23 Best Home Gym Room Ideas For Healthy Lifestyle


TSP Home Decor – To keep your body healthy as well as form it to be sexier or more muscular, being a member of gym and fitness center is a good choice.

Unfortunately, not all people may be able to spare their time for this activity due to the hectic schedules.

Well, if you have more budgets, it is really necessary to make your own gym room. Despite it enables you to do the exercises as you want, this idea is actually more prudent later.

Then, in term of gym room designs, here are some ideas that may inspire you.

1. A Small and Simple Gym Room in the Garden


Exercising while enjoying the landscape outside must be really interesting. You can just realize this idea by sparing some meter squares of land from the garden, and then use it as the gym room.

2. A Gym Room with Green Trees Outside


If the backyard or front yard is large enough, it is better for sure. Put the gym room there and plant many big trees outside. How soothing it is.

3. Second Floor for Cooling Down


After the workout, it is recommended for cooling down and then relaxing for a while. Make sure to prepare a special room for the activities.

But if the space is limited, adding the second floor is not bad. Make sure to put chairs and install big windows there.

4. LED Lighting for the More Futuristic Look


Since exercising and workout may be done at night. It is so great to install some proper lighting. Well, LED lightings with stunning colored lights are great just like in the picture above.

5. A Larger Room for Many Gym Equipments


A different case is when you like to collect the gym equipments. It means you need to prepare a larger room to keep them all. Besides, the large room is also beneficial to load more people inside while still providing the fresh air.

6. A Gym Room with the Coarse Brick Wall


For you the lovers of natural and rustic styles, you may not need to finish the wall decorations too smoothly. The coarse brick wall is enough to make it look aesthetic. Besides, the budgets spent can be lessened as well.

7. Separations from Mirrors and Glasses


Here is a solution for a narrow big room. Just make it larger by putting a big mirror which is indeed needed for you while exercising. Besides, its separation to the other rooms can also be only in the form of a simple glass.

8. A Small Glass Room for Gym


This is still related to the previous idea. The glass is even not only as the separation. You can make a small gym room with the glass wall to make it more stylish without too many efforts.

9. An Opened Gym Room with A Scenic Landscape Outside


This idea is recommended to be applied in the cottage or villa. Yes, if you can do the workouts while enjoying the landscape outside, it is just an amazing experience.

10. Sport Outfits as the Decorations


Are you bored with such a gym room with no any decoration? Just try this one. Some of your sport outfits and stuff that are no longer used can just be hanged on the wall as the decorations. It is just unique and stunning.

11. A Small Home for Exercising Only


This one is basically still in the same concept with the gym room in the garden. The difference is that the room is completely separated from your home living. It is recommended if you want to enjoy your gym time in such a calming and quiet place.

12. A Gym Room and a Bar at Once


Do you want your gym room at home give the same vibes with the gym center outside? Add a bar next to the room. With such a unique design like in the picture, your gym activities can just be more interesting.

13. Wooden Floor to Add the Warmth


It needs a certain temperature to make the exercise results more effective. Well, you can increase the temperature not too extremely by installing certain stuff including the wooden floor.

14. Some Big Windows Around


Not all gym room indeed needs to be surrounded by the glass wall. The brick wall is still necessary but some big windows must be installed there to make sure that the air circulates well.

15. Gym Room Ideas with Contemporary Furniture


This is another solution for a gym room with a small and narrow space. Aside from adding a big mirror, the contemporary design is more recommended anyway. The minimalist look on this design tends to make the room look less stuffy.

16. Wooden Accents on the Wall


The soothing vibe is not only found from the placement of big windows and plants. Even the natural accents like from the wood and bamboo can just make your gym room more refreshing, yet elegant.

17. Ultra Modern Gym Room with Technology


In this digital era, doing any activities can just be much easier because of the technology. So, if you have more budgets, it is necessary to feature your gym room with devices like the big screen, time measurement, and others.

18. Houseplants Inside


For a narrow gym room, there is a solution aside from the big windows to make it more refreshing. What is it? It is some houseplants inside.

19. A Stylish Gym Room with a Big Rug


To make the room much more stylish, it is not bad to put some additional stuff and accessories. Well, a big rug and carpet is one of them.

20. Sofa and Chairs to Sweeten the Interior


A gym room should not only fulfilled by the equipments and devices. It is better to add some other furniture to make it look sweeter. Some sofa and chairs are necessary mainly if there is still more space.

21. Pastel Colors for the Vintage Look


Not all the gym rooms must look modern and futuristic. If you love the old styles, some vintage ideas can just be applied. It is including the pastel colors and some classic details on the walls and windows.

22. Coarse Wooden Floor for Natural Vibrant


Forget to varnish all things inside the room. In fact, the coarse stuff like the wooden tiles without varnish is still adorable. Not only is it for your living or dining room, the gym room can adapt this idea also.

23. It doesn’t need a special room actually


You may not think about a gym room in the beginning you build the house. So, if this idea comes suddenly when the house is already built up, just use a space in the home you think it is spacious enough. A comfortable gym room is then ready to use.

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