15 Amazing Stainless Steel Countertop Ideas to Jazz Up Your Kitchen

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People say that kitchen is the centerpiece of a home where they mostly eat, cook and gather with family.

You can update its look to make it more comfortable. One of the easy ways is installing stainless steel countertop.

Stainless steel is truly a winning element. We have backed up our claim with these jaw-dropping examples.

Stainless Steel Countertop Prices

Stainless Steel Countertop Prices

It’s difficult to find a better option than stainless steel for your kitchen. It is durable yet simple, able to create spacious large open spaces with clean lines while minimizing maintenance. With a stainless steel countertop, you won’t be limited by the limitations of other materials.

Other materials like wood, are prone to warping and cracking over time, or simply changing color with age. Thus you will have to replace the entire kitchen again and again. While a granite countertop is attractive, it’s expensive and is not easy to clean.

But, do you know how much does a stainless steel countertop costs? Below the table that we have prepared for you, you will find different types of stainless steel countertops and their prices.

Find out which one will fit your budget, your kitchen needs, and your design style.

Stainless Steel Countertop Price Basic Standard Premium
Material Prices $489.00 – $554.00 $556.50 – $689.00 $733.50 – $791.50
Installation Cost $62.50 – $63.50 $65.00 – $76.50 $78.00 – $80.00
Total $551.50 – $617.50 $621.50 – $765.50 $811.50 – $871.50
Total Average Cost per square foot $58.45 $69.35 $84.15

( Source: remodelingexpense.com )

The price of a stainless steel countertop above will change from time to time. For example, the price of a type of stainless steel countertop will increase if the design or brand is popular.

Also, the place of purchase will affect the amount you pay. To get the best deal possible, you should shop around dealers and compare prices. Be sure to take your time and get the best deal.

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