Get The Warmth of Charming Stacked Stone Fireplace Design in Your Living Room

TSP Home Decor – We are indeed not enjoying the summer every day.

There are times when the atmosphere around becomes so cold and chilly so that anything we want is probably staying at home, near the fireplace.

The fireplace itself has been known for many centuries, not only as a stuff to make the fire but also to beautify the home decoration.

Of course, it is not exaggerating to create a kind of good-looking fireplace so that the interior may look nicer as well.

From so many ideas regarding the fireplace, it seems that the application of stacked stone is never getting old.

Although this idea is actually really classic and traditional, in fact, it fits your contemporary interior also.

So, how can you apply this idea very well particularly in the living room? Check these out.

Wooden Furniture and Decorations around the Stacked Stone Fireplace

The stone on the fireplace area is actually enough to make the room has such a classic vibe.

But if you want this sense more, any other natural materials can just be placed around it.

A good example is presented in the picture above in which there are two big cabinets on the sides of fireplace.

Meanwhile, the other areas like the floor and furniture also have such a classic and natural look as it is seen from the earthy colors used.

This idea somehow makes the living room look darker.

So, you can brighten it up by applying a good and appropriate lighting system.

Middle-Age Look on the Fireplace Design in a Modern Living Room

Don’t be too doubtful in combining one style to another.

There is no exact rule if a certain interior design must follow particular rules.

Even if you have applied the modern design over the living room, you can make it look more unique with some traditional vibes on certain spots.

The stacked stones are good ideas for this when you use them as the fireplace.

If you want, the very old idea like middle-age design is very good also.

Vintage Living Room with Big Stacked Stone Fireplace Idea

This idea is basically still the same as the previous ones. The stacked stones here are only made quite bigger almost on one side of the wall.

The hole for the fireplace is made in the more traditional look using a half-circle right on the middle.

You can apply it in a vintage living room anyway. To make it more exotic, just place some decorations and interior accessories around.

Some of them can be put in front of the fireplace for sure.

Minimalist Fireplace Spot with Stacked Stones

Even if in general the stacked stone application is more about the classic look, it actually can also be designed in the more minimalist way.

The key point is about the fewer details and curvy accents on it.

Besides, it should be simpler and cleaner like by varnishing the stones.

With the varnish as the finishing, the shabby and dull looks on the stones can simply fade away.

Some other ideas including the square fireplace hole and devices like LED TV tend to make the fireplace more minimalist as well.

The Exotic Living Room with a Shabby Fireplace

This one is the opposite of the idea in the previous point.

The stacked stones should not be varnished or decorated to make it look clean.

In contrast, finish it with shabbier look. It easily depends on the look of old and of course it is really exotic.

If you can prepare furniture, fixtures, and decorations with a similar idea, it is a very good idea.

Even for the floor, you may choose tiles with shabby colors.

Stacked Stone Fireplace for a Rustic Living Room Interior

This idea indeed really comes into people’s mind. Yes, the rustic home decoration is stunning but it also looks quite dark. The budgets to realize this interior design is also not few.

Actually, it is not bad to apply the rustic style only in some certain spots. One of them is the fireplace area.

Interestingly, the stack stone layers just meet this idea well.

Then, deepen the rustic look by putting some preserved and dry plants in brownish colors.

Contemporary Living Room Idea with Some Natural Accents

The natural idea in a contemporary interior design is demanded widely by people nowadays.

The reason is that they just want to make the room feel more refreshing just like in the open nature.

Stacked stone is a good idea to realize such a natural look. One of them is by applying to the fireplace area.

When you also have the dark wood flooring as well as some green houseplants, it will be perfect.

Classic Cottage-Like Living Room with a Fireplace in Stones

This can be for your real cottage. But if you want, your house in the urban area can use this idea also.

The living room may have the wooden-layered wall, wooden floor, shabby country furniture, and many more.

Next, complete it with a kind of fireplace in a similar idea.

Since not all of them may be made from the woods, the stones as the layers around the fireplace are a very good idea to apply.

Simple Fireplace with Stones to Warm Up the Living Room and Library

It is already known of course that the fireplace is basically functioned to warm up the room.

Well, it is when the fire is on. But have you ever thought to warm up the room even when the fire is off?

The most important way is regarding the design around the fireplace itself.

The idea of stacked stone application is just recommended mainly if you still maintain their natural color.

With additional wooden furniture like book shelves can just make the room much warmer, at least, psychologically.

Classic Fireplace for Outdoor Living Room

Maybe the outdoor living room or the patio needs such a fireplace as well. Just realize it with the application of classic-designed stones.

Middle-age style is amazing for this idea. Match such a fireplace with a vintage furniture set around and floor with the same ideas.

When there are many plants and flowers around, your own living room can also be a right place for relaxing.

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