15 Game Room Ideas You Did Not Know About + Pros & Cons

Game Room Ideas – You love to play, but always cancel on any plans that involve you having to leave home just to enjoy your favorite game.

Not any more though, as you can now set aside an entire game room and enjoy playing while spending quality time with your loved ones. Here are 15 game room ideas you did not know about:

Pool table

Game room design ideas
Pool game room ideas via tedxumkc.com

This comes mostly in one size, 5ft wide, 9.6 ft long and 30ft high off the ground. You might also need about 7ft of space at each end of the table and 4 ft on the sides of the table between the walls.

This way, people have enough room to move around, especially if you are having a large group of about 5 people playing. Be sure to have great lighting right above the table just to ensure that you can see as you score or not.


  • Having a pool table is a great way to bond with your loved ones, while having fun at the comfort of your home.


  • Purchasing a pool table is a rather expensive affair, as compared to other gaming devices.
  • A pool table would consume too much of you space than you could be willing to give up.

Video games

Game room design
Video game room ideas via homebnc.com

Now for this, you might need a flat screen TV set exclusively meant for playing just to ensure housemates are not constantly fighting to use the TV, with some wanting to play and others wanting to watch.

Once you have purchased your home video game, have a couch set up to ensure comfort. You could also add in some stools where the video game consoles could be placed when not playing and even those playing could enjoy a glass of juice while at it.


  • Video games are a perfect escape for everyone after a long day at work or school.


  • Due to the excitement of the game, it could have the people playing making a lot of noise. You could however resolve this by having your walls sound proofed for this particular room, if you can afford it.

House bowling

Game room ideas
House bowling game room ideas via trulia.com

If you love bowling but hate having to leave the house just to do it, well, you could opt to have your own bowling alley right at the comfort of your home.

The recommended space is a minimum of 100’ in length and 14’ in width for 2 bowling alleys. The recommended ceiling height is 14’.

It is also suggested that you have an under lane ball return rack system. The equipment, delivery and installation costs will also vary depending on whether you want pre used or new equipment.

The good thing however is that if you properly maintain your bowling equipment, it could last you for as long as even 25 years.

You could however consult a designer for more information on how to go about installing your own bowling alley at home. Also, consider having a lounge area with couches, tables and LCD monitors that will display scores.


  • This is a perfect way to save on money in the long run, especially if you regularly go out with family and friends for bowling.


  • Having a bowling alley at home is very expensive and will take up too much of your space.

Indoor ping pong table

Game room design ideas
Indoor ping pong game room ideas via czmcam.com

Just like a pool table, you need a good amount of space to have a ping pong table in your house. Most indoor ping pong tables are designed to be folded flat just to ensure storage convenience, but you still need enough room for playing, considering you will not be playing with it folded.

Some even come with rolling wheels to ensure easy transportation and movement. You also might want to consider a table that comes with a playback feature, when you want to play alone.

This way, such a table folds into half while the other side folds up. The recommended size for a ping pong table is a 2.7 meters long and 1.5 meters wide.

The table should also be 76 centimeters above the floor and leveled across the floor. You should also have 19 feet long and 11 feet wide of space just for comfortable playing without feeling like you are too cramped.


  • Playing ping pong is a great way of keeping physically fit while having fun.


  • A ping pong table will take up too much of your space.

Pinball machine

Game room design
Pinball machine game room ideas via pinball.co.uk

A single pinball machine will take up to about 30 inches wide, 52 inches deep and 70 inches tall of space, which is quite a huge space cut from your house.

Pinball machines have durability and therefore, if you do not have the money to buy a new one, then you can opt for a used one instead, which will also serve you well, if you maintain it well.

It is also important to consider the maintenance cost of the machine, considering it might need to be occasionally cleaned, in a manner that will not damage it. I however have to warn you that the machine is a bit pricy, used or not.

You therefore need to consider your budget before hand and decide if it’s something you can afford to buy and maintain or if you may need to consider another indoor gaming device.


  • Having pinball machines is great way to spend leisure time, especially if you have children, as opposed to them spending all their time on computers.


  • Pinball machines weigh 200- 300 pounds of weight and are quite noisy, considering they are designed to be mostly used in noisy environments. However, you need to do your research before purchasing the machine, as there are others whose volume can be adjusted.

Foosball table

Game room design
Glowing fossball game room ideas via gameroomjunkies.com

In the recent past, plastic foosball tables have become popular buys for those planning to have them at their homes, due to their relatively cheaper pricing.

However, they lack stability due to their light weight and delicate design. When choosing a foosball table, make sure that it weighs over 125 pounds, as this guarantees more stability.

It is also important to ensure a thick side wall width of about an inch, for quicker and more consistent play. While shopping, look for a table with leg levelers.

That said, foosball tables meant for home use are relatively cheaper to purchase, as compared to other indoor gaming equipment or tools.


  • Playing foosball is a great way to ignite the family’s competitive nature while reminding members on the importance of accepting defeat.


  • A foosball table takes up a lot of space.
  • It might also bring conflict if family members playing against each other do not gracefully accept defeat.

Chess table

Game room design
Chess game room ideas via memorabledecor.com

They say that chess is a strategy game for the smart and what better way to play than to have yourself a good time while stimulating your brain to work?

Most chess tables are inexpensive, though the prices may be determined by a variety of factors. Such factors include the type of set you are looking to buy; it could be one that is aesthetically appealing, which could be serving a purpose of an accessory to the house, besides its primary function which is to play.

You could also opt for a practical set which is well crafted and will withstand regular chess play. If you want a board that will last you a lifetime, then you might want to go for quality wood that would obviously cost you more. Also have a table that is large enough for comfortable playing.


  • Playing chess stimulates the brain.
  • Purchasing a chess set is cheap.


  • I don’t get any con in this game.

Indoor golf

Game room design
Indoor golf game room ideas via proputtsystems.com

To enjoy some golf at the comfort of your home, you might want to install a putting green, which is an artificial turf. The first thing to consider would be the amount of space available for your house, where you could place the putting green.

Depending on this space, you could choose to have a thin strip of the putting green or a curved one, just to ensure you do not use up too much unavailable space.

Ensure that your artificial turf is smooth, straight and ensures a gentle undisturbed roll of your ball. It should also be heavy enough to cover any imperfections on your floor for a smooth surface.

The stronger and better quality of your artificial turf, the more durable it is but more expensive.


  • Having a putting green in your house allows for efficient practice to enhance your golf playing skills, especially if you play for competitive reasons.


  • Having a putting green installed into your house is expensive.


Game room design ideas
Poker game room ideas via madebymood.com

This might be the most affordable indoor game idea that you may find. All you need is a spacious table, especially if you are one who frequently has company over.

This will not only provide a space to play on, but also hold yours and your guest’s drinks and snacks. You might also need some comfortable seats just to ensure comfort, your chips and cards and you are good to go.


  • Poker is an inexpensive game to fund.
  • It is a game that everyone can enjoy bonding over as it can be played by everyone irrespective of their age, social class or gender


  • Poker become bad if you bet when playing it.

Arcade Skeeball

Game room design
Arcade skeeball room ideas via bowlmidland.com

One of the oldest gaming machines in the market. While it might be hard to find newer Arcade Skeeballs machines, considering their demand has gone down due to the emergence of other easier to use and sophisticated machines, you can still find a used one that functions well.


  • Arcade skeeball is a classic vintage machine that even the old would enjoy playing while reminiscing over
  • If you love the adrenaline rush that is of playing an actual game than having to play a game on your phone, then this is certainly a machine you should consider to have in your game room.


  • An arcade skeeball machine will take up too much of your space than you are willing to give up.
  • Be warned though; because of their use of old hardware, they might crush anytime and be hard to revive.

Dart Board

Game room design
Dart board game room ideas via zillow.com

Consider the material used to make your dart board and where you are going to set up your dart board. The distance of the dart board from the floor should be 5’8 feet while the front of the dart board to the throw line should be 7’9 feet tall.

Also, the distance of the throwline to the center of adjusting wall where the dart board is placed should be 9’7.5 feet. You might also want to have a pad behind the dart board to avoid damage to your wall from vibrations or movements of the wall.


  • This is a simple game without too much requirements that will not also take up too much of your space.


  • When not carefully thought about, a dart board’s location in your house will interfere with other people’s activities in the house.
  • A dart board in the house could pose a risk, in case of poor aiming, hurting someone in the way or even damaging something.

Giant Scrabble board

Game room design ideas
Giant scrabble board game room ideas via ovolohotels.com

The best thing about having a giant scrabble board is that it will be fixed on your wall, and therefore you do not have to worry much about the space.

It is also an affordable gaming tool that will certainly not dent your pockets much. So instead of sitting bored with family or friends when they come over, stimulate your mind while having fun and bonding.


  • A scrabble board is inexpensive, as mentioned.


  • If not properly installed, a scrabble board could end up damaging your walls, leading to you spending more in repairs that you had not budgeted for.

Monopoly board game

Game room design
Monopoly game room ideas – overtheedgedesign.wordpress.com

Another game that you can affordably purchase and have fun with. It certainly will not take up too much of your space, plus, you can have people get off their phones and actually bond over this one. Plus, you get to learn how to manage your finances better. It’s win win for everyone really.


  • Playing monopoly could give players more insight on how to manage their finances better in real life.


  • I don’t get any con about playing this game.

Home Karaoke System

Game room design ideas
Karaoke game room ideas via ceokaraoke.com.au

Consider your budget, which determines your ability to purchase a complete karaoke system with a player, mixer, amplifier, screen, speakers and a microphone.

You could however opt to purchase just the basics of a karaoke system, such as a microphone, mixer and amplifier with which you can connect to your computer that then displays your song lyrics and score while the amplifier projects your voice. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite music with your loved ones.


  • Owning a karaoke system is such a fun affair that everyone can enjoy.


  • Purchasing a karaoke system is expensive
  • Using the karaoke system might cause a lot of noise especially for neighbors, hence consider them to minimize disturbance.

Action Video Games

Game room design ideas
Console video game room ideas via memorablthemeparkreview.com

For this, you will require the actual video console and a screen that displays your actions.


  • While this is also a good game that you can use to physically exercise with while having fun.
  • It also does not take up too much space as the table tennis or pool tables would.
  • Action games help increase one’s focus while requiring them to be more aware of their environment.


  • An action game could promote violence, especially among young children whose brains are still developing.

Now you have more than needed ideas on how you can spice up your home with gaming, while bonding with close friends and family member.

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