23 Splendid DIY Display Cases Design to Make A Cozy Room

Despite the common furniture like table set, sofa, cabinets, and the others, you may also need a kind of display cases for the home decor.

Using this case, you can store and display your favorite collections like ceramics or action figures more properly.

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Another function is to store the stuff and appliances like soap, skincare, small appliances, and even woodworking tools.

To have a good display case with fewer budgets, you can try to make them by yourself. Here are some DIY display case ideas to follow.

Small DIY Display Case

DIY Display Cases Ideas

This is a small display case that is great for small collectibles such as miniatures and other items.

It can store many items inside, and its doors will allow you to view your items from the outside.

Simple Wooden Display Case for Merchandise

DIY Display Cases

The display cases are also functioned to put the merchandise. Mainly if you want to spend more money to buy it, try to make it yourself.

Similar to the display for action figures mentioned above, the length and the width should be determined from the merchandise’s sizes.

Make sure to measure them well before creating the case. In terms of aesthetics, the rooms should not be too small or too big for the merchandise.

DIY Display Case for Lego

DIY Display Cases

Why not build a custom display case for your Lego collection? It’s a good way to store and protect your Lego collection, and it’s easy enough for anyone to do.

The Idea of Single Display Cases

DIY Display Cases Ideas

Not all the display cases must be big with some rooms in them. It is also necessary to create such a single display case.

Each case is not separated and divided into some rooms. Therefore, one case can be used to display one or a few things only.

The cases are then hanged in the wall to form a certain formation or pattern. This way, they can also be stunning and elegant home decoration ideas.

DIY Coffee Table Display Case

DIY Display Cases

This DIY coffee table display case is great for displaying your miniatures. It provides a unique and eye-catching display case that adds character to your space.

Easy Cheap DIY Collectible Display Case

DIY Display Cases Ideas

This is an easy and inexpensive DIY collectible display case. It is made with wood and has a glass door for you to see your collectibles straight from the outside.

Use Your Favorite Movie or Character

DIY Display Cases Ideas

If any of the display cases look like shelves or drawers, you can use this idea. It is mainly if you want to keep something flat like your books or DVD collections in it.

The stuff is not only put in this case. It is clamped to make it keep neat and not torn.

Then, you can use your favorite character, quotes, movie titles, and more as the theme and idea.

Like in the picture above, there is a “Star Wars” case to clamp the DVDs with the same title.

DIY Display Case for Model Cars

DIY Display Cases Ideas

Model cars are great additions to any collection, and display cases help protect them from dust, sunlight, and other elements that can ruin your investment. This project gives you all the information you need to get started.

DIY Glass Display Cases for Hot Wheels

DIY Display Cases Design

Hot Wheels toys are still exciting for kids. They’re a great addition to any collection, and display cases help protect them from dust, sun damage, and other elements that can ruin the fun.

If you want your kids’ collections displayed well and seen by the others, the application of glass is one of the best ideas.

Imagine that your stuff is displayed just like in the museum of the shop’s storefront.

The case must not be huge. Just make sure it can load all the collections and display them well.

Using this idea, the collections are also kept being clean and not easily damaged.

A glass display case is a great way to add more aesthetic value to your home or office. It can be placed in different areas, just like in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Simple Wooden Display Cases for Home Decoration

DIY Display Cases Ideas

The cases should not only function to store the stuff. It would be best to make it as beautiful as possible so that the case itself is the home decoration.

If you are not really experienced, engraving the details is probably quite difficult. Therefore, make it simple but elegant.

A good example is in the picture above. There is a case only made from some pieces of wood that are put together. Layer it with varnish in the end to make it smoother.

Another Idea of DIY Display Cases with Glasses

DIY Display Cases Design

If you have established a kind of business before and unused cases remain, don’t waste it.

You can repair and beautify to be a case for the home decoration. You may need to add some pieces of glass.

If there are damages, replace those parts with new ones. Lastly, paint and then varnish it.

This case can be used to keep any stuff and collections you have without spending more on budgets.

DIY Display Case for Pins

DIY Display Cases

Display cases for pins are handy in keeping your collections well organized. It keeps them from getting stolen and damaged by other objects because of its protective glass covering.

Knob-Like Display Cases for Medals and Hanging Stuff

DIY Display Cases

For certain stuff like medals and other things that can be hung, you may not need a complete case with all the chambers.

It is even good if those things are being hung. This idea is quite simple anyway. It is by using the knobs that are available in the market.

Then, there is a piece of wood where the knobs should be attached. The way to keep the medals is effortless; it is by hanging them.

To keep it clean, it is better if the case is also equipped with a glass cover.

DIY Acrylic Display Case

DIY Display Cases Design

A DIY acrylic display case can be constructed from a variety of materials. This project is easy to make and inexpensive.

It can be built quickly with minimal tools. The key to making a display case is understanding the three different types of acrylic barriers.

Briefcase to Store Your Valuable Collections

DIY Display Cases Ideas

The term valuable here doesn’t only refer to those made from gold or platinum.

Whatever the collections are, you must want to store and keep them well if you love them.

One of the ideas is the DIY briefcase. The briefcase’s length and width should be adjusted from the sizes of the collections.

It is also possible to make some chambers. Each chamber is for only one or two collections, for sure.

For this idea, the lack is about the collections cannot be displayed. Meanwhile, the benefit is that they will be completely safe.

DIY Display Case for Action Figures

DIY Display Cases Ideas

Do you have a collection of valuable action figures? Do you want to show them off but can’t find the right case?

If so, then this project may be just for you! It’s simple enough to allow anyone with some time and basic tools to build their own custom display case for figures.

Colorful Cases with Glasses for Action Figures and Other Toy Collections

DIY Display Cases Design

This one is very similar to point 1. The difference is only about the size and the rooms inside the case.

For action figures and other toy collections, this idea is necessary since the design tends to be simpler and cuter.

You can also paint a certain color on one case. If you create some cases at once, use different colors to make them look more colorful.

The Black and Red Display Case for Small Action Figures

DIY Display Cases Ideas

For the action figure collectors, this idea is worth trying.

The case is only made from a wooden board, and then there are some other pieces of thin wood attached to make some rooms.

For the sizes, it depends on how big your action figures are and the number of collections you have.

In terms of color, it depends on your taste for sure. For inspiration, applying the black and red colors like in the picture above is a good idea.

DIY Jersey Display Case

DIY Display Cases Design

If you are thinking of starting up your own clothing business, you might want to consider setting up a custom-made display case.

This will give your brand a more professional look, and it will also help attract more customers.

Thin DIY Cases for the Sport Jerseys

DIY Display Cases Design

For you, the sports lovers, this idea is. Rather than letting your jersey collections are folded in the wardrobe, some of them can just be displayed.

The cases for clothes and jerseys tend to be easy to make. They can be made from wood as the base, and then it is covered by a glass or acrylic.

It also doesn’t need to be too thick; the thin ones are enough, mainly if you don’t want to fold the clothes.

DIY Display Case for Knives

DIY Display Cases Design

If you have a large knife collection, you need a custom display case to protect them.

Instead of paying several hundreds of dollars for a professionally built case, it is better to build one yourself.

DIY Bakery Display Case

DIY Display Cases

If you are going to open a bakery, you need to make the best display for your products. A great way to do this is to have a custom-made bakery display case.

DIY Flag Display Case

DIY Display Cases Ideas

You can use an old flag to make a display case. You can hang it on your wall to show it off and let visitors know what you are selling.