11 Paint Staircase Ideas Design to Embellish Your Sweet Home

TSP Home Decor – Technically, the staircase is functioned to connect a floor with another floor above it in the home decor and the interior.

This way, someone can just simply go up and down without any difficulties.

Nowadays, the function of the staircase is indeed more than that.

It should also be a beautiful decoration so that your home living can just look more artistic.

Not only is it about the design, the paint and the color idea of the staircase must also be considered as well.

If you have a plan to embellish your sweet home with a kind of staircase in the near future, some ideas below may inspire you.

Minimalist Staircase with Green Stairs and Metallic Handle

Paint Staircase Design

This idea is quite simply in which you only need to apply a basic staircase with minimalist design.

What to accentuate more here is regarding the color.

Choose one color you like the most, it should not be too striking.

Green or blue is a good idea here since it is really calming but also not monotonous.

For the handle, you can keep its original color.

When the handle is made from certain metals, its silver or other metallic colors can just match well.

This kind of staircases is necessary for the modern and minimalist home with the domination of neutral colors like white or grey.

Wooden Staircase in Brown and White for a Classic Home Living

Paint Staircase Design

Although modern and contemporary houses are likely hype nowadays, it doesn’t mean that the classic architecture is something that is out of date.

In fact, it still has so many enthusiasts.

If you are one of those classic home lovers, this staircase idea can just be applied.

It is about the application of wooden staircases for both the stairs and the handle.

Paint them in brown and white; so simple but classic and elegant.

Iron-Look Staircase with a Classic Look

Paint Staircase Ideas

The use of iron is not quite recommended for home decorations and appliances since it can be simply corroded.

However, it doesn’t mean that the “look of iron” is not allowed at all.

One of the ideas can be seen in the staircase above.

That classic staircase is made from stainless steel for sure.

However, it is painted in a darker color to make it look like the iron.

Some details are applied there to deepen the classic look.

Wooden Staircase to Fit the Wooden Home Furniture

Paint Staircase Design

Let’s say that all or most of your home furniture are made from the wood in the same color and idea.

It seems complete if the staircase may have the same idea also.

Although you may need to spend more budgets here, the application of wood in the entire staircase simply makes your home interior look artistic.

You can keep its original color by not painting it. Maybe, you only need to varnish it.

Contemporary Staircase in Black and White

Paint Staircase Ideas

The example of a staircase in the picture above is not exactly black and white actually.

Yes, the stairs are black but the handle and the pole is silver or metallic light grey.

But slightly, this idea is indeed black and white.

Since the staircase is really minimalist, the entire home living or at least the room should be in the same design as well.

If all of them are also in black and white, the interior is just stunning.

Blue Stairs for a Vintage House

Paint Staircase Ideas

Vintage architecture and interior decorations are still demanded by people nowadays.

Undeniably, this idea may give the nostalgic vibe.

If you want your vintage house look more beautiful, this idea can just be applied to your stairs.

The domination of white is indeed good to deepen the sense of vintage.

But to avoid it looking too monotonous, applying a certain bright color on the stairs is recommended.

Just like in the picture above, the stairs are in blue.

Sweeten the decoration with some vintage painting and portraits.

Wooden Staircase Idea to Calm down the Colorful Interior Decoration

Paint Staircase Ideas

Let’s assume that your interior decoration has been full of color.

There are some bright paints on the wall and the likes.

So, how can you calm it down so that the interior doesn’t look too striking?

You can apply something natural to the floor and the staircase.

A kind of simple wooden staircase is really necessary, mainly if you also keep its natural color and fiber.

Pump Your Adrenaline with the Glass Staircase

Paint Staircase Ideas

Have you ever thought of applying the glass or something transparent to your staircase?

If other people may never think about such a thing, you can be the first.

The glass chosen must be those that are strong and thick for sure.

Although it may look a little bit creepy, the application of the right glass may is actually a better idea than using any other materials.

Some kinds of glasses are proven to be stronger and safer than woods and even bricks.

Minimalist White Staircase with a Single-Line Handle

Paint Staircase Ideas

Do you want something unique for your modern home living? This one is a good answer.

The staircase is only in the form of some thin boards put together.

Then, a curvy line from metal is added as the handle.

Although it looks not really safe, you should not worry.

All the materials are number one to make sure that you can go up and down safely.

The LED Lighting Installment below the Stairs

Paint Staircase Ideas

In case the stairs are already installed and then you are not really satisfied with the design, there is a good idea to make it look stunning.

First of all, you may paint it well to make it look newer.

But you can also use this unique idea; install the lighting below the staircase.

Even if the staircase is very simple, the lighting improves it well and makes the interior decoration look more luxurious.

Vintage Staircase with Letter Printing

Paint Staircase Design

Your modest home living can look astonishing as long as you know how to decorate it well.

Applying something on the staircase is one of the ideas.

Despite painting with some colors like orange, beige, and black, what makes the stairs above look unique is regarding the letter printing.

You can also apply this idea, like by printing your own name on it.

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