4 Galley Kitchen Ideas That’ll Win Your Heart

TSP Home Decor – You must remember the size does not always matter. Although your kitchen has narrow space, you still can maximize its function. There is a ton of ingenious galley kitchen ideas for you.

The advantage of having a tiny kitchen is all the things become more accessible. Moreover, it looks stylish and practical at the same time. Without further ado, check these inspirations out!

Choose The Right Space Color Scheme

galley kitchen ideas

In reality, your kitchen is not big. But you can transform it to visually larger one by painting the cabinets and walls in a monochromatic color like white. This color is not only fresh but also brings contemporary nuances to your kitchen.

If you do not really love white, go for pastel aqua tone. Be ready to get surprised, as the result could not be more gorgeous. Since it is soft, it matches nicely with the parallel kitchen.

Select The Storage

galley kitchen designs

Since your kitchen is minimalistic, you have to think out of the box. For instance, use built-in storages and rolling rack because they are surely space-saving solutions. Do not forget to build a mini bookcase and microwave drawer too.

When you are on a budget, open shelving is the best option indeed. Then, please keep in mind that tall storages must be placed in one place. It aims to make the kitchen messy-free and more spacious.

Consider The Kitchen Lighting

galley kitchen remodel

Proper lighting is paramountly important. Even, your slimmer kitchen can be lit with it. Furthermore, ceiling lighting works wonderfully in creating an airy and inviting feel.

Bring the area together by installing fixtures like flush mount light, modern pendant light, reclaimed light, or Edison bulbs. Your kitchen will be as open and bright as the others then.

Decorate Your Kitchen

small galley kitchen

Just because your kitchen is short on space, that does not mean you keep it simply boring. Of course, you can beautify your cooking place with some stuff. Make your neighbors envy to you by trying out one of these small kitchen ideas.

  • Fresh Flowers

Some flowers are pleasant-smelling, but some are not. Pick the flowers like jasmine, rose, frangipani, and sweet pea. After that, place them in a vase. The more colorful the flowers, more beautiful your kitchen will be.
Another no-brainer fix is to put potted plants on floating shelves. They can add some life to your kitchen in a quick way.

  • Painting

Dream of an artistic kitchen? Just hang floral or plant painting on the wall. It instantly can liven up space. Plus, it will blend stunningly with the neutral-painted wall for sure.

  • Vintage Rug

Do not let your kitchen floors look monotonous. Throw a classic rug into it. We guarantee your pocket cooking space is trendy and timeless. This is what you have asked for, right?

  • Fun Backsplash

Large kitchen cannot entirely be covered with cool tiles. On the contrary, the tiny kitchen is so versatile. That’s why you will be able to install chevron or graphic coral tiles as the cool backsplash.

In conclusion, making your corridor kitchen new again is not difficult. So, it is time to get those galley kitchen ideas started. And you will thank us later.