Comfort Cooking Experience with Eclectic Oak Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

TSP Home Decor – When it comes to cooking a meal, be it a meal for yourself or a family, comfort should be your top priority. A chef in the kitchen is like an ice skater on a skating rink.

A chef cooks with grace, sliding from one spot of the kitchen to another uninterruptedly. They must be able to work with no objects that can bar their way from cooking appliances.

A kitchen must not be a field of mines that can strike an aspiring chef on their way to the cooking throne.

A kitchen should be a chef’s throne room, a place where they can reign over the kitchen appliances and decree that no bad meal should ever leave the place.

Beauty underneath simplicity

A brief look at this design shows simplicity. Behind that thin veil of simplicity, however, lies a comfortable oak-based design that will surely be a thing that every chef would like to have.

The kitchen cabinets serve as a beautiful and a practical addition to the design.

This design also uses the cabinets to their fullest extent.

More often than not, we leave the top of the kitchen cabinets empty, all for the purpose of gathering dust.

This design calls for a change to that by making the tops of the cabinets a place to store kitchen necessities.

This, in turn, incorporates those kitchen necessities into a wonderful addition to the rather decoration-less kitchen.

Amp your kitchen with this design

Look at the design below and tell me that you do not see something remotely complex in it.

While the kitchen itself look generally simple, the decorated cabinet adds a nice thin complexity to the whole kitchen.

Nothing intrusive over here, not even the counter that serves as the island of the design.

In fact, the island must have added something grand to the design.

Without its presence, I do believe that the kitchen would be very empty.

There is nothing wrong with more oaks

Too much of something can turn anything bad, but not this kitchen design, though.

This design has many oaks in it, but can you say that it is a bad design? No, it is not a bad design.

Instead, the oaks add to the natural look that this kitchen is trying to accomplish.

The wooden ceiling and the stones behind are two very natural things that this design boasts.

But wait, there is more to it. Amidst the brown oaks and the stones are metallic ovens and faucet, which are undoubtedly modern.

This twist surely does something to the kitchen, making it a perfect combination of modern and traditional.

This design definitely puts practicality ahead of everything else

One gander at this design and you will think that why would they even bother creating something like this.

Everything in this design is uninspired. Oak and black does not work well if this design is the example of the combination.

That is probably the thing you would say if you are a scrub.

You see, this design here is lacking some other things that can make this a kitchen.

What I am trying to give you with this design is not the end result, but a base that you can work on.

There is nothing here yet because YOU are the one that should be working on it.

I am only giving you a practical base that you can use in your kitchen.

This ‘rough’ design is practical because you can easily slide from one end of the kitchen to the other simply by turning around and taking a few steps ahead.

Seriously, though. If you think that this kitchen is an end result, you are truly a newbie in the world of designing.

Sure it got a bonsai tree by the corner of the kitchen, but a single bonsai tree is hardly a decoration.

The patterned wall of practicality

The patterned wall behind the stove might be off-putting, but they are there because they are useful in keeping the kitchen clean.

If you do not know what I am talking about, I want you to imagine yourself in a situation.

In that situation, you are deep-frying something. You already have a pan full of cooking oil and the last thing you need to do is to submerge the uncooked food inside.

When you dip the food in oil, the oil reacted to the food and splashes all over the wall and over your skin.

Your skin might be injured, but not the wall behind the stove.

This is because the wall behind the stove is made of an easily cleaned material. Just one wipe and the oil will be gone. You get what I am saying?

Sometimes simple is all you need

Unlike the bare design before this one, this here below will invoke a simple feeling in your mind.

While the design above the design from before is bare because it is yet to be decorated, the design I got next is pretty bare on its own.

It is already finished, so you can just slap it unto your kitchen.

What this design is trying to achieve is simplicity. It embraces the adage that I told you at the start of this article.

It would not be a cure for sore eyes, but it would be a quick getaway for chefs looking only to use their kitchen to cook and not to show off their elaborately designed kitchen.

Enjoy the view with this rather ‘open’ kitchen

A shade of brown there and a window that leads to the world outside is this design’s strong suit.

The colour brown in here can be too plaguing for the eyes, that is why a window is sorely needed.

The window serves as a contradicting factor that will help your eyes off the brown.

If the windows lead to the garden, it would be even better because you are incorporating nature into your design, albeit indirectly.

This design is basically what any home depots would offer you

In my opinion, you can find this design basically in any home depots available in your city.

It is so simple and practical that its selling value lies within those two qualities.

It might need a bigger space than the simple kitchen before, but it is still a very easy kitchen to manoeuvre in.

The greens on top of the cabinet really contrast the brown theme and it gives the kitchen a natural look.

Modern and natural merged into one

This is just like the oak-filled kitchen above, but instead of going with the more natural look with stones and the like, this kitchen embraces the middle spectrum, leaning towards the more modern end of the scale.

It can make do without the chairs, but where is the fun in that? Feel free to take them off because they are not the main contenders of this design

Cornered? No problem

To save space, one must be able to use every space they have at their disposal.

This kitchen proves that corners must not stop people from cooking. It looks a bit bare, but the corner actually does bring life to it.

Homey and accepting is what this design is trying to achieve

I do not know about you, but one look at this design and I feel like I am at home already.

While my kitchen surely does not look like this, it invokes a certain longing for my home back in the country.

I love every part of this kitchen (except for that printer-like thing on the right side) and I will definitely turn my kitchen like this if chances allow it.

These are designs that you can use when you are trying to decorate your kitchen in the future.

Remember, while many of the designs above are end results, there is nothing that should stop you from being creative.

Add things that you might find yourself comfortable with and do not forget the fact that your kitchen should be for your own, not for a stranger on the internet telling you exactly what you need to do.

Happy working, fellas.

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