Change Your State of Mind by Altering The Soothing Green Kitchen Cabinets Design

TSP Home Decor – Most people maybe think that kitchen cabinet is the place for keeping the kitchen utensils, tableware and such.

But, now, you are about to read the other usage of a kitchen cabinet. Here, we have 13 ideas on how to use green kitchen cabinet to change your entire kitchen appearance.

Feng shui kitchen colors video
Feng shui kitchen colors video

The green color has a calming effect. You must feel the same, when you spend your time in the park or forest, right? This kitchen cabinet will give you a similar effect.

And, it will become one of the best things you can get for a room in your house, especially if you like cooking. So, let’s start!

1. The Cute Avocado Cabinet

Green Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

One thing that came up in our mind when we saw this kitchen cabinet for the first time is avocado.

Yes, using the soft avocado green, the designer has successfully changed this boring kitchen into the bright and relaxing kitchen.

Using two different colors for the top and bottom cabinet, it creates a nice combination of green color.

The bottom has a darker and strong green color, which become the nice accent for the whole green area on the cabinet part. The backsplash tile also fit perfectly well with the green cabinet.

2. The Old Green

Green Kitchen Cabinets Design

Although we call it the old green, that’s where the greatness of this green cabinet can be found. The green color gives the cabinet a strong identity.

Moreover, the green color doesn’t cover the natural wooden pattern, which is a perfect match with the wooden floor.

The combination with black color (countertop and backsplash) also looks great in it.

You can feel protected by just spending your time in this kitchen. Nice place to spend your time with a delicious meal and a glass of wine.

3. The Palace

Soothing Green Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinet design itself is really amazing. It looks like the cabinet you can find on the palace kitchen.

Moreover, the rusty green that is used to cover its surface adds the elegance value of this kitchen cabinet. Now, the teacups are ready.

You can just spend your afternoon here with your beloved family or friend, and enjoy some the peaceful time with a cup of delicious tea.

4. The Modern Pantry

Green Kitchen Cabinets Design

The interior decoration for a round shape room is difficult to plan and design. However, this kitchen cabinet seems successfully tackle that challenge.

The cabinet looks great in unity with the room shape. Moreover, the green color matches perfectly with the purple wall that becomes this room focal point.

This kitchen creates a nice atmosphere where you can hang out and chat with your colleagues and friends.

5. The Bottom Green

Soothing Green Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinet design is really simple. You can find it in many modern style kitchens. However, adding the green color on the bottom cabinet create a nice view.

We can imagine that previously, the bottom cabinet has the same color as the top cabinet. And, that looks really boring.

The green color that has a calming and relaxing effect was chosen as the new surface for the bottom cabinet.

Then, the result is amazing. It looks more appealing as family kitchen or kitchen in the apartment where you live alone.

6. The Accent

Appealing Green Kitchen Cabinets

This idea will give you a nice way to add a beautiful accent to your kitchen. As you can see, this kitchen doesn’t have too many color tones.

Therefore, using one color, which is green that has high contrast against other colors, create great looks like what you can see in the image.

The kitchen cabinet also uses a glossy finish for creating the plastic looks. It feels like the retro style cabinet.

But, with the modern style kitchen like that, it merges into one nice combination and giving birth to new and unique cute style.

7. The Fresh Green Cabinet

Green Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

We can feel the natural style in this kitchen, with all kinds of decoration and material that they used in this kitchen. And, that’s why; the green cabinet looks perfectly fine in this natural style kitchen.

It merges really well with the style. The natural light also adds plus point on it.

We can imagine a great and relax time while enjoying the delicious breakfast in this kitchen. You will feel great and ready to start your day.

8. The Classic Green

Green Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

The faded green gives some soft spot for this modern style kitchen. That way anyone who uses this kitchen will feel soft as well.

The faded green with accent-rich cabinet also creates the retro feeling. Basically, this is a nice combination of modern style kitchens with the old-fashioned kitchen.

And, the result is quite satisfying from our point of view. We would love to cook and enjoy a meal here.

9. The Delicious Green

Soothing Green Kitchen Cabinets

We have to admit the green color on this kitchen cabinet looks delicious. It can increase the appetite, which makes the meal that you enjoy taste more delicious.

Moreover, the matte finish also gives it a modern atmosphere for this kitchen. We also like the handle on the cabinet that uses glossy chrome metal.

It matches the simplicity of the matte green on the kitchen cabinet. Plus, it gives a professional feeling as well.

10. The Green Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet

Green Kitchen Cabinets

The combination of farmhouse kitchen cabinet styles with green color creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere in this kitchen, like what you can find in the village.

Moreover, the big natural lighting source also creates the peaceful nuance and adds the beautiful part to the green color of the cabinet.

11. The Retro Green

Appealing Green Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinet looks like a retro cabinet. However, it doesn’t mean it ruin the appearance of the kitchen. In fact, the green color on it creates a nice retro atmosphere.

12. The Plant

Green Kitchen Cabinets Design

You can’t find that many green cabinets in this kitchen. However, because of that, its green color creates a unique effect, like a plant decoration for your kitchen.

13. Merge with Nature

Soothing Green Kitchen Cabinets

The green cabinet in the open style kitchen looks great. It merges really well with the trees that we can see at the outside of the kitchen.

Green creates a peaceful and relaxing feeling. So, if you can apply it in the right place, you also can create that feeling in that place. And, that’s what you can get from those 13 ideas of the green cabinet above. Try it now!

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