17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On

TSP Home Decor – After going through a bustling day, you definitely want to replenish your energy in the calming personal sanctuary. It tremendously throws the tiredness away. And nothing is better than a Japan bathroom. For you who need a rejuvenation, let’s dig into these inspirations.

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1. Lots of Straight Lines

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 1

Japaneses always emphasize on the ultimate simplicity. That’s why you will spot sleek furnitures in their shower rooms. Even the ladder is used to showcase the towel collection. So brilliant.
• Natural wood is the most widely used material here.
• Flower in the vase makes the bathing space more beautiful.
• Plenty of downlights give pleasantly dimmer glow.

2. The Lively Greenery

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 2

Invite the nature beauty into your lavatory. The grass and potted plants offer mind-relaxing ambience throughout the whole space.
• Hang mirrors up to the ceiling and cherry blossom artwork for more intense Japanese touch.
• Place the bowl-like ceramic bathtub to reflect the uncomplicated life.
• Cover the surface with wood slats and beach pebbles.

3. Understated Opulence

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 3

When it comes to the flooring and wall, do not hesitate to opt for marble. Not only is it luxurious, but also creates a fresh change.
• The shower is encased with the clear glass which results in nice contrast.
• Bathroom sink is fully made from marble.
• The compact statues depict the masculine character.

4. Harmonious Twist

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 4

Stone and glass are indispensable elements to promote tranquil setting. They specially enhance the relaxation to the finest.
• Keep the room minimalist by only adding in bathtub, tankless toilet, shower, sink, and mirror.
• Grow plants for bringing the outdoors inside.
• Install concrete flooring to boost a sense of cleanness.

5. Unusual Color Mixing

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 5

Who says Japan bathroom is just about neutral palette? You can inject yours with a healthy dose of bold tones as well. We promise they will introduce playful character.
• The purple wall and red sink cabinet pop against black stone backdrop.
• Go for bright lighting, instead of using the soft one.
• The white flowers and greeneries pamper the eyes.

6. Sandy Tone

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 6

To incorporate welcoming and warm atmosphere into the bathing chamber, single neutral tone is the answer.
• Shoji screens are so Japanese here.
• The absence of contrasting color invites peaceful aura into the room.
• Glass screens and stone tiles provide the homeowner new textural pleasures.

7. The True Space Savers

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 7

A refreshing bath is not equal to ginormous area. Even though it is tiny, you can make use of the small space. Thanks to the epic wooden bathtub (ofuro).
• Let a couple of bathtubs sit next to the shower room.
• Install mirrored doors for an optimum visual illusion.
• While the black tiled-floor and walls match well with wooden flooring.

8. Simple yet Alluring

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 8

Are you a fan of ultra-minimalism? Give it a chance then. This lavatory has exquisitely ergonomic design.
• Rugged stone tiles cover the floor and walls in an enchanting way.
• Light yellow works as the accent color.
• The curved wooden stool, metal shower, bathtub, and giant stone enhance rusticism.

9. Natural Lavishness

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 9

The wood is excessively used in this Japanese-inspired bathing space. No doubt, this material lends it glamorous air.
• Moreover, glass enclosed shower along with wooden furnitures create an exclusive look.
• Rectangular bathtub fits into modern theme.
• Full-width glass window allows you to enjoy majestic nature view.

10. Serene Environment

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 10

The harmony can lie in the coordinating design. For instance, the stone counter and walls mix nicely with the pebble stone floor. They seem so sophisticated too.
• Extra large window lets the sunlight illuminate the space naturally in the morning.
• The mini bench and round footstool look elegant. Plus, they do not occupy a lot of space.
• Without additional accessories, the bathing area is free from clutter.

11. Minimalist Concept

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 11

Minimalism is the hallmark of Japanese-style lavatory. In the contemporary and modern homes, the homeowners really keep the mess at the bay.
• The neutral hues soften the black stone tiles.
• Giant windows bring sunlights into the area.
• There are only ceramic bathtub and sink.

12. The Extra Privacy

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 12

Japaneses really know on how to make the bathroom more comfortable and personal. The frosted glass windows offer them maximum privacy.
• Since there is no bathtub, the space is more larger than it actually is.
• Black sink countertop and shower wall add dimension to the whole space.
• While the light wooden floor is such elegant feature.

13. Appealing Oval

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 13

Why pick standard tub when you can choose the oval one? We bet you will fall in love with this unconventional shape in no time.
• For a more natural look, put the grey river rocks or pebbles around the white bathtub.
• Install black granite floor and wall to achieve the dramatic effect.
• Potted white orchids perk up the the tiny space.
• The bathrobe and towels are beautifully displayed here.

14. Classic Meets Modern

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 14

In case you have a modern loft, you can still bring the Japanese air into your bathing area. This style is suitable for both urban and traditional settings.
• The floor and walls have stylish character.
• On the other hand, the sink, bench, and screen doors are timeless.
• The lightings radiate the room brightly.
• An oversized mirror on the wall extends the space.

15. Spa-Like Zone

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 15

You do not need to go to resort anymore. Because this idea surely turns your dream spa into reality. It will quiet your mind quickly.
• The transparent glass frame works as the divider for bath and shower area.
• Marble floor and wall exhibit the plush nuance.
• Potted plant in the corner of the bathroom looks so vivacious.
• The presence of rolled towels inject the space with 5-star hotel aura.

16. Subtle Elegance

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 16

This lavatory may be short on space. But, it exudes its grandeur through the bamboo cabinetry and the other decorative elements.
• The open window allow you to take a bath with a view.
• The built-in bathtub just takes a little room.
• Potted bonsai tree and artwork make you hardly leave the bathroom.

17. Pops of Bold Colors

17 Japan Bathroom Ideas to Get Your Zen On 17

You rarely see bright shades like turquoise and blue in the Japanese homes. On the contrary, we urge you to go bold.
• Involve the marble tops for a luxurious statement.
• Pamper your feet by installing polished stone flooring.
• Suspend an attention-grabbing ceiling light.
• Hang the artworks for an artsy personal escape.
• Add flowers as they produce soothing ambience.

In essence, the Japan bathroom proves that less is more. It also brings out your inner zen and unwinds your restless mind. We can’t wait to see you replicating this exotic design into your home interior.

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