19 Outstanding Chicken Coop Design Ideas to Inspire You

Raising chickens in the backyard surprisingly helps combat your stress. You also benefit from consuming healthy and safe food for you and your family.

But, not everyone has enough space to put up a chicken coop in their backyard. That is why you need to design a coop according to your needs and style.

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Building a chicken coop can be a lot of fun because it’s all about creating what you want the chicken coop to look like. You get to design the coop so that it’s practical yet beautiful.

Plus, if you decide to build a chicken coop for your own use, there will be no neighbors complaining about your chicken poop all over their gardens and lawns.

If you decide to build a coop for your chickens, you will need to understand the basic elements of chicken coop construction. This article will give you some tips on how to build a chicken coop yourself.

How Much Does a Chicken Coop Cost?

How Much Does a Chicken Coop Cost

The cost of a chicken coop depends on how much you are willing to spend. Going for the cheapest option would be the cheapest option, but it would also be the most difficult to build a chicken coop and would have the lowest probability for success.

The first option for building a chicken coop is to buy a premade one. These are available at your local hardware store and can be put together with basic tools.

If you have the time and are confident enough in your DIY skills, making your own chicken coop is possible.

The second option is to build a chicken coop using a kit. These kits can be purchased from your local hardware store. However, these kits will not provide you with a fully working chicken coop.

The third option is to build a chicken coop using plans or a pattern. This makes building your own chicken coop a little more daunting, but it is still doable for the average person.

The building of a chicken coop requires precision and attention to detail to ensure success. You will also need to have the necessary tools on hand to build the chicken coop.

If you are not sure about the plans for building a chicken coop, then you might want to consider hiring someone to build it for you.

10 Important Things to Consider before Building a Chicken Coop

There are many things you need to consider before building your own chicken coop. The type of chicken coop you build depends on your purpose.

If you start and want your chickens to be secure in their coop, a basic chicken coop is not for you.

These are 10 things you need to consider when building your chicken coop.

1. Coop Size

Coop Size

You will need to build the type of chicken coop appropriate for the number of chickens you intend to have.

For example, if you plan to have 15 chickens or more, you will need a bigger coop than if you only plan to have two chickens.

2. Coop Material

Coop Material

The materials that you use to build the coop should also be suitable for your climate. Ideally, the chicken coop should be protected from direct sunlight as well as rain and snow.

3. Location of the Coop

Location of the Coop

The location of the coop depends upon your needs. For example, if you are building a chicken coop for a garden, it would be at the back of the house or in a separate area.

However, if you build a chicken coop for your backyard, it should be near the back door or somewhere close to the garden.

4. Maintain

Coop Maintain

One of the most important things to remember when building a chicken coop is that it should be easy to clean and maintain. If you keep your chickens indoors, they will require space for living, perching, eating, and sleeping.

Obviously, you will need more space than if your chickens are going to be kept outdoors. This is where an enclosed chicken coop can help you out.

The most important thing is that you will need to provide the chickens with a clean and comfortable home. You will also need to provide a comfortable environment for them to lay eggs.

5. Predator Protection

Also, it would help if you considered ventilation and protection from predators. If you can shelter your chickens from the rain and snow, then it would be great.

However, if the chickens are kept indoors, you may want to consider adding a predator guard.

You can provide added protection for your chickens if you add netting inside their chicken coop. This will allow you to keep the chickens in and predators out.

6. Weather Protection

Weather Protection

The chicken coop can also be protected against strong winds to shelter your chickens from the harsh winter weather.

It would be best also to plan where the chicken coop would be positioned in the backyard to help it protect against strong winds and cold temperatures.

7. Roosting Poles

Roosting Poles

It is important to have roosting poles inside the chicken coop for your chickens to rest at night. However, you must make sure to have enough space for them to move around freely and stand on top of their perches.

8. Options for Feeding

chicken coop feeding design

One of the things you need to consider is how you will feed your chickens. Many chicken coop plans will provide you with an area for feeding and water.

If your chickens are housed indoors, you will need to consider a special type of chicken feed.

9. Source of Water

Source of Water

You will need to make sure that water is available for your chickens at all times.
This is especially true if you plan to keep your chickens indoors, as it is challenging to provide them with water while they are in their coop or run.

However, if you are planning to keep your chickens outdoors, they must have access to fresh water at all times.

This can be achieved by providing them with a chicken waterer or a spout for easy access to water.

10. Ventilation

chicken coop ventilation design

The air inside the chicken coop needs to be constantly circulated to remove the humidity and moisture. You can circulate the air through a ventilation system that will help prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria.

However, you should also look for pre-drilled chicken coop plans so that you can easily add windows and screening for ventilation.

If you plan to build the perfect chicken coop, you need to consider all these things before starting the project.

Chicken Coop Design

As the homeowner, you must think about the chicken coop design. Here, we have gathered up some enchanting shelters. Check these out!

1. Dreamy Pallets

Chicken Coop Ideas

If you love the rustic charm, we bet your chickens feel the same. So, there is nothing more delightful than their wooden home.
• Opt for cedar wood pallets due to their awesome durability. They withstand high moisture and insect.
• Grow plants and flowers around it. They keep it from looking bland.

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2. Natural Flair

Chicken Coop Design Ideas

It is another chic poultry hutch mostly made out of wood and mesh net. The roosting bars come with windows and doors like your abode.
• Dark green rubberized roof blends nicely into the trees.
• The grass provides a lively finishing touch.

3. Mysterious Woodland

Chicken Coop Ideas

Protect your chickens from the other living creatures by building them a ranch. You can repurpose the old wood pallets near your home. But, of course, it is a low-cost option.
• The transparent hinged door allows you to control your chickens and grab eggs easily.
• The wooden coop fits well with the lush woodland.

4. Local Goodness

Chicken Coop Ideas

You do not need to craft a fancy cage. As long as you find all the local and natural materials, you are truly set. Like the picture above, the rancher builds the coop from straw bales, corrugated metal sheets, and wood plank.
• Scatter the foods on the ground to let your chicken enjoy the morning sunlight.
• The ladder offers quick access to them.

5. Green Oasis

Chicken Coop Ideas

You like seeing the scenic nature view, so do your poultries. So why not try to build the cozy one? The backyard garden would be the best spot then.
• Involve mesh netting for an airy and sunny atmosphere.
• Paint the ranch in soothing colors like brown, beige, tan, and white.

6. Aesthetic and Cute

Chicken Coop Ideas

This chicken shelter is beyond amazing. The A-shaped frame really draws the eye up. You can reach the inside by folding the door and windows outward.
• The wooden coop meets seamlessly with the brown lawn.
• Plenty of doors promote better circulation.

7. Go Bold

Chicken Coop Ideas

Undoubtedly, you will fall for this fashionable and colorful ranch. Even, you want to stay there for a while. But, it is exclusively for your chickens.
• Coat it in vibrant and neutral paints such as red and beige.
• Put the blooming flowers in the containers next to the doorway.

8. Super Homey

Chicken Coop Ideas

They deserve to live in stylish style, So turn Turn their dreams into reality with this idea. The wire mesh door exudes a breezy and relaxing flavor.
• Intense red and pristine white paints make the barn-like coop much more appealing.
• Lifeless trees double as the dramatic backdrop.

9. An Architectural Interest

Chicken Coop Ideas

Looking for charming poultry real estate? The cape cod-influenced ranch is worth trying. Probably, you feel envious of its loveliness.
• Wood planks bring a carefree and coastal vibe throughout the space.
• Black vinyl PVC roof produces a fabulous look.

10. Lovely Turquoise

Chicken Coop Ideas

Who does not adore this backyard hutch? It is supremely eye-catching. Thank its pastel turquoise details. For the size, it is large enough to house free-range poultries.
• You can spend the lazy weekend with your chickens in the yard.
• The vegetation and blossoming flowers liven up the area.

11. Little Church

Chicken Coop Ideas

This quaint ranch proves that inspirations come from anywhere, including the church. We guarantee your chickens will eat and sleep in classic style.
• The wooden coop produces timeless country charm.
• Wire mesh screen optimizes the air circulation.

12. Contemporary Touch

Chicken Coop Ideas

The hutch design makes it as sophisticated as it is functional. It is mainly made from caging nets. The front part looks ultra-modern here.
• The sedum plants inject the area with an organic setting.
• Not only is it stylish, but it is also spacious to accommodate your hens.

13. Chicken Greenhouse

Chicken Coop Ideas

You might find it strange at first. But it is true. During winter, let your chicken roost in the greenhouse. Then, keep them out of the garden by using the chicken wire and wooden boards.
• They will stay warm with the help of deep mulch bedding.
• Manage the greenhouse temperature routinely.

14. Brooding Cube

Chicken Coop Design Ideas

No hesitation, it is simple and terrific at the same time. The backyard hutch is fully enclosed with plywood wooden planks and hog wires.
• The corrugated metal roof prevents the snow from sticking around.
• Wood pulps, bricks, and potted flowers finish it out.

15. Unassuming Box

Chicken Coop Design Ideas

Although it comes in unpretentious style, it serves as the soothing space for your chickens. The bamboo pallets give it a tropical flavor. At the same time, the orangish mini home is such a statement-making piece.
• The design matches nicely with the wood fencing.
• Green grass is such a perky landscape.

16. Barn Inhabitants

Chicken Coop Ideas

This chicken ranch truly mimics a barn. It seems uber-cute and captivating. For sure, your feathered friends will love to sleep and lay eggs inside.
• You can make it out of upcycled wood boards.
• The door and ladder are irresistibly ravishing.

17. Movable Hoop Coop

Chicken Coop Design Ideas

Think of creating a fantastic shelter for your backyard flocks? This hutch on wheels must tug at your heart. But, of course, you can freely move it to the other areas too.
• It features sturdy stainless steel sheets and a wire mesh screen.
• The design is absolutely fantastic.
• Green shade blends seamlessly into the surrounding nature.

18. Like an Actual Telephone Box

Chicken Coop Ideas

We are so fascinated with this hen house. It oozes out the rustic country charm throughout the whole yard.
• The ranch boasts the nesting area, roosting bar, and chicken wire windows.
• The wood frame offers an inviting ambiance to the hens.

19. Integrated Prism

Chicken Coop Design Ideas

There must be a special zone for the chicks. As you can see, the tiny raised ranch and the prism-shaped building will shelter them comfortably.
• For an affordable option, use repurposed materials such as reclaimed wood pallets and old chicken wires.
• The petite blue door doubles as the ladder for your chicks.
• Colorful vegetations adorn the ranch’s chicks in no time.


Is it cheaper to buy or build a chicken coop?

Buying chicken coops is quite expensive than building your own.  If you are on a budget, it would be better to build your own chicken coop.  You can save a lot of money.

How high should a chicken coop be off the ground?

The height of a chicken coop should be between 2 feet to 3 feet off the ground.  This will help the chickens get out of the cold weather and help them have enough space to run around.

If you want a chicken coop that your chickens can easily walk in and out of, then a height of 3 feet should be considered.

Why do chicken coops have ramps?

The chickens need to get up on the roost to get enough air. Therefore, a ramp is significant for them to get the right amount of air and rest.

It is also a good place for them to lay down and rest.  If you don’t have a ramp, the chickens might fall after every time they try to get on the roost.

Does a chicken coop add value to your home?

I would not recommend building a chicken coop if you are not going to use it. However, it is a good idea to have chickens as an additional source of income.  

If you have children, it is a good idea to let them take care of the chickens.  Let them engage with nature and learn about responsibility at an early age.

Which direction should a chicken coop face?

The best direction to set up the chicken coop would be facing the south.  It should be in an area that will receive a lot of sunlight and warmth. This is also where the chickens can get enough fresh air and get rid of body heat.

What to put over the bush that is growing in the middle of my chicken fence?

There are many things that you could, for example, you. You could use bush netting or chicken wire to cover it.  If you don’t have the right supplies, you can make it by yourself.

How do you clean the coop part?

It would help if you clean your chicken coop daily or at least weekly. You could have a small bucket and some cleaning materials that you can use to clean the coop. Include the coop in the cleaning procedure so that it will not get spoiled.

We hope those chicken coop ideas get your creative juices flowing. If you want to keep yourself occupied on the weekend, go for the DIY project immediately. And do not forget to add your personal touch!

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