15 Grain Bin House as Anti-Mainstream Living Space Design

TSP Home Decor – Grain bin house is a house made with the concept of grain bin unloading system. When it seems very country and rustic, nowadays you can turn the concept of your home and living.

In this article, we are going to talk about several design styles and ideas using the grain bin concept. It could be an interesting eye-tour for sure.

The Grain Bin House Plans

Grain Bin House

The picture above shows us all about how the grain bin concept could create a wonderful house. Created with some rusty concept on the outside and some modern touch, this house looks very warm and inviting.

The glass windows and doors are just the implication of modern living – transparency. Other than that, the combination of the natural stones and the white color of the wall is just flawless.

Triple Grain Bin House Design Idea

Grain Bin House

This house was formerly three-grain bin houses and the owner just mashed them up to create a new form of living space.

Without removing the rustic look from the iron sheeting and wooden façades on its entrances, this house looks cozy and unique. And of course, this house is livable.

Grain Bin Tiny House

Grain Bin House
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This one is a unique one. As its name suggests, this house was formerly a tiny grain bin house. With some personal touches here and there, the owner could turn this into a living space with one bedroom, one kitchen, and one bathroom.

It is enough for a living space though. You should imagine how unique the interior part of this house is though.

Two-story Grain Bin House

Grain Bin House


You definitely can turn your grain bin house into a two-story house as long as it has a proper height. Some containers have taller size even though the others are standard or even tiny.

If you can find the tall sized of the container, you definitely should make it into a two-story house. The rustic look may be suitable with a rounded fence that wraps around the wall.

Small Grain Bin House Idea

Grain Bin House Ideas

In some points, people want their grain bin house looks as natural as it was even though they do want to make it as their living space.

If you love to move around and bring your house with you, it can be possible if you have a small grain bin house.

Later, you can connect it with the head of a container but make sure that you have installed some wheels under the house. Still, you cannot bring it around the city though.

Grain Bin House Interior

Grain Bin House Ideas

So, this is how the interior part would turn out. The grain bin house is basically pretty spacious for a living space especially if you are still single or living with a friend there.

There might be no walls or other permanent divider or separators. However, you can utilize some other thing like a closet, a bookshelf, or anything for the divider between one room and another.

If you are worried about the high temperature then you can simply install the aid condition after all.

Gazebo Style

Grain Bin House Ideas

Actually, you can turn a small grain bin house into a nice yet cozy gazebo in the park or in your yard. If you want to create a cozy outdoor space in the yard, this option might be working for you.

You will need to remove the ¾ part of the grain bin house walls and replace it with a mesh. Do not forget to provide a door so you can get in and out easily. Later, you can add the furniture inside the gazebo.

Grain Bin House with Skylight

Grain Bin House

In order to bring a grain bin house into the higher level, you might try the idea of installing the skylight to the roof. Besides for the source of natural lighting in the daytime, it acts as the decorative element in your house.

But you need to work with the professionals so this idea could be realized.

White Grain Bin House

Grain Bin House

The picture above shows that a grain bin house could look very elegant. It depends on what and how we add the elements into the house.

This two-story grain bin house combines the modern and rustic style. It looks sturdy yet flawless and of course livable.

Modern Grain Bin Living House

Grain Bin House

You can always add anything you like to your house. This modern-styled grain bin house is the practice example. The owner adds the modern lines and concept into the rustic container.

As long as you put it right, the result will be satisfying you. The bright yellow and wide windows are just some unique senses shown in the picture.

Grain Bin House with Porch

Grain Bin House Ideas

With some additional effort, you can install a porch or veranda in front of your front door. Wooden flooring would suit really well with the grain bin container. Just do not forget to add some flowers and plants for around the house.

Minimalist Grain Bin House Idea

Grain Bin House

Just like the previous idea about the modern grain bin house, this house is created by combining two types of the house into one.

Basically, the picture shows that the container is just the additional part of the wooden house. It looks like a contemporary house that combines the woods and the grain bin house. The house mostly shows the rustic side.

Small Grain Bin Cottage House

Grain Bin House Ideas

If you intend to create a cottage, you can turn a grain bin container into a small cottage. The picture above shows if the small grain bin house can be turned into a small rustic cottage.

It might be fit for one bedroom and a bathroom. Besides, you can add the water heater and air conditioner as well.

More Pictures of Anti-Mainstream Living Space from Grain Bin House

Grain Bin House Ideas
Grain Bin House Ideas


In order to have a unique reusable house from a grain bin house, you may need to give a personal touch here and there. However, the result is satisfying after all.

Other than that, this house will also allow you to implement green-technology like the solar panel and less energy to provide artificial lighting in the daytime.