25 Fantastic Male Living Space Ideas for Your Home

As men continue to struggle with our rapidly changing society, many of us are beginning to fight back. Men are starting to take a stand, making concessions in our personal style due to society’s bettering their standards.

Some of the most significant changes have been made in the realm of home and living spaces. Suddenly, men are beginning to make concessions in their living spaces to be more comfortable. Women have been dominating our societal landscape for centuries.

This is not working for us, men! We need to strike back with new strategies.

Male Living Space Design Ideas

Here are 25 awesome living space design ideas for men to try out in the upcoming years. These new male living area ideas are rooted in the men’s movement of today, while also incorporating a dash of the original.

1. Garage with Male Living Space Ideas


The garage has now become a dedicated home spot for many of us men. No longer is the garage simply a place to work on our cars or store extra junk. It is now seen as a part of the house, rather than an add-on.

2. Male Living Space TV Stand


A male living space should be comfortable and relaxing in all of its aspects. This is why a TV stand can help you achieve your ideal living space. A good TV stand should be easy to clean and have a design that blends well with the rest of your house. It will have plenty of storage space for DVDs and books, as well as room for a massive TV.

3. Male Living Space Wall Art Ideas


A room is not a room without some form of art. This is why a wall hanging is always an ideal investment. Art can do so much for the atmosphere of any living space. From improving the mood to having conversation starters, art serves as vital support in every aspect of modern life.

4. Leather Couch for Male Living Space Ideas


A couch is a great place to rest your weary bones after a long day at work (or in life). It is highly recommended that you choose something that is made from leather. Your leather couch should be able to fit your home style well and make you feel comfortable.

5. Male Living Space Lights Ideas


Lights are great for highlighting certain areas of your living space. A good way to do this is by using lights that are placed in clusters. You can have one cluster for the kitchen, one for the room and another for your hallway.

6. Just For Men Bathtubs


Men do not have to have fancy, lip-shaped baths like women. The best option is to choose a bathtub that fits your style and fulfills all of your needs. That being said, a male living space bathtub should be constructed out of a material that can be easily wiped down.

7. Tiny Male Living Space Design Ideas


When thinking about male living space design ideas, you should not be afraid to go smaller. This does not mean that you should skimp on the space. Instead, it means making your space more efficient than it was before.

8. Sofas Living Space For Men Design


The living room couch is no doubt the centerpiece of the living space. It is the first thing that people see when they walk in. Obviously, you want your couch to be comfortable, but it should also have a stylish design.

9. Barn with Male Living Space Ideas


A barn door can go a long way in separating the living space from the outside world. It is a great way to make your living room seem more masculine without going overboard. That being said, you should consider getting one that has a wooden look as opposed to something completely different.

10. Male Living Space Room


The living room is the perfect place to socialize and enjoy your day. This is where people should spend the majority of their time. This is why a great-looking living room can go a long way in making you feel more at home throughout the day.

11. Steel Structures with Male Living Space


Steel structures have been around for centuries. They have made way for great projects like skyscrapers and bridges throughout the years. Some of the greatest male living spaces almost always include a steel structure in their design.

12. Male Living Space Sunrooms Ideas


A living space sunroom is a great way to add some extra sunlight into your home. It should be comfortable and relaxing, as well as cozy enough to enjoy a good time. Most importantly, it should be easy to maintain and keep clean.

13. Coffee Table Male Living Space Ideas


A coffee table is a great way to add some personality to your living space. In most cases, a man’s living space is not going to have much in the way of a furniture. That being said a coffee table is still a great idea if you know what to do with it.

14. Contemporary Flavor Male Living Space Ideas


You should be careful with how you style your living space. After all, part of living space design is making sure that it goes well with the rest of the house. That being said, you should try to go for a modernized look for your living space.

15. Stylish and Refined Male Living Space Ideas


There are so many different designs that you can go with for your living space. However, it is always recommended to choose a style that is refined and stylish. It would be best if you made your room look as good as possible without going overboard.

16. Black & White Male Living Space Ideas


Black and white are two great colors that can be used to create a look for your living space. It is a great choice because it works well with almost everything. That being said, there are some distinct differences between the two colors.

17. Male Living Room Loft Ideas


A loft is a great way to take advantage of your living space. It can be used for anything and can make your living room feel more open than ever before.

18. The “Minimalist” Male Living Space Ideas


One of the best ways to impact your living space is by going for a minimalist look. It is a great way to create some breathing room between the living space and the rest of the house. If you have never used this design before, it is definitely something to try.

19. Mid Century Modern Male Living Space Ideas


Mid-century modernism is one of the most popular styles out there. It combines a lot of different ideas to accomplish great results. The best part is that it looks awesome when done right. If you are going for the mid-century modern design, you are in the right place.

20. Ambient Male Living Space Ideas


Ambient living space is great for when you are living in a smaller space. It is one where you can make the room look even more open to the rest of the house.

21. Rustic Male Living Space Items


Rustic living space design is about creating a space that looks like it came from the great outdoors. This style is awesome for those who are looking to get away from contemporary and simple styles. If you are going for this design, then you need to do it right.

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22. Modular Male Living Room Ideas


This living space design is all about maximizing the use of space. It takes elements from a lot of different styles and combines them into one living room. It is right on trend at the moment. This living room design will easily fit into most homes as long as you have the room.

23. Feng Shui Male Living Space Ideas


Feng Shui is one of the most popular males living space designs out there. It is a style that is all about creating balance in your home to make it feel more at ease and natural. Whether you are going for this design or another one, you will need to use the space and plan how you will use it to make it happen.

24. Fantasy Male Living Space


This is a perfect example of males living space that doesn’t follow any particular style but has many elements in it. This design will look good in the right home. It has a warm feel to it and is a nice style to have in your home.

25. Family Man Male Living Space Style


This is a style that is perfect for anyone in the family man’s living space. This style has the addition of a neutral color that makes it easy to change things up later. You can add art or different pieces from your travels.



What is masculine interior design?

A man’s interior design consists of the things he has in his home; It’s the surroundings that he creates for himself where he feels comfortable with his family to live, work and play. Interior design is a reflection of the man who lives in it.

What guys look for in an apartment?

Most men want to live in an apartment that is peaceful, quiet, and well-secured. Apartments have less responsibility; they do not need to worry about cleaning the house or maintain the lawn. They will also want an apartment that has a great view and close to work.

What should I put on my walls?

One of the main things a man loves to put on his walls is pictures, pictures of past experiences, or current friends. You can also put nice quotes and sayings. It would be best to put posters of your favorite musicians, movies and sports stars on your walls.

How do you soften a masculine room?

A masculine room can be a little boring to look at, so one of the things that you can add is soft or colorful items. You can add soft throw pillows on the couch. You can also add a cushion in the color of your choice.

How to make a masculine room more inviting?

A masculine room is always full of pride, and you will find that it is always filled with objects that have been collected over time. The best thing you can do is take out the objects and rearrange them so that you will be able to tell a story. For instance, you can put together pictures of your family and friends who are no longer with us.

How do you make a room feel more masculine?

A room can be made to feel more masculine simply by making sure that the colors in the room are lighter and that it is spacious. Ensuring that the space is free of furniture will allow you to put in art and display it prominently.


The aesthetic of masculine living space is based on its color palette, furniture, and belongings. Men, as a whole, are more apt to want to choose neutral colors that have a masculine influence. Furniture should be wooden and clean lines should be emphasized as well.

One suggestion would be to use darker colors such as black, browns, and greys. It should be noted that masculine items such as hats, candles, and ties should not be a part of the interior design. There are many references for masculine interior design, and you are sure to find a style similar to your tastes.

Surrounding yourself with the things you love will make designing your interior one that is easy and enjoyable.