10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space

TSP Home Decor – Some homeowners love circular bed due to its unusual shape. Not only that, it also gives them a maximum comfort. In terms of the lavishness, it is second to nothing. If you are also into this oddly-shaped furniture, let’s look at the modern and classic round beds below.

1. Sleep Like Royals

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 1

You and your partner have ever dreamed about being a queen and king. So, why don’t turn it into reality? Everything is made possible with the tufted ottoman circle bed and backrest. Before starting the day, you even can sit on the glamorous bench.
• Patterned bed sheet and plaid throw pillows are striking additions.
• The two-tone bed canopy creates the exclusive style.
• Marble bedside tables blend perfectly with the bed and bench.
• Black floor and walls work as the cool backdrop.

2. Bring Back Old Nostalgia

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 2

This is a bedchamber you must be proud of. From the ceiling to the floor, everything has tastefully vintage charm. Once you lie on this mesmerizing bed, you will hardly get out of it. Without doubt, this sleeping zone also possesses a sense of serenity and luxury.
• The wall decal and area rug lend the room timeless beauty.
• A French-country ceiling light produces the romantic vibes because of its soft glow.
• Shiny brown satin bed sheet and pillows fill the space with plush air.
• The neutral color scheme leads to the relaxing ambience.

3. Elegant Dreamscape

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 3

We know that black and white is a classic combo but this formula applies to the white and grey as well. Like the picture above, these two hues soothe the whole space.
• The rounded backrest exhibits the ergonomic and high-class design.
• Oversized window allows you to get picturesque nature view and more sunlight.
• Leafless artificial tree on the table and hanging artworks transform your bedroom into artsy space.
• The wool blanket and area rug offer you optimum coziness.

4. Rule Your Own Kingdom

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 4

Who says you can’t be a prince in the real life? All you need is a classic Italian-style bed. You might wish it was yours. The royal baudelaire infuses the space with sumptuous air. Well, it is time to bring this one in your bedchamber.
• The duck-egg-green circular bed is super awe-inspiring.
• The golden trims on the walls attract the attention.
• Polished wooden floor generates the warm and intimate feeling.
• The indoor plant and fresh flowers add some vivid life to the room.

5. Full of Gold

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 5

If you want something fancy, this idea is the way to go. Unarguably, it exhibits the European magnificence in no time. It also proves that circle bed is truly synonymous with opulence.
• The blue wallpaper displays the ornate details.
• The purple seat cushion, throw pillow, and blanket give so much regal flavor.
• The bed canopy oozes the luxury.
• The decorative headboard, wall ornament, sofa, and bed frame look glitzy.
• Large area rug pampers the feet.

6. Underglow Lighting

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 6

People generally assume round bed will take up a lot of space. It is indeed wrong. With the right design and furniture, this bedchamber is supremely fantastic. And the LED lighting underneath gives it the stylishness like nothing else.
• All-white space scheme makes the room feel spacious, bright, and airy.
• Brown bed sheet fits nicely with the plaid blanket and pristine white bed.
• Corrugated wall introduces textural element throughout the entire area.
• A couple of artworks on the wall are visually appealing.
• The backrest and rectangular pillow boost ultra-modern sense.

7. Lovely and Minimalist

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 7

When you pair white with black, you can’t go wrong. As you can see, this monochromatic circular bed seems so chic. Uniquely, the backrest lets it double as the couch. We are sure it tugs at the heart of urban dwellers.
• The black round bed and mattress blend seamlessly into the dark wall.
• White ceramic floor exudes the clean and uncluttered setting.
• The ceiling light allows the bed and throw pillows take the center stage.
• White bedside table with the hairpin legs is head-turner piece.
• The embellishments invite the artistic vibe into the space.

8. Courageous Soul

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 8

White and red is the dynamic duo. These invigorating and soothing shades will tuck your bedchamber into unique personal retreat. They also make yours like never before. Furthermore, the circular bed enhances the attractiveness of your sleeping zone.
• Red throw pillows bed frame and backrest pop against the white upholstered bed.
• A free-standing floor lamp depicts the fashionable flavor.
• The leaning mirror on the floor complements the whole space.
• The Moroccan area rug adds rich patterns and colors to the room.
• Monochromatic butterfly artworks work as the showstoppers.
• The white ceiling, floor, and walls inject the bedroom with open and airy atmosphere.

9. The Touch of Silver

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 9

The key to outstanding bedroom is incorporating silver tone and leather round bed into your abode. We guarantee you have nothing against that. This twist will always blow your mind away. Be surprised as your bedroom also exude the elegance too.
• The silvery backrest, blanket, and pillows give your space luxury statement.
• Sheer curtain, area rug, and bedside table cover create the cozy and inviting nuance. They also produce feminine feel.
• Orange armchair is so stunning here.
• While the white blooming flowers in the giant vase liven up the space.

10. Feng Shui Believer

10 Exquisite Modern and Classic Round Beds for Your Sleep Space 10

You find this bedroom super ravishing, don’t you? Because we feel the same. This raised circle bed is like the real implementation of Feng Shui principles. It ensures your sleeping zone has a better air flow. Moreover, the media system is also integrated into the backrest. What a true sophistication!
• Black porcelain floor tiles add a dramatic depth to the bedchamber.
• Blue and white patterned wall provides the room sophisticated look.
• The blue ceramic ornaments, hanging light cubes, and throw pillows symbolize the water element.
• Light brown table and bed frame reflect the earth element. They aim to nourish your space.

With those examples, it is not surprising that both modern and classic round beds are increasingly popular. So now you have the same chance to take the advantages by incorporating them into your abode. Are you ready for an extravagant home update?

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