21 Fascinating Closet Door Ideas Suggestions For Modern Home Design


TSP Home Decor – Finding contemporary furniture including the closet door is not a difficult thing nowadays.

Despite the modern or contemporary design is indeed really popular, its simplicity tends to make it easy to create.

Interestingly, it is possible also for you to design the modern closet ideas by yourself.

If you need inspirations, some ideas below may help you.

1. All-White Closet Ideas with Folding Door


When you have a quite large space for the wardrobe, it means that the door needed to cover this furniture should be wide also.

Therefore, the folding door is a really good idea just like the all-white closet in the picture above.

2. Hanging Sliding Door on a Cottage-Style Closet

Bedroom closet door with un-used things via hgtv.com

For modern-vintage bedroom just like in the cottage, this kind of door is really appropriate.

It is a sort of sliding door with visible iron pieces as the hanger. For the color, the soft and pastel ones like milky blue or green are necessary.

3. Minimalist Sliding Door with Mirror Accent

Sliding idea in closet door via teambasementsystems.com

If the cottage style may let the hanger visible, this one is not. To deepen the minimalism, the components like sliders and others should be hidden.

Then, you don’t need to have too many accents on the door except the glass to deepen the modern look.

4. Modern Closet Door with Mirror Pieces

Cool bedroom closet door idea via decoist.com

Do you want a kind of closet door for mirroring but it is just different from the others? This idea is inspiring. The door is layered with some pieces of long glass that form the accents as well.

5. Modern Asian Closet Door with Wooden Frame

Cool closet door ideas via pinterest.com

The modern version of Asian furniture is dominated by the wood application that still maintains its fiber accent.

You can just apply it on your bedroom. When the other furniture has the same concept as well, the entire bedroom can just feel more relaxing.

6. Triple Mirror Doors in Simple Design


Still about the wood application as the frame, the door is then layered by the mirror.

To make it look less monotonous, the three same doors are put together on a wide closet.

7. Japanese Sliding Door Idea with Mirrors

Japanase style door ideas via thraam.com

In number 5, the nuance of modern Asian is more accentuated. While this one, although the design is minimalist, the traditional look of Japan is still the main focus.

It is seen from the application of the dark wood as well as the separation of each door into some squares.

8. Minimalist Closet’s Sliding Door for a Girl Bedroom

Girl bedroom design via czmcam.org

You don’t always need to apply anything in pink or other pastel colors in a girl’s bedroom.

Sometimes, it is possible to add something simple and minimalist like the closet’s sliding door in the picture above.

9. Simple Natural Accent on the Glass Sliding Door


Minimalism on contemporary furniture doesn’t always mean the plainness.

A simple set of glass door with accents like in the form of floral or vine can just make the furniture look more elegant and beautiful.

10. Just use your curtain

Closet door with curtains via ideabash.com

You don’t always need a solid door to protect your closet or wardrobe.

Using only curtain is enough as long as it fits the furniture’s design. Indeed, you must clean this area more diligently anyway.

11. Vintage Wooden Closet with Multiple Glass Doors


There is a kind of closet with so many parts and drawer inside. Then, all of them are put into one with the main doors as the outer part.

Since this design looks a little bit vintage, you can add the modern nuance by installing the mirrors on the doors.

12. The Application of Blurred Glass as the Door

Glass sliding door via beeyoutifullife.com

Not all the glasses for the closet door are clearly transparent.

Mainly if you want to protect the stuff inside from the sight from the outside, blurred glass can be really stunning as well.

13. Contemporary Closet with Wooden Sliding Doors


The wood application can look both traditional and modern depending on how it is shaped and arranged.

The coarse wooden door can look modern as well when it doesn’t have too many details.

Then, to make it less monotonous, combine it with other colors like the white in the middle.

14. Bamboo Accent on the Door


Let’s go back to the Asian style. If you want to attach something traditional and natural on your closet’s door, this idea is just cool.

Like on the picture above, the thin bamboo pieces are arranged very tightly as the door’s accent.

15. Coarse Wood for Modern-Rustic Closet


Almost similar to the traditional bamboo accent, the vibe of rustic can be presented in your bedroom by implementing those pieces of coarse wood as the closet’s door.

16. Curvy Accents on the Modern-Vintage Bedroom’s Closet

Mirrored door design via pinterest.com

Do you want your bedroom not entirely modern but it still has such a vintage touch?

The curvy accents are stunning to be used on the closet’s door with mirror.

17. Geometric Accents for More Minimalist Look

Flipboard idea style via ibexstudios.com

The closet door in the picture above is a good example of modern and minimalist furniture.

Without too many complicated details, the geometry just works well to make the door look more artistic.

Then, the neutral colors make it really cool as well.

18. Ultra Modern Bedroom Closet with Metal and Glass Door


Not really different from some other ideas mentioned before, this refrigerator-look closet door seems nicer due to the reflection of bedroom decorations on the mirror.

For an ultra modern bedroom, this one is just really appropriate.

19. Blurred-Glass Door of Closet for a Small Bedroom

Simple closet door ideas design via home-designing.com

There is a rule that a small bedroom should not have any furniture with too many details and accents.

The minimalist closet is then recommended and the blurred-glass door makes it look perfect.

20. Folding Door for a Large Closet


Many large closets are matched with the sliding door. If you want something a little bit different, the folding door is a good choice.

Interestingly, it can look attractive when the closet is opened just like in the picture above.

21. Multi-Material Folding Door for a Unique Closet


It is not only about wood or glass. How is about applying all them together in multiple colors.

Then, when the doors themselves are folded, it is really unique and attractive to see.

Above all, make sure that the door applied is still able to make the closet and all the stuff inside really safe. So, do you have your own idea regarding the closet door?

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