15 Slate Countertops Design Ideas For Generate More Valuable Cooking Time

TSP Home Decor – As a cooking lover, you must manage your kitchen well.

One of the things to do is choosing the best slate countertops design.

The 10 Best Kitchen Countertops
The 10 Best Kitchen Countertops

Here, we have several slate countertops design ideas to apply.

By choosing one of them, hopefully, that you can cook your favorite meals effectively.

Black Granite Slate Countertop

Slate Countertops

If you don’t want to use too many textures, you can just apply the black granite countertop.

This countertop is suitable with a white kitchen cabinet and aluminum kitchen utensils.

The best part is it is served you with texture but not as much as what you see in the ceramic countertop.

Black granite countertop helps to keep your cooking area neat and tidy.

For additional texture, you can add mosaic tiles for the wall.

Black Laminate Slate Countertop

Stunning Slate Countertops Pics

This type of countertop is a perfect option for those who need plain kitchen furniture.

You will not see strong texture just like the granite or ceramic countertops.

For the best alternative, you can combine the laminate countertop with wooden kitchen cabinets and an undermount kitchen sink.

This combination works well to create a super clean kitchen before you cooking there.

The most important thing, you can focus on the cooking process without too dizzy with the texture around the kitchen.

Butcher Block Slate Countertop

Slate Countertops

Some people need a warm kitchen to produce delicious foods.

To give a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, just apply butcher block countertop.

Pick a soft color such as brown and mix it with white or wooden kitchen furniture.

This countertop has a soft texture and it makes your kitchen much warmer and cozy to cook your favorite meals.

The countertop looks neat and also easy to clean after cooking.

Granite Slate Countertop with Natural Cutting

Slate Countertops Design

Sometimes, you need a natural countertop. Instead of using a normal cutting, you can let the countertop asymmetric.

It seems that you are applying the granite stone in the kitchen.

Just mix this unique granite countertop with wooden wall and you will get a natural and refreshing kitchen.

This type of kitchen will boost your mood before cooking.

To make it more natural, you can use an undermount kitchen sink. Everything looks unite here.

Black Ceramic Countertop

Fascinating Slate Countertops Ideas

Do you love to apply a black and white countertop? If it is so, try to apply ceramic countertop.

This countertop is offered with several designs including black and white.

Just like what you see on the image, it seems that you have a black countertop along with white abstract scratches.

It makes your kitchen looks simple, fresh, and artistic at the same time.

To make it perfect, you may combine the countertop with aluminum kitchen utensils.

Black and White Countertop

Fascinating Slate Countertops Ideas

If you want to have a real black and white countertop, just use pure black ceramic countertop.

This type of countertop gives you a soft texture. Then, you can apply some white kitchen cabinets.

That’s it! Now, you have a clean and eye-catching black and white kitchen at home.

For more variations, you may give a little bit more colors such as yellow and light blue.

This style is a great option for those who want to use aluminum kitchen utensils.

Soapstone Countertop

Fascinating Slate Countertops Ideas

How about if you want to have an outdoor kitchen. The best option will be the soapstone countertop.

To make it simple, use the black one and combine with some white kitchen utensils and cabinets.

The solid material also acts like a separator between the kitchen and the surrounding.

The soapstone is also a durable material and it can be used for any kind of weather.

Laminate and Ceramic Countertops

Fascinating Slate Countertops Ideas

For those who love to mix and match materials including for your kitchen, you may mix laminate and ceramic.

You will have an interesting to see countertop with the application.

Let say, use a black laminate countertop to make the kitchen looks clean.

Then, give the touch of ceramic on the wall to give more texture.

This combination is a good option if you want to have a modern kitchen at home.

Solid Surface Countertop

Slate Countertops

Creating a black and white kitchen design is as difficult as you can imagine.

You just need to apply a black solid surface countertop.

Then, choose white for the wall and some of the kitchen utensils including the cabinets, plates, glass, and many more.

Adding some aluminum kitchen materials will be perfect for a black and white kitchen with a solid surface countertop.

If you think the kitchen is too darker, you may give a hanging lamp or build the kitchen close to the window.

Colorful Kitchen with Solid Surface Countertop

Stunning Slate Countertops Pics

It is okay to have a colorful kitchen as long as you know how to manage the colors.

The image is a good example of a colorful kitchen.

Here, you can apply a black solid surface countertop.

Then, use a wooden cabinet because it has a natural color.

Balance the color with green and yellow for the wall.

You can also decide to use some of the colorful kitchen utensils.

Indeed, you will have a fantastic colorful kitchen at home.

Quartz Countertop

Slate Countertops Design

The best part of using a textured countertop is on its balancing.

The quartz countertop is the best example of a product with a strong texture.

Because you are using a countertop with strong texture, you may combine it with something plain or the material with similar characteristic.

Wooden cabinet and glass materials are two possible items you can use to have a warm and cozy kitchen for cooking.

Create a Large Kitchen with Laminate Countertop

Stunning Slate Countertops Pics

If you want to have a large kitchen, you may apply a black laminate countertop.

The black color shows something strong and it separates each of the areas clearly.

This type of option is also suitable for those who want to create a modern or black and white kitchen design.

This design shows that creating a wonderful kitchen with laminate countertop is easy to do.

Create an Eye-Catching Kitchen with Granite Countertop

Cool Slate Countertops

The strength of a granite countertop is the various textures.

That’s why if you want to create a unique kitchen, you may apply a granite countertop.

Just choose a granite which has a unique texture to support your kitchen theme.

The image here shows to you that the black granite countertop has abstract gold texture and it makes your kitchen looks unique.

Create Undermount Sink with a Laminate Countertop

Fascinating Slate Countertops Ideas

A laminate countertop is a perfect option, especially if you want to create a solid kitchen.

You can also mix this material with an undermount sink.

A black laminate countertop will be fantastic with wooden cabinet and stone tiles.

Indeed, it makes your kitchen warm and fresh enough. You will have a new spirit to cook more delicious foods there.

Create Super Clean Kitchen with a Granite Countertop

Slate Countertops Design

You may start by applying a granite countertop which has small texture.

This texture will make the countertop looks shiny.

The shiny countertop gives clean effect to the kitchen.

Then, combine it with wooden kitchen cabinets to balance the dark color with the lighter color.

You can also give the touch of white and aluminum or stainless steel color to make the kitchen more interesting to see.

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