17 Ideas of Dark Wood Floors Design For Your Attractive House Area

17 Ideas of Dark Wood Floors Design For Your Attractive House Area 1

TSP Home Decor – There are some reasons why people are interested in dark wood floors for their home living. In term of aesthetic, it is clear enough that the dark wood floors indeed look stunning and elegant. It can even be really luxurious as well just like what the ceramics and marble usually have.

More than that, it also brings out the sense of natural and simple to your house interior. The price is also affordable enough as well as it is available in many shops in various sizes, colors, and patterns.

To apply this kind of floor, there are of course some considerations that need to take. Here are then some ideas of dark wood floors to make your house area more attractive.

1. Dark Wood Zigzag Plank Flooring

Dark Wood Floors Design

Applying the big square tiles may feel too common and conventional. It is so good then if you can find some other ideas to make the floor look stunning.

One of them is with the long tiles that are arranged to form the zigzag. It is so unique for sure.

2. Long Dark Wood Tiles for the Floor

Dark Wood Floors Ideas

To make your kitchen look more elegant but still natural, the wooden furniture is a good answer. To fit the idea, wooden tiles in darker colors are just stunning.

Just apply something different like the long tiles to avoid the interior looking too monotonous.

3. Dark Wood Flooring for an Elegant Living Room

Best Dark Wood Floors

It is so interesting that the dark wood flooring idea can match any type and style of home interior. It is no matter whether your living room adapts the contemporary or classic style.

When the wall and furniture are already in light colors, the wooden tiles in the darker vibe may make the atmosphere more balance.

4. Wooden Tiles for Vintage Bathroom

Dark Wood Floors Ideas

There are already vintage bathtub and vanity inside your bathroom. Then, windows with sunshade are also installed.

To make the nuance more relaxing and refreshing, having a kind of floor from wooden tiles just makes it perfect.

5. Dark Wood Floors for the Retro Look

Best Dark Wood Floors

Old is gold. This statement is indeed real. Well, if you prefer applying something retro in your home living, it doesn’t mean that the wooden floor cannot match it well.

It even deepens the retro look as long as it is applied well. Make sure to choose certain dark colors to fit the retro interior design that is commonly in pastel and neon colors.

6. Floor and Furniture in the Same Color and Idea

Cool Dark Wood Floors

When you want anything in your home look in line, you can just match the colors and ideas of the floor and the furniture. An example is in the picture above.

It is when the cabinets under vanities and the floor are designed in the same idea. It is just simply good.

7. Wooden Tiles for Contemporary Interior

Cool Dark Wood Floors

The modern or contemporary interior is signed by the minimalism. So, make sure that the decoration alongside the furniture should show this idea.

Meanwhile, a kind of wooden tiles with natural pattern is a good idea adds the minimalist sense inside the home living.

8. Dark Wood Floors for More Relaxing Atmosphere

Dark Wood Floors Ideas

Due to its natural vibe, the atmosphere simply looks more relaxing and refreshing with only the dark wood floors.

Just imagine after the hectic schedule, you can feel more relaxed and refreshed when going back home. Your stress may simply fade away.

9. Wooden Tiles on the Floor and Wall Decoration

Cool Dark Wood Floors

Interestingly, the wooden tiles are not only to be applied to the floor. If you want to strengthen the natural atmosphere more, it is also good as the wall decoration.

When anything there is already on the dark wood idea, sweeten the home interior with furniture in lighter colors like white or beige.

10. Dark Wood Idea for the Classic and Luxurious Look

Best Dark Wood Floors

Classic interior design is shown by the implementation of more details and bold colors. Undeniably, wooden tiles indeed look simpler than other materials like marble.

But of course, you can still use it in your classic interior without making it look less luxurious.

11. Victorian Interior design with Dark Wood Floors

Dark Wood Floors Ideas

After talking about classic design in general, let’s move to the more specific one. It is the classic Victorian.

It is so good since the dark wood floors application in this interior design can even make it look more glamorous and elegant. It even warms the interior atmosphere also.

12. Dark Wood Floors in the Bedroom

Dark Wood Floors Design

A bedroom must always be the most comfortable place in the world. To make it feel more comfortable, the dark wood floors is undoubtedly an amazing idea.

It tends to make the bedroom feel warmer but not stuffy. Match it with your favorite furniture.

13. Wood Application in the Modern Kitchen

Charming Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood is not something new for kitchen furniture and also the dining table. To add the elegant vibe to the kitchen with wooden furniture, the dark wood floors is worth to apply.

Make sure that the colors of both parts are the same or at least complete each other.

14. Minimalism in the Bathroom with the Wooden Tiles

Charming Dark Wood Floors

Today’s wooden tiles are designed and layered well to make it possible to be applied in the wet areas like the bathroom.

Well, for the minimalist and contemporary bathroom, wooden tiles are also always necessary.

Match it with the minimalist furniture and maybe a big window to enable you to see anything outside.

15. Black and White Interior with Wooden Tiles

Cool Dark Wood Floors

Black and white is two neutral colors and also contrasting each other. They are so good to put together and create such a unique design.

To make this idea look more vibrant, just add the dark wood floors with rustic brown color.

It makes the interior less monotonous without lessening the main concept; black and white.

16. Dark Wood Floors for the Bright-Colored Interior

Best Dark Wood Floors

The same idea is also good to prevail in the interior with bright colors application. The bright colors here refer to red, orange, and even yellow.

Since those colors seem too striking, be sure to balance and cool it down using the more neutral color like the rustic brown on the floor.

17. Wooden and Marble Tiles Put Together

Best Dark Wood Floors

When you have applied the wooden tiles on the floor, it means that the marble or ceramics should be used on other areas like on the wall.

Mainly for the bathroom, use the marble tiles on the shower stall area. In general, both create the atmosphere of luxury inside.

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