Back to Vintage with Attractive Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

TSP Home Decor – Modern and contemporary interior design is indeed booming recently. Yes, it simply represents the so-called minimalism in which older designs may not have. However, it doesn’t mean that the previous styles like vintage are simply extinct.

In fact, there are still many people out there that present the vintage and even classic designs in their home. Interestingly, some of the vintage ideas from the mid century can be combined well with the modern designs. The results are also satisfying enough.

So, are you also interested in blending and combining those old and new interior designs particularly in the living room? Here are some examples you may follow.

The Eclectic Touch in the Modern Vintage Living Room

Adding the eclectic accent that is colorful can just make the living room look livelier. Moreover, the modern design itself is commonly quite plain while the vintage tends to accentuate the pale vibe.

Well, some bright color applications are necessary. The furniture and wall paints are the best choice for adding the eclectic touch.

The wooden decoration is never end

Since many centuries ago until now, woods always play many important roles to beautify the home interior. Aside from being used as the furniture, the basic home decoration can also apply this kind of materials.

If you are bored with such brick walls, the woods are a good alternative whether they are only as the accents or the main materials.

Just combine the dark wood idea with some other light colors like white. This way, the atmosphere tends to look more balance and not monotonous.

Retro Furniture in the Minimalist Interior Design

When the interior design is already in the modern and minimalist look, it doesn’t mean you cannot make it more vintage. Just play with the furniture and accessories. Add some kinds of retro furniture. Well, even grandpa’s furniture can just be utilized here.

Then, apply the pale and yellowish pallet on the wall and maybe some other stuff including the rugs. Simply, your living room can just be more vintage.

Vintage Look on the Modern Furniture

It is not only said once that modern home decoration as well as the furniture is signed by the design that tends to be compact and minimalist. Even the details like carving are no longer found there.

But for some reasons, your modern furniture can look vintage and even classic. One of the factors is regarding the color idea.

So, if in case you find it difficult to find any vintage furniture while you really want it, just buy a set of modern furniture in colors like pastel, beige, maroon, and the likes.

Classic Accessories and Floral Cushions

Details like curves and floral patterns are anything to make your home interior look more vintage. So, make sure to apply them there even they are only for the accessories.

Just like in the picture above, you can see the floral applications on the cushion clothes. Meanwhile, some classic looks are seen on the accessories like table lamps.

Vintage Fireplace in Front of the Furniture

It doesn’t mean that modern interior doesn’t require the application of fireplace. In fact, the fireplace must still be there but it is designed in more minimalist way.

In other words, if you want to deepen the vintage vibe in your living room, a kind of classic fireplace can still be there. Although the ways to make the fire are modern, it should be disguised by the vintage design.

Furniture with Soft Colorful Pallet and the Wooden Floor

Despite the details and patterns on the home decor fabrics, soft colorful pallets simply represent the vibrant of vintage more. It is even really good to combine more than one color and idea at once.

Then, to warm up the atmosphere of home interior, apply the wooden floor in natural colors like brown or dark beige. This is so vintage for sure.

Ethnic Home Decorations and Accessories

The details necessary for modern vintage home living can also be found from some ethnic accessories. Just like in the picture above, there are cushions and carpets with some certain vintage colors and patterns.

Add some green houseplants to refresh the atmosphere. Aside from that, the white wall paint is still stunning to balance the interior. Therefore, the living room will not look too cramped due to the multi-colors application.

Pastel Colors Anywhere

Forget the minimalism where the neutral and even white colors are being the main idea. In modern vintage home design, it is okay to be minimalist on some parts but not for the others.

So, if you have applied such minimalist furniture and accessories in the living room, be sure to add something for the vintage vibe.

Well, pastel colors are a really good idea for this. No need to apply one particular color, even combining some of them easily makes the living room look livelier.

Classic Sofa in Dark Colors

As it has been mentioned before, classic furniture is signed by the applications of details like curves and engraving. Then, the fabric may have such particular patterns as well.

But it is not good if anything in the living room has the patterns. Make sure that some parts must be plain as well to avoid the too-much look. For this problem, it seems that a set of plain sofa in dark colors is suitable.

Leather Furniture for More Luxurious Nuance

This is probably only about prestige. Indeed, leather furniture tends to be more expensive in term of price. Meanwhile, the material is also commonly more durable and not easily damaged and scratched.

But there is one more thing about the leather furniture. It may make your living room look more luxurious. Just make sure to choose one that has such a vintage design.

It is not difficult for sure to realize the vintage style popular in the mid century in this modern digital era. You may only need to put more efforts.

Undeniably, the vintage furniture, accessories, and other stuff are starting to be rare to find in the market.

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