40 Best Detached Garage Model For Your Wonderful House


DETACHED GARAGE – Creating a proper detached garage is a really good idea if you want to take your entire experience to the next level.

Doing this adequately can be amazing, and there are no major challenges that you have to face either. With that in mind, here you have some of the best detached garage models that you can find out there!


Classic red garage

40 Best Detached Garage Model For Your Wonderful House

This is a model focused on simplicity. The idea is that you have it outside your home and you can easily decorate it the best way you can.

What you will note here is the fact that you also have an upper portion for your detached garage, not to mention that you can easily bring in front a unique color combination. This tends to pay off immensely and it does bring in front a distinct set of solutions.

Plus, the addition of lighting elements outside your garage is a really neat thing and one that does pay off very well. This type of garage is actually very durable and well worth using!

Rustic three car garage


Creating a detached garage like this is a very good idea. What you will note here is the fact that the entire garage is made out of wood and it will last for a very long time.

As a result, the value is amazing and the quality as a whole is second to none. You will also like the fact that the visuals are very distinct and the wooden ornaments make the detached garage visually appealing, enticing and amazing as a whole.

Plus, you do have 3 openings that make it easy to store 3 cars without a problem. The garage is large, so you can store even some larger cars as well.

Modern detached garage with great colors


Putting a detached garage right near your home is a nice idea. But the best thing is that you can easily match the home design if you want.

Obviously, this is not mandatory, but it does manage to look a whole lot better and in the end it’s one of the things that you will like quite a bit.

Of course, you do need to take your time as you customize the interior, as this detached garage is pretty large and it can offer you tons of storage space!

Beautiful garage placed outside your home


What you should note about this detached garage is that it looks amazing. Putting it right near your home is a really good idea. But placing it outside your home means that you can make it a little bit longer when compared to your initial plans.

Modifying the garage is a nice idea, and thankfully there are tons of options to do that. However, you should keep oin mind the fact that this is a model suitable for smaller homes.

Stunning little garage found near your home


When you want a simpler detached garage design, this may be right up your alley. It may not be the largest one, but if you have a smaller set of cars, it will work very well. It also has a really nice lateral entrance, so you can easily enter the garage without opening those large doors.

The idea is to have immediate access to the content inside the garage without having to open up the immense doors, and that does tend to work really well.

There’s a ton of value to be had in here, and the paved entrance does set up a really wonderful design that you should check out!

High class, red traditional garage


It’s safe to say that this particular design looks amazing and it does tend to offer you a really distinct value. The imposing construction makes the detached garage offer lots of space and the interior is classic, traditional yet really interesting.

It does show that you can acquire some very good results without having to worry about anything, which is exactly what you want from a detached garage. Plus, the addition of 2 beautiful ornaments in front of the detached garage does make it for a really enticing experience.

House-like garage


This detached garage looks pretty much like a home, and you may want to opt for a design like this. You can easily add some beautiful leisure space near the garage if you want, and the best part is that this design does include plenty of opportunities to do such a thing whenever and however you want.

It really is worth it and it can offer you a delightful and unique experience right off the bat. You should keep in mind the fact that you can add an upper deck for storage for this particular detached garage design. There are also tons of customization options for you to explore!

Outstanding detached garage with a home-like design


This is yet another detached garage design that looks like a home. The addition of a door that has a different color does manage to bring in front a really distinct visual experience.

At the same time, you will love the fact that most of the detached garage is painted in white, as it does provide a high standard appeal and that is obviously something you want to have.

Moreover, you do need to keep in mind that having a fence nearby can easily help you, as it will keep animals away from your beautiful garage. Adding that is optional, but it can come in handy. Overall, it’s a nice option and a great design that you can consider right away!

High quality rock and wood garage


Rocks and wood always tend to meld very well when it comes to creating any type of building. This particular type of detached garage works extremely well and it’s bound to offer you a whole lot of value, quality and options.

If you are a fan of garages like this, you will find that the outcome can be downright impressive. You are free to pick which is the best option for you, but this particular combination is amazing and it does work really well.

However, you will need some large garage doors if you really want to have amazing results and that will be a wonderful approach to focus on!

Stone based detached garage


Of course, creating a detached garage made entirely out of stone is actually a really nice idea. You can also integrate a porch in the design, stairs and a variety of other elements.

Yes, this type of detached garage design does require a lot of space, but it looks amazing and it’s bound to bring in front a really impressive set of features.

If you are a fan of garages as a whole and you enjoy the idea of having a detached one, then this may be the best option yet. It looks great, and it really is a wonderful garage to have!

Simplistic detached garage for smaller properties


Although this type of garage doesn’t require a lot of space, it really is amazing and it brings in front a unique set of features. It’s designed with value and quality in mind, not to mention that it can offer you lots and lots of value in no time.

It really helps you get the type of results and features you need, plus it does tend to work very well for a home with a similar style. You may want to add some lighting elements as that will bring in some style for your detached garage.

High class garage for 3 cars


In case you have 3 cars, this detached garage model is actually one of the best models that you can opt for. Not only does it look incredible, but it integrates plenty of unique features for you to explore.

The value is second to none and the simple fact that you have a lateral door does tend to provide you with some clear benefits that you do not want to miss.

The way you adapt these to the entire experience is up to you, but the outcome as a whole is incredible and you will be extremely happy with the results.

Plus, creating the detached garage out of durable materials and integrating lighting elements like this is well worth it!

Connected garage with plant designs


People that love adding some plants near their detached garage will find this type of approach distinct, yet unique and a lot of fun.

The sheer idea of connecting this detached garage to your entryway is interesting, and for this type of design it works extremely well. You are free to pick which is the best option and the value on its own is second to none.

But you should always consider that the quality you get has to be among the very best out there, so you do have to opt for a design that includes similar colors when compared to your home!

Traditional detached garage


A wonderful design is focused on simplicity. You can create this type of detached garage that has 3 entry points, one for each car. The idea here is that you can easily use it for both you and your neighbor, or for 2 cars.

It really comes in handy if you have lots of stuff to store and in the end it can be very well worth it! Sure, it will take a bit of time and effort, but then again that’s the type of experience that you want to have and which you may want to explore all the time.

It will also be nice to add a roof made out of shingles, since it will keep your car and other stored items in great safety!

Wooden old school garage


Although not everyone may like the idea of having a detached garage made out of wood, it’s important to note that these models are becoming more and more sought after. And there’s a reason for that.

They look amazing and the value on its own can be second to none for sure. But you do have a limited space here, so you may need to opt for the smaller cars if you really want to have this type of detached garage.

But yes, it is an option and you can integrate some stairs or a door if you want to put some stuff on top! The possibilities are limitless here!

Isolated stone garage


A wonderful design made completely out of stone doesn’t sound that impressive at first, but it really is. There’s a ton of quality and value to be had in here, and the experience on its own can be among the very best out there!

The visuals are impressive and the outcome is extremely rewarding in the end. You are free to pick which is the best option for your detached garage, but this one is amazing since it offers lots of storage, a good entryway and it doesn’t occupy a lot of space either.

So yes, the possibilities are limitless and there’s a ton of value to be had in here, which is exactly the type of thing you need.

Simple and small garage


A detached garage doesn’t have to be too large. This one is suitable for the smaller homes and you can still put 2 cars in it. The idea is to make it out of wood and to have a larger garage door that will be ok for 2 cars.

This may be one of the simplest detached garage models out there, but it still works extremely well and it’s definitely going to offer you an incredible value and quality in the end. Opt for that and the experience will be a very interesting and delightful one!

Large property garage with oversized door


If you have a home near the woods or your property has lots of plants, this detached garage design is actually a good fit! The idea is to do all you can in order to adapt the design to your property.

An entry point located on the outside can easily be worth it, and you will also be able to paint the door as well as the garage door in different colors if you want.

Then addition of small bits of glass will help you get some natural lighting inside too, which is really helpful if you have to store items in there!

Sea based detached garage


As you can see from this image, the detached garage is located near the sea and it has the perfect combination of red and gray.

Suitable for Mediterranean regions as well as mountainous regions, this detached garage is really good if you want something visually impressive but not too complex.

You are obviously going to make the right pick based on your needs but the value that you can receive as a whole is amazing and certainly second to none. Overall, this is a great detached garage and one that you may want to create if you have lots of space!

Small, connected garages


These detached garages are great to add near one another and they do look amazing. They are suitable for only a single car and they don’t have outside access, which can be a bit problematic for a lot of people.

But once you do all of this adequately and focus on results, you will see that the overall results are more than amazing in the end.

Plus, you can use the same color for each detached garage in order to make things look much better in the end.

High quality wooden garage connected to the home


Thanks to this design, you will be able to store your cars in complete safety. You can also do that while connecting the garage to your home.

This means you don’t need to add another door here, since you can visit the garage and store items directly from your home.

Plus, it’s just a cleaner design and one that does look amazing. And if you love plants, adding some plants in here can easily beautify the design and take it to the next level, which is extremely nice to focus on!

Simple garage made out of wood


Even if the colors may seem a bit bright, the reality is that using this type of detached garage is really handy. It’s small, it doesn’t include any additional door, but it looks amazing and it manages to deliver a really impressive visual appeal without requiring a whole lot of additional stuff.

It looks amazing, it works great as a whole and the value that you receive is indeed among the very best. So yes, if you are a fan of wonderful and visually impressive garages, this will certainly come in handy for you. Just consider giving it a shot and you will not be disappointed!

Wood and stone detached garage


A large garage like this is extremely helpful and it can do wonders most of the time. Plus, the wooden garage doors are extraordinary and they look amazing.

The best part about all of this is that the garage doors are durable and the building as a whole does seem to be a very durable one.

You may need quite a bit of space for this type of design, but it does work really well and it brings in front some interesting features into the equation. That’s obviously some of the things that you need to take into consideration the best way you can!

Large garage with side entrance


Using this type of detached garage is wonderful and the space outside of it can easily be transformed into a dedicated basketball course for your child or yourself.

Plus, the design as a whole looks really similar to a home. It’s simple, visually enticing and at the same time you have a lot of really cool features that you can explore in here.

The fact that there are so many options for you to consider is interesting, and at the end of the day, it’s all about creating a detached garage that you enjoy. Which may evry well be this type of design.

Stone based detached garage


People love this type of design because it looks amazing and it does tend to include a lot of unique mechanics that you want to explore. The nice thing to keep in mind is that the stone design is impressive and the visuals as a whole are great for any type of home.

While the roof type used here looks great, it also conveys a lot of quality and value to the detached garage as a whole. The design is good for just about all kind of home, but you do require plenty of space if you want to do this adequately. Overall, it works great and it’s bound to bring you a distinct and fun experience!

Outstanding stone garage


When you use this type of design for your detached garage, you will need to have a home that looks very similar to it. However, once you get past that obstacle, you will have an extraordinary space where you can store all of your stuff.

It works extremely nice and it does provide you with an additional entry point for your home. Yes, it’s a wonderful design to have for your detached garage and you can also add in some storage options too, which is quite handy.

Minimalist, wooden detached garage


A simpler, minimalist design like this will work for any home. And the best part about all of this is that you don’t really need to opt for some complex stuff. In fact, the detached garage showed here is definitely among some of the very best because you can use it for 2 cars.

The downside is that you don’t have any entryway aside from the garage door and the space is limited. This means you won’t be able to store a whole lot of stuff in here. But it is a worthwhile option and one that does tend to pay off very well in the end!

Large detached garage with side stairs


Adding some stairs that will give you access to the upper deck of your detached garage is a really nice idea. On top of that, you will like the fact that the garage door is very easy to access and the visuals as a whole are extremely impressive.

You are free to make the right pick and the results that you can get are always interesting and unique for sure. You should however keep in mind the fact that the detached garage looks extraordinary if you can use this type of design and it doesn’t really require a lot of spac either.

Home-like stone garage


This detached garage looks like a home, and the great part about it is that you can easily store stuff aside from it too. The great aesthetics combined with the durable stone build shows that the entire garage is created with durability in mind and the value as a whole is amazing here.

Plus, the upper deck storage is very helpful if you want to store any type of items without any sort of issue. Overall, you will be pretty happy with this unique visual appeal and the features presented here!

Interesting detached garage suitable for every home


While this detached garage looks pretty much like a home, it does tend to bring in front some really nice visuals and the quality that you can get through it is very interesting. The value is incredible and the experience is a good one.

Plus, you have a combination of stone, wood and some white garage doors that bring in front a really good sense of character to everything. This is certainly a wonderful approach to have if you want to create a good detached garage, and rest assured that it will impress everyone!

Large stone garage for 4 cars


What you have to note about this unique detached garage is that it has a very large interior. You can store your older cars one on top of the other and the new models can be located near them if you want.

The roomy interior and the outside access do tend to offer some really good ideas and options here, so you are definitely going to enjoy this experience as a whole!

People that love detached garages as a whole will certainly appreciate this and the quality that you receive is second to none in here. It’s worthwhile for sure and it show that the quality you can receive is among the very best out there.

High standard garage suitable for a large car collection


This is a really good detached garage model that works extremely nice and which is bound to bring you a ton of storage space. The idea is that this type of garages can include an upper deck and it does look very well in the end.

You are free to choose if you want a rather unique interior or not. But it can work to your own advantage if you have lots of cars and you want to get a really good experience in the end. It really is worth your time and money for sure.

Beautiful maroon detached garage


The maroon detached garage is a wonderful idea, especially if you make it out of wood. But the primary benefit here is that the garage is created with quality in mind and it does deliver an incredible visual appeal and an outstanding experience as a whole.

You will also need to note the fact that this is a garage which can suit 4 cars, which is unseen for sure. It really delivers on its promise and the quality that you get can be second to none. Plus, you do have an external point of access which in the end is very helpful!

Connected garage with outstanding colors


Adding the detached garage near your home is great. But again, this is a clear sign that you need to keep the same design and you will have to make sure that the internal point is very large. You can even add in some plants if you want, and the experience that you can receive in the end is a really good one for sure.

Adapt to the situation and modify the experience as you see fit. It will be very well worth it, and the outcome can be the very best if you keep this sort of design.

High standard detached garage

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When you have lots of cars, great lighting is the type of thing that you have to take into consideration. Plus, on top of that, you also need to maintain a true focus on quality an d the best part is that you can easily connect the detached garage to your home as you see fit.

A large detached garage like this does require plenty of space within your property, so it does work for major villas and other similar places. But it can be worth it if you use it adequately.

Large home with huge garage for 3 cars or more


A good garage is always going to be close to the home or in this case, connected to it. This really manages to offer a good way to access your garage and you can even have a room or two above it. Yes, it works great if you lack a lot of storage space, and in the end it can pay off very well for sure.

The overall quality is impressive and the experience as a whole is a good one to say the least. Plus, you get to keep the same color for your entire home, and that is obviously a nice perk to have!

Wooden garage with European design


The color of this garage is different when compared to the neighboring home. But it still works really well, since it has that unique, traditional style that delivers quality and value in one single package.

A lot of people like this type of detached garage because it’s easy to customize and the addition of 3 car spaces in here makes it very well worth your time and money for sure!

Underground garage


A detached garage doesn’t have to be located above ground. With a good set of ideas, you will find that the best detached garage can be found inside the ground. Yes, an underground detached garage can come in handy, but you are free to pick which is the best option to suit your needs.

The idea is to adapt yourself to the situation and explore all the options the best way you can. In this particular case, the garage is made to fit your car, and it does look amazing!

Lower-level garage!


People love this type of garage that has a green space in front of it. Plus, the detached garage is actually integrated within your home and you have lots of good options to consider in here.

The combination of colors that you can find in here is downright impressive. It works really well and the value can be more than interesting in here. You should consider the overall quality and value that you get from this type of detached garage, especially if you have a lot of cars.

Simple, high quality garage for any city


Simplicity is key, so adding a bit of green space alongside rougher terrain is really helpful. You are free to opt for any type of design that you may want.

But in the end, this is one of the simplest detached garage options out there and it does look amazing, which is exactly what you need in the end.

Consider the fact that this detached garage model will not be adjacent to your home, so in the end this can be extremely helpful in the end. Adapt that to the situation and the value is downright amazing.

As you can see, it’s easy to create a good detached garage, and in the end it will provided you with some really impressive experiences. You have tons of great designs here, but you are free to choose which one suits your needs and which doesn’t. Take your time, study all the options and the outcome will be a really good one!

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