Enjoy Your Bath Time With These Beautiful Design of Bathroom Mirror Ideas


TSP HOME DECOR – The bathroom comes in various sizes and shapes, which sometimes could lead you to something interesting and fun.

But you might also see how frustrating it is to make a bathroom décor.

The mirror is just one of many items that you should have in your bathroom beside the other fixtures that will make the bathroom feels complete.

This is why we are going to tell you about the design of various mirrors through this article.

Check this out.

Bathroom Mirror in Front of the Window

Minimalist framed bathroom mirror via irastar.org

Mirror in the bathroom becomes a necessity both in the morning before you go to work and at night before you go to bed.

Locating the bathroom mirror right in front of the window allows you to utilize the wall space for something else like another storage room or leave it plain or hang some artwork on the wall.

This type of mirror works best with any style.

This might help you to clear up the wall space in the bathroom.

It also promotes the ideal layout for the room.

On the other hand, your window gets some dress up from the presence of the mirror.

However, finding the hardware that provides mirror-mounting things is not easy though.

The size would be limited to the size of the window after all.

Pivoting Style of Bathroom Mirror

Victorian design in bathroom area via doubzer.org

When you try your outfit in the bathroom, some of you might be experiencing to take a step backward to see how well the outfit wraps your body.

If space is pretty tight, this thing might not be doable for sure.

But you can do it if you have a pivoting mirror in the bathroom.

This will be a nice fixture for the kid’s bathroom since the pivoting can be adjusted later.

Another benefit of this type of mirror is that the depth provided by the hardware can be counted as a decorative element as well as the backsplash.

Other than that, you can install backsplash to add more visual elements in the bathroom as long as the mirror is installed away from the wall.

This mirror works really well with transitional and traditional styles.

However, some models are expensive.

Some hardware pieces may also not be compatible to support the mirror’s weight, which could lead to dangerous yet costly damage to your mirror.

Classis Bathroom with Framed Mirror

Big bathroom mirror design via lefreddys.com

Brown and off-white in this bathroom create a start contrast.

The mirror is not too wide, considering the available space is not much as well.

However, the white frame serves as the central main point in the room along with its understated and neutral decoration.

The cabinet for the sink shows how classic and warm this bathroom is.

It creates a balanced bathroom after all.

Contemporary Bathroom with LED-Lit Mirror

LED lighting for bathroom mirror via homedit.com

This wide vanity uses one large mirror and it is surrounded and framed by the LED lighting.

The mirror stays on the backsplash made of stone material.

The design works with several features such as the black stone backsplash, clean and neat vanity in white color, and the mosaic tiles for the floor.

Installing a large mirror in the bathroom could create a cold and uninvited atmosphere.

The presence of the LED light helps a lot, which also create a warmer atmosphere in the room.

Suspended Bathroom Mirror

White themed bathroom ideas via newbathroomstyle.com

This type of mirror refers to a mirror style when there is no wall for the mirror.

It looks like a cable system that will be a great addition when you want to install a mirror but you also want to save space at the same time.

Besides, it looks perfect for a minimalist bathroom.

A suspended mirror is the solution for a small yet oddly shaped bathroom.

It makes you have no option even to put a vanity against the wall.

So, if you live in an apartment or condo that was initially an old building then you really need to apply this concept.

The suspended mirror works really well with eclectic, contemporary, minimalist, and industrial styles.

If you place the mirror in the right position, you will know how the illusion of privacy works.

You can even work with the back-to-back configuration for the plumbing in order to optimize the size of your vanity.

However, this work needs professionals to do it since you have to make sure the mounting hardware and mirror are secure.

On the other hand, the custom-size mirror requires a pricey budget.

False floor plan could make the room feels more cramped especially in a smaller bathroom.

Multiple Bathroom Mirrors

Beauty doble bathroom vanity via beeyoutifullife.com

Installing more than one mirror in the bathroom could be a great idea to décor a plain yet ordinary bathroom.

Other than that, it is also the place to show off your taste of antique mirrors.

Surely, a mirror could give a big impact to a room even though you do not install faucets and permanent tiles.

If you want to install multiple mirrors in the bathroom, you may need to consider the resale matter.

Also, fancy tiles might not work well if you already have many mirrors on one side of the wall.

This style might work best when it is combined with farmhouse and eclectic style.

It is also a fun yet interesting way to décor your bathroom with antique or artistic mirrors.

DIY doers would lover this project.

However, it is not a practical way if you want to get the full view.

Depends on the mirror’s style, it could get hard to clean them.

More Pictures and Ideas of Bathroom Mirror

Double vanity mirror via apkza.com
Unique design bathroom mirror and wall via hgtv.com
Unframed bathroom mirror ideas via myhomechoice.net
Very stylish bathroom idea via rlmmo.com
Double mirror with LED lamps via ibuwe.com
Golden framed bathroom mirror design via hamiltonstovareusa.com
Themed bathroom area via memorabledecor.com
Futuristic bathroom vanity ideas via doubzer.org
Big bathroom mirror design via davemhuffman.com
Very  modern way in bathroom area via zandart.com
Rustic design with small bathroom mirror ideas via irastar.com
Bathroom mirror design in narrow area via abtack.com
Rustic bathroom design with unique framed bathroom mirror via decoist.com
Rustic bathroom vanity design via pinterest.com
Big bathroom mirror in rustic design via ibuwe.com


Installing a mirror in the bathroom could be an excellent trick to make the room appear wider and more spacious in a small room.

However, you need to choose the right style of the mirror and make sure that this style matches with your bathroom.

Some mirrors are designed for certain interior styles.

And when you want to buy a custom-sized or custom-shaped mirror, it could be asking for a greater budget then.

However, if budget is not your issue then you can go with any style you like.

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