15 Game Room Ideas You Did Not Know About + Pros & Cons

House bowling

Game room ideas
House bowling game room ideas via trulia.com

If you love bowling but hate having to leave the house just to do it, well, you could opt to have your own bowling alley right at the comfort of your home.

The recommended space is a minimum of 100’ in length and 14’ in width for 2 bowling alleys. The recommended ceiling height is 14’.

It is also suggested that you have an under lane ball return rack system. The equipment, delivery and installation costs will also vary depending on whether you want pre used or new equipment.

The good thing however is that if you properly maintain your bowling equipment, it could last you for as long as even 25 years.

You could however consult a designer for more information on how to go about installing your own bowling alley at home. Also, consider having a lounge area with couches, tables and LCD monitors that will display scores.


  • This is a perfect way to save on money in the long run, especially if you regularly go out with family and friends for bowling.


  • Having a bowling alley at home is very expensive and will take up too much of your space.

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