It has the cute and artistic appearance, which is kind of difficult to apply to the bedroom like this.

But, this one is quite successful and perfectly installed. The result, it makes this bedroom looks even more beautiful.

6. The Hello Kitty Room

Hello Kitty bedroom decoration

For Hello Kitty big fans, this idea is the best thing for them.

Basically, it changes the whole room into the Hello Kitty room.

Every inch in this room has a strong scent of Hello Kitty.

Particularly, the wall on the door part looks really great.

It has a nice combination of the wall accent and the shape that looks like the Hello Kitty character.

You can see the mustache on the corner of the wall.

7. Pink Hello Kitty Bedroom

Hello Kitty bedroom

Honestly, the big Hello Kitty character is quite scary.

However, if we remove it, we get one of the glamour bedrooms with Hello Kitty theme.

The doll on top of the desk near the teacup shows the theme.

However, we realize that the bed head has a shape like the character head, and it even has ribbon on it.

Using this idea won’t be too much troublesome. Just get the Hello Kitty bed and you are done.

8. Hello Kitty Bed

Hello Kitty bedroom

Simple but it will make your daughter really love it.

Using a lot many different types of Hello Kitty themed pillow, the bed looks great for sleeping.

Then, adding nice Hello Kitty bed sheet, and you’ve successfully created nice bed decoration for your beloved daughter.

The very cute Hello Kitty character desk lamp adds not only lights, but also cute decoration beside the bed.

9. Hello Kitty Toy Museum

Hello Kitty bedroom

We call it a toy museum because you can find many Hello Kitty toys and even dress in this bedroom.

We guess that this room owner is huge fans of Hello Kitty.

But, we like it, because this idea creates a nice appearance.

You also can use it, if you have many Hello Kitty item collections.

10. The Hello Kitty for Grown Up

Hello Kitty bedroom decoration

Your teenage daughter will feel happy with this idea.

They wouldn’t think it’s too cute and childish.

The simple grey and white Hello Kitty bed sheet becomes the solution to the situation.

It is perfect for a grown-up girl.

11. The Extreme

Hello Kitty bedroom decoration

Remodeling the ceiling with Hello Kitty character shape need not only a lot of budget, but also courage.

The accent on the wall behind the TV looks great.

The artistic value of this part blends really well with the cute decoration theme on other parts of this bedroom.

12. The Ribbon

Hello Kitty bedroom decoration

The Hello Kitty ribbon becomes the main decoration here.

As you can see, it is installed on the wall as well as the cabinet.

The red color of the ribbon also makes it stand out among other Hello Kitty decoration.

But, as the famous Hello Kitty accessories, we think this is the correct way to use it.

13. Blue Relaxing Bedroom

Hello Kitty bedroom decoration

Nice combination of blue with pink color of Hello Kitty character.

In fact, you can use this idea, if your daughter doesn’t like pink that much.

The color balance is good in this room.

14. The Boy Hello Kitty Bedroom

Hello Kitty bedroom decoration

Who says that Hello Kitty is only for girls?

This idea proves that you also can use Hello Kitty theme in your boy’s bedroom.

The blue and dark color doesn’t look girlish.

We bet your son will be okay with it.

15. The Woody Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty bedroom design

The wooden part on the ceiling gives this bedroom a farmhouse-like appearance. It’s unique, actually.

Combining a cute theme like Hello Kitty with the solid wood farmhouse type is difficult.

But, this one looks really great as a combination.

Basically, those are 15 ideas for Hello Kitty bedroom.

You can apply one of them or use several of ideas as inspiration to create your own idea.

Don’t limit yourself to just one idea.

Feel free to use and combine any ideas that you like.

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