17 Lavish Dark Wood Floors Design + Simple Guide

  • Gloss level

dark wood floor gloss level

Another thing to consider is the gloss level of the wood floor. Many people like to have high gloss wood because it looks very nice, but it can also feel uncomfortable.

It is highly recommended to choose a wood floor that has a lower gloss level to feel comfortable.

The gloss level will usually vary on the type of wood. Some woods look better with lower gloss levels, and some look good with a high gloss level.

Shiny floors can also be much easier to keep clean compared to matte floors. In general, the higher the gloss level, the harder it will be to clean.

  • Wood species

hardwood type

If you want to add a touch of natural beauty to your home, wood species are one of the best options to choose from.

The most common species comes from the North American hardwoods. Chestnut, maple, oak, yew, and walnut are among the top ones.

These woods are easy to work with, and they do not warp or shrink when they come in contact with moisture. They have a nice red color, but the color can vary depending on what part of the tree you choose.

These species are also tough and durable. You can use them in various ways, such as wood flooring, cabinets, window frames, staircases, and doors.

If you want to go with a natural look for your home, choosing these materials is the way to go.

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