Mansard Roof: Advantages and Disadvantages You Need to Know

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Mansard roof is not a one-size-fits-all design. You have to consider your home structure, budget, and natural environment. If you do not have any issues, then it is the right one for your abode.

House roof styles are something most of us take for granted — but what if you didn’t have the resources to hire a contractor?

Luckily, there’s no need to worry. A quick online search will provide you with everything you need to know about the different roof styles available today.

One of them, the Mansard roof, is a design that has its roots in the architecture of France. It has become popular in modern architecture due to its appeal as a dramatic style that exudes power and grandeur.

But, do you know all the advantages and disadvantages of Mansard roofs? Don’t worry about it. Just head on to the next section to get a complete look at these.

What is a Mansard Roof? (French or Curb Roof)

Mansard roof

Mansard roofs are a type of two-sloped roof, with the lower slope on the side closer to being vertical. The upper (shallower) pitch is found at the same angle as a standard gable roof.

When used in architecture, this type of roof gives the impression that masonry blocks have been built up within recessed frames all along each slope.

This style is typical for storehouses with a French background and can also be seen in buildings from other countries.

Best of all, a Mansard roof can be installed on almost any type of house — from ranch-style homes to Victorian mansions.

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