17 Awesome Subway Tile Shower to Beautify Your Bathroom

TSP Home Decor – The bathroom should be a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. However, some people feel that their bathroom doesn’t look beautiful.

They even hesitate to enter and spend some relax time there. The design has something to do with this problem. Changing the design will help you to change your bathroom nuance, for example, you can use the subway tile shower style.

It doesn’t need to be exactly the same as the subway bathroom. You can just use the tile style of that bathroom on yours. Here, we have 17 great ideas using that tile style for the bathroom.

1. The Tiles Wall

Subway Tile Shower Design

Tiles don’t always to be installed on the floor. Placing it on your bathroom wall is also the best way to utilize the tile. Just like what you can see in the image, the tile looks great on the bathroom wall.

And, the black marble floor makes the tiles on the wall become the focal point. With tiles wall, it also can protect the wall from water splash, which also can prevent mold to form.

2. Mediterranean Subway Tile Shower

Beautiful Subway Tile Shower Design

Even though this bathroom uses the subway tile style, but the result looks different. It reminds us of the bathhouse in Turkey.

The random patterned marble tiles with one color tone create a nice appearance. We don’t need too grand furniture and bathroom fixtures in this bathroom. The tile design and placement itself create nice elegant looks.

3. The Brick Subway Tile Shower Area

Beautiful Subway Tile Shower Design

It depends on how you arrange the tile, you can create many different appearances. Like this one, you can see the subway tile style can create a nice old brick style.

And, you don’t need to place the tile on the other part of your bathroom. Just on the shower area wall and you can create the focal point of the room easily.

4. The Enclosure

Subway Tile Shower

The bathroom is the place where you can relax and escape from your daily stressful routine. This bathroom tile arrangement is perfect for that purpose.

With good lighting setting, you will feel like you are alone in this world when you use this bathroom. Great usage of tiles, which strengthen that effect.

5. The Tiles Area

Cool Subway Tile Shower Ideas

Usually, you use subway tile style to create different looks on each area in your bathroom. This one is the great example for that.

Using the tiles in the shower and bathtub area create a nice contrast. The fixtures and the shower area looks like from two different eras, the modern and classic era.

6. The Beehive

Subway Tile Shower Design

It’s actually easy to create a focal point among the tiles that you use. Just use tile with different shape or pattern. This beehive tile creates a nice accent for the tiled wall.

7. The One Side

Beautiful Subway Tile Shower Design

Just like wallpaper, you also can use the tiles to create the different looks on one part of your wall. This one creates the classic looks among the modern style design in this bathroom. It also becomes a nice background from several bathroom fixtures.

8. The Optical Illusion

Subway Tile Shower Ideas

The area where you put the shampoo, soap and other in this bathroom also uses similar tiles as the wall. This creates the nice illusion that makes that part looks wider. Moreover, the type of the tile also reminds you of the old subway station bathroom.

9. The Emerald Subway Tile

Cool Subway Tile Shower Ideas

The dark green tiles here create a cool and peaceful atmosphere. Maybe, you will forget everything and you can totally relax in this bathtub. The dim light also helps it to create the calming nuance.

10. The Line

Subway Tile Shower Ideas

The whole white tile wall in your bathroom will be boring after quite a while. So, to avoid that, create nice accent like using tile with different size, shape and color as the line that runs through the whole room like this is a good choice. It’s a simple method to create a nice decoration for the wall.

11. The Blur

Subway Tile Shower Ideas

Using two types of tiles, but with similar color, the combination creates a nice blurry appearance. However, we can see nice different between these two tiles. The smaller one has the old or classic appearance, which becomes the main view here.

12. The Small Subway Tile Bathroom Shower

Beautiful Subway Tile Shower Design

Tile also can create a nice wide space effect on your small bathroom. Take a look at the image. The line that the tiles create on the wall creates the perspective effect, which gives wider nuance. Moreover, the big mirror on the back also gives the more-space feeling.

13. The Elegant Jade

Cool Subway Tile Shower Ideas

This one uses green tiles in different ways. The green tiles create a nice different pattern and look between two areas in the bathroom.

But, the best of all, the natural lighting from the big windows on the back, add the natural and fresh atmosphere from the green tiles.

14. The Modern Subway Tile Shower

Subway Tile Shower Design

The small tiles create the spaceship-like looks. Moreover, this designs also so simple and minimal. Therefore, this tile is suitable for the modern style bathroom that can be seen from the shower design.

15. The White Subway Tile Shower

Subway Tile Shower Ideas

The bathroom is the place where you clean your body and mind. This white tile is perfect for that purpose. You can really spend your private time here. It’s so calm and gives you a nice feeling to deal with yourself.

16. The Nature

Subway Tile Shower Design

The rock pattern gives the shower area nice natural nuance. However, the designer seems to want to awaken more of the natural atmosphere in this shower area. Thus, the gray dirt tiles have been used. The result is perfect.

17. The Black and White Subway Tile Shower

Cool Subway Tile Shower Ideas

It’s a simple accent for the tiles wall. They only use the black and white tiles. Placing it right on your vision line creates a beautiful area you can enjoy while spending your time here.

Moreover, this accent also can become the guide to find the shower and other parts, if there is a light problem, such as power shortage.

Turn your bathroom into the beautiful and comfortable bathroom with one of those ideas. Maybe, you will need professional help to do the remodeling process. However, in the end, you will get the best bathroom you can use.

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