20 Impressive Turquoise Room Design Ideas

Turquoise is a lovely color that both inspires and energizes colors. The color creates a sense of well-being, it is an excellent choice for a calming room.

The turquoise colors evoke feelings of tranquility in the mind and heart. It is a beautiful hue that’s a good choice for your family room or living room.

Now, let’s explore a few ways to make your turquoise room ideas come to life. There are some turquoise colors to consider to complement your room’s interior design. Let’s go!

What is Turquoise?

Before we can begin, we need to know and define what is turquoise. It is a blue or green-blue color that comes from the mineral of the same name. The stone itself has very little value, but it does have a certain intensity.

In interior design, the color is not used much to create a focal point in a room. However, it can be used to accent and complement other colors in a room. It is a color that gives off a calming effect. It makes the mood of a room more peaceful with its turquoise shades.

Turquoise can also be used to make an atmosphere cozy and relaxing. The color is perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Also, the turquoise color is a shade that blends well with other colors such as yellow, brown, and green.

Why Turquoise Room?

Why not? It’s time to give your space a fresh, new look with turquoise—a color that has been commanding attention in the home décor world lately.

Turquoise is both cool and warm, both soft and bold, both modern and traditional. It’s one of those colors that works with just about any color scheme. It’s versatile, so it makes a good accent color or as a more dominant hue.

Now that we know what the color is, let’s move on to some tips on how to use it. How do we make our room ideas of turquoise come true?

How to Decorate with Turquoise

The color turquoise is characterized by its earthy tones. The cold tones of the color make it appealing to be used as an accent hue in a room but it also works well when used as the main color.

Here are some turquoise decorating ideas:

  • Wall Paint


Add a splash of color to your space by painting the walls in turquoise. It is an easy way to refresh the look of your space without having to go through the hassle of buying new furniture or updating existing fixtures.

It doesn’t need to be large. If you’re looking for a subtle, modern look, paint just the top half of the walls in turquoise. It will bring out the natural beauty of the color and make it pop.

If you’re looking for a bolder look, try painting the whole wall in turquoise. This will make your room look even more spacious and vibrant.

  • Curtains


A good way to add color and visual texture to space is by using curtains. It’s easy to pair bright, bold colors with cerulean blue. If you want to make it a bit more dramatic, try splashing the walls and ceiling with this shade as well.

  • Decorative Accessories


Lampshades and other decorative accessories in turquoise can easily make your room pop. Choose lampshades and window shades that are made with this color. Artwork, posters, and tapestries that are made with this color can also make a bold statement.

  • Lighting

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Lighting can make a huge difference in turquoise-themed rooms. There are plenty of choices available to you in the lighting department. You can choose from chandeliers, lamps, tiffany lights, and even ceiling fans.

  • Appliance

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Using a similar color scheme with your appliances is another great way to spruce up turquoise. Kitchen appliances can provide a great contrast to the blue while paying homage to the same color theme. Appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove can all be purchased in a color that shows off your turquoise room ideas.

  • Furniture


Turquoise is often associated with light-colored furniture. This can include turquoise chairs, silk lounges, and tables. Choose equally light-colored furniture to keep the tone of your room consistent.

Turquoise Bedroom Design Ideas

Our first turquoise room design tour is the bedroom. We all know turquoise has a hint of blue, so these bedrooms will be amazing if you use turquoise paint.

Black Turquoise Bedding


Sometimes the turquoise color can be too bold to be used in the bedroom. You can always tone it down using black, brown, and white colors. Add some wall art like a unique piece of art for the bedroom or a wall decal. It is totally up to you what style you want your room to have, we just want to make it as fun as possible.

Turquoise Pillow


You can use color in your bedroom to add a sense of fun and happiness to the room for your guests. Try using a turquoise pillow in the master bedroom. You can also opt for a colorful bedspread or duvet cover as well as colorful pillows.

Chic Turquoise Bedroom for Girl


Who doesn’t want a boutique chic bedroom? It’s time to step up your game and transition into the designer style. You can achieve this by painting the bedroom wall and use bedding in turquoise color.

Shabby Turquoise Bedroom Inspiration


Shabby chic is the trend of the season. It’s a simple yet stylish way to make your bedroom feel chic and fun. You can achieve this by painting a shabby wall in turquoise color and using furniture in white color.

Vintage Grey Turquoise Bedroom


If you want to re-decorate a bedroom use grey and turquoise colors. Add a vintage look to the bedroom by painting all the walls in grey color. On the walls, place a few vintage pieces such as mirrors, accessories, and rugs with turquoise color.

Turquoise Living Room Design Ideas

Another room that can benefit from turquoise paint is the living room. Let’s take a look at a few turquoise living room design ideas.

Bold Turquoise Living Room


Bold colors were once out of style, but now they are back in style. It’s time to break out the bold colors in turquoise. Add a bold living room by painting all the walls in dark blue color. Use turquoise furniture and accessories to match the shade of the walls.

Modern Turquoise Living Room


If you want to bring a modern feel to the living room, it’s time to make a bold turquoise living room. Paint the walls in turquoise color and add some sofa in the same color. You can also opt for a white coffee table and other furniture as you like.

Dark Turquoise Living Room Design


Dark colors are always in style and they can also be a great design trend. You can achieve this in your turquoise living room by painting the walls in dark blue color, using brown leather couches, and using wooden accessories.

Artistic Turquoise Living Room Design


Sometimes you don’t need to decorate your entire home. You can also opt for a centered turquoise living room design to save more space in your living area. Paint the living room walls in grey color, and place big paintings with turquoise accents.

Mid-Century Feel Turquoise Living Room


Let’s make it mid-century by painting the walls in turquoise color. The ceramic tile flooring is a great choice for this design. You can also opt for a simple coffee table and other furniture as you choose.

Turquoise Dining Room Design Ideas

We’ll wrap up the turquoise room design ideas with the dining room.

Small Turquoise Dining Room Chair


If you want to add personality to your dining room, don’t forget about the chair. It can have all sorts of decorations such as curtains, utensils, and a tablecloth. If you select colorful furniture, it can be a great way to add color to your dining room.

Wonderful Turquoise Chandelier at Dining Room


Hanging above the dining room table is a great way to add an extra pop of color. When choosing the right lighting, choose a light that complements your decor. The turquoise chandelier will add the perfect touch of turquoise to any dining room.

Elegant Turquoise Dining Room Table


You can choose a beautiful dining table in turquoise color. It’s a simple yet elegant way to add some color to your home. Use a dark brown dining table and place a few vases with flowers. When you sit comfortably at the dining table, you can read a book or enjoy dinner with your family.

All-in-One Turquoise Dining Room Design


You can paint your dining room wall with turquoise color. You can opt for a long sofa and some dining chairs in turquoise color as well. When you sit down to eat a meal, you can relax and enjoy the meal with loved ones.

Turquoise and Purple Combination


You can add color to your dining room with purple and turquoise combinations. The dining room needs a centerpiece, let it to the purple chairs and turquoise wall. This mixed design for your dining room will be a nice and simple décor.

Turquoise Kitchen Design Ideas

Go to the kitchen room and you will thank us. You can try some turquoise kitchen design ideas that are awesome and fun.

Bold Turquoise Kitchen Cabinet Design


When you want to add some bold design to the kitchen, it’s time to paint the cabinets in bright blue turquoise color. The white backsplash adds an extra pop to the kitchen. You can also opt for a white kitchen island and black appliances.

Retro Turquoise Kitchen Appliance Design


If you want to go retro on the kitchen, it’s time to turn your turquoise kitchen into a retro style. You can do this by using a few turquoise appliances such as a turquoise oven and turquoise fridge.

Sleek Turquoise Black Kitchen Decor


You can opt for a sleek black and turquoise combination in the kitchen. Paint the cabinet in turquoise color, use a black countertop, and monochrome backsplash. This scheme will be a perfect fit for the contemporary kitchen decor that goes well with the black and white theme.

Turquoise Backsplash in White Kitchen


You can incorporate a turquoise backsplash in your white kitchen. It will be a great feature to take advantage of the slate color of the walls. The blue element of the backsplash can also act as a contrast in a white scheme.

Turquoise Kitchen Island with White Countertop


If you want to make your kitchen look more elegant and sophisticated, a lovely turquoise island in the middle can do the trick. With a white color countertop, you will see an awesome contrast of natural-look colors.