Overhead Garage Storage

TSP Home Decor – Your outdoor supplies may cause unwanted clutters and occupy a lot of space. If this is the case, you must get those things off the ground immediately. The overhead garage storage would be a great solution. It aims to maximize your tiny area as well as keeping yours organized.

1. Ceiling Hanging Shelves

Garage Design
Garage Design
Overhead Garage Storage

Stash your plastic bins on the ceiling-mounted shelves. It is super easy way to tackle all the garage mess. Plus, the number can be easily adjusted based on your personal need. You can get this popular overhead garage storage here.
• Suspend the open shelves from your ceiling.
• Display your bulky items on them.
• Paint the garage in neutral shade to spot the colorful bins faster.
• Add J-shaped hooks for hanging baby gears.

2. Accessible Box

Overhead Garage Storage

Make use of your vertical shape by building the long ceiling wooden box. This idea is really functional and affordable. It houses lighter loads such as party decorations and spare pieces.
• Do not store often-used stuffs in the box.
• Support your rustic storage with brackets.
• Connect the staircase with the box by installing pull-down wooden ladder.
• Coat the garage wall and ceiling in white paint for fresh change.

3. Up to The Ceiling

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

As the cyclist, you definitely think so hard on how to keep your bikes off the ground. Now, it is not big issue anymore.
Just hoist them until reach the garage ceiling. Furthermore, feature mounted rack for accomodating your camping tents and plastic bins.
• Check out the bike hoist meticulously. Some models are available with undersized ropes.
• Install it up to your ceiling so you do not waste any precious space.
• Employ the pulley system for a little elbow grease. It truly eases your effort lifting the bikes above your head.

4. Space-Saving Racks

Overhead Garage Storage

These two customizable racks turn your messy garage into neat area. As long as there are hardboard and metal strips, you are set. You can swap the hardboard for metal board or the plastic board as well. Choice is in your hands.
• It maximizes the narrow alley between your garage wall and the car.
• Use a sturdy surface to hold heavier items.
• Provide a space between the racks. That allows you to put the different tools separately.

5. Horizontal Cabinet

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Do you want to free up your garage floor? Give it a shot. Instead of building a few small cabinets, the homeowner opts for creating one big cabinet below the ceiling. It works as the shelter of your sporting goods, gardening tools and seasonal decor.
• Make the economical cabinet out of plywood. Do not forget to prepare the screws and cutting tools.
• While the brackets and metal strips function to support an airy display cabinet.

6. Floating Bed

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

The overhead garage storage options are nearly limitless. But this one is simple and quick project. We believe you can finish it in less than a week. And the result couldn’t be more stylish.
• Hang the tiny cargo net bed closely from to the ceiling using black pipes and fittings.
• It is the home for your lighter goods.

7. Rustic Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

If your garage is short on the space, you should consider the corner shelves. They eliminate all the clutters in no time. Make the shelves from board, ceiling hooks, and scrap plywood. What a low-cost option!
• Stow lightweight goods such as waxes, glues, and shoe polisheson them. They won’t get lost anymore.
• Build two-tier shelving units.
• Brighten up the garage area by choosing white space scheme.

8. Wire Camp

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Installing wire shelving above the head is incredibly smart idea. It is suitable for people on a budget too. Furthermore, your garage will transform from drab into fab quickly.
• The metallic wire shelving stands out against the plain white backdrop.
• It allows you to stash your painting appliances and holiday decorations.
• Adjust the number of wire shelving to fit your needs.

9. Overhead Garage Storage Pleasure

Overhead Garage Storage

If you think that stashing car and motorcycle tires in your garage is challenging, you are not alone. As the bulky and ginormous items, they obviously need a spacious area.
Luckily, there is helpful key to this problem. Go for wall-mounted rack!
• The basic materials are just wood planks, metal chains, and screws.
• You can store the other unique goods such as heavy and tool boxes.

10. Look Upwards

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

When it comes to the storing items in the garage, sling is not on the top list. In fact, it greatly helps to minimize the mess on your floor. That’s why recommend you to give the tuff sling a try.
• Suspend the tuff sling from garage ceiling.
• Stow your long sporting goods like surfboards, canoes, skies, and kayaks.
• Employ wooden ladder for better and easier access to the overhead sling.

11. The Reunion of Bikes

Overhead Garage Storage

Optimizing the limited space is not as tough as you might have imagined. With pulley system on the ceiling, you can lift the heavy bikes above your head easily. Let the physics work. Be ready as it is absolutely mind-blowing.
• Install the overhead lifting by yourself.
• Hang your heavy bikes with hooks and the pulleys.
• Choose all-white space scheme to exude a bright, airy, and open ambience.
• While the ceiling lightilluminates the space. You can store them without difficulties after the dark.

12. Overhead Garage Storage Happiness

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

You love doing the water sport. But you surely hate the mess caused by your stand up paddle boards. No big worries. Because sling ceiling rack is safe and secure to hold any water equipments such as wakeboard, long boards, and canoes.
• Hang the sling rack from ceiling or mount it on the wall.
• Build garage windows for sunny setting.

13. Valuable Attic Storage

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Your attic remains unused? Keep the things out of the way by installing under ceiling wooden rack. It is strong enough to store heavy boxes.
Then, organize shovels, brooms, and rakes on the compact wall tool holder. It is specifically crafted to handle long narrow equipments.
• The rack and holder offer you flexibility.
• They are easy and quick to install.
• To make the access easier, build the secret door or ladder.
• Wooden rack and tool holder exhibit the warm feeling. They fit the attic as well.

In short, you will reduce the mess by making the overhead garage storage ideas into reality. They convert your forgotten area to something you will be proud of. So, say goodbye to the jumbled garage!

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