Fireplace Layout – Where Do I Begin?

Photo how your fire place will certainly be made use of. You have actually most likely already got a place in mind, yet the usefulness of the area may be influenced by venting requirements, installation clearance needs and also fuel selections.


Initially, why are you mounting a fire place? Is is for recreational usage as well as amusing? Is it acting as a backup emergency furnace? Supplemental warmth for a cool space? Is it simply an ornamental element to enhance your design?

Fire places are readily available in a large range of layouts fireplaces being utilized as supplementary or backup heat sources will obtain one of the most utilize and also a higher quality (much more costly) version will certainly be a much better selection that generally provides better efficiency.

That will be using the brand-new fire place? What is your way of living? Senior people as well as those with health issue may not have the ability to deal with the vigors of toting fire wood.

But if you have the moment to enjoy the routines of cutting, splitting as well as stacking wood as well as the suggestion of cost-free warm from fallen trees on your home or business, a financial investment in a timber burning fire place may match your demands perfectly. Otherwise, increase your possibilities to gas or electrical fire places.

Fireplace design experts as well as chimney sweeper agree that low-end, builder-grade fireplaces need to only be made use of for occasional, leisure fires such as family members events at holidays.

If you anticipate to use your fireplace once a week or even more throughout the winter, opt for a greater end model that will certainly last for years since substitute is a costly, time-consuming job. Currently let’s start with the next stage of planning.

Component 2: PICKING THE GAS


Do you picture burning natural firewood? Timber burning fireplaces will place one of the most restrictions on your layout. The smokeshaft system have to run up and down in a reasonably straight arrangement and clear the roofing line according to regional codes, which are a minimum of 3′ in most locations – yet can be excessively a lot more depending upon your roof covering pitch as well as residence style.

You’ll desire the fire place mounted in a location that’s accessible to a doorway to the outdoors to generate your firewood as well as secure ashes. A timber burning fireplace will additionally have the best needs for a fireproof hearth that protrudes into the room and also for side as well as top clearances.

And also unless you go with a high-end, energy reliable fire place fire place style that uses securely securing doors for lengthy burn times as well as updated styles to provide high warmth outcome, shedding timber might actually get rid of even more warm from your space compared to it includes.

Opening up front, attractive wood burning fire places are banned as new home appliance selections in some areas that are vulnerable to air high quality troubles.

Ornamental fireplaces consume a lot of fuel, can produce too much amounts of smoke right into your community, as well as deal little to no warm output. So very carefully take into consideration the top quality and functions of the versions available during your drawing board.

Greater end versions could give you a lot more years of service plus convenience features that provide you longer burn times, even more warm from every piece of timber as well as cleaner burning that results in less smoke and a cleaner chimney.

Make certain you have a good resource of fire wood available as well as space to stack your timber stack. The type of timber you burn – and also just how you save and look after your firewood – will substantially influence your wood shedding experience.

For just about one of the most skilled do-it-yourselfers, a woodburning fire place is a work that is ideal done by a licensed and also skilled expert.


Gas fire places supply a practical, realistic flame at the touch of a switch. Remote controls are offered for the majority of designs.

Several could likewise utilize thermostat controls that readjust the flame or transform the fire on and also off based on the room temperature. Ducting alternatives could enable setup in almost any type of space, on any kind of flooring of your residence.

Gas fire places been available in a variety of designs, sizes and styles and also supply multiple ducting options. Attractive designs won’t provide you much heat, while higher end designs could warm an open floor plan almost as effectively as a heater.

Direct duct designs may duct horizontally or offer you enough choices with offsets for the air vent to terminate from another location from the fireplace.

Every model from every maker is various, so examine installment demands thoroughly to make sure your layout could be applied for risk-free as well as efficient use.

Gas fire places are developed to burn either Natural Gas (piped right into your home by the city gas firm) or LP (Liquid Propane) which is saved in a container in your backyard.

Installation of a gas fire place will need a plumber or COOLING AND HEATING specialist (check local codes) to run gas lines to the fire place and also to set up the fire place as well as venting system, so this is a job that will need specialist installation.

Electric Fireplaces

Once not even a consideration for fire places, electrical fires are now popular. They operate at 100% effectiveness as well as call for no ducting so they could be set up any kind of where.

They may likewise be the only alternative for tenants or for skyscraper condos and office buildings. Designs vary from small to huge, typical to modern.

A lot of consist of a heater compared to can supply a lot of heat for smaller areas. There are no special setup needs – simply link into an existing 3-prong outlet – so this is a fairly simple installment that most property owners could achieve by themselves.

Now that we know exactly what type of fuel is right, let’s plan where it will certainly be installed.


As we discovered in part 2, the fuel you’ll be shedding in your fireplace might dictate where the fireplace could be set up based on the airing vent demands of the version selected.

A woodburning fireplace in an upstairs bed room is not useful since you’ll be toting timber up as well as bring ashes down.

Occasionally a compromise will certainly be required to fulfill venting and also clearance requirements of the fireplace design you select.

Your optimal location in between 2 windows might not work, yet the more large location on the other wall surface would be ideal.

Or perhaps the woodburning fireplace you prefer in between the home windows can not fit, yet a gas burning model will. So determine exactly how important the area of the fire place is to the style you desire and continue to be adaptable during this stage of planning.


Depending upon the era, fireplaces have been made through the ages with a selection of styles. A corner fire place might offer the ideal equilibrium for other elements in the room. Flat or inconspicuous hearths are much more useful in smaller sized rooms where you’ll be much less prefer to stub your toe strolling by.

Level hearths were prominent from the very early 1800’s to the 1940’s. Increased fireplaces may bring the fire place as much as offer a much better sight from a bed or sofa. A fireplace raised 16″ to 18″ supplies added seats in the room.

Think of the design aspects in your area, exactly how the furnishings will be arranged, and also the sort of fire place you’re mounting. Increased fireplaces allow less flexing when filling or having the tendency to a wood fire.

If you’re trying to reproduce the appearance of a certain era then study the style of fireplaces, border and hearth products plus mantel designs that were prominent at that time.

I’ve selected my fuel as well as the space it’s mosting likely to be installed into, currently just how should it look?


A fireplace is normally a generic box that holds a fire. Attractive accents offered by the manufacturer (such as trim designs and also door or window surfaces) will certainly be your following decision. The best aspect of your design style will be the fireplace, border, trim and also mantel choices.

The hearth is the expansion into the space that provides defense to your flooring while the border provides defense for the walls bordering your fireplace.

Needs will vary considerably for the border and also hearth based on the kind of gas your fire place burns as well as the specific needs for the version selected. Woodburning fire places will certainly frequently call for a hearth 18″ or extra in front of the fireplace, and also encompassing each side to provide optimal security for triggers as well as toppling ashes.

Gas fire places and also electric fire places might require little to no hearth or surround, although including these aspects into your style might supply a more authentic appearance and also charm for your space.

Hearths and also surrounds could incorporate a variety of materials simply make sure and also select the right product, in the right density for heat transfer defense, and also ensure it’s set up correctly.

Ensure there is adequate weight assistance below the fireplace and also fireplace area to support the fireplace, ducting system and hearth/surround materials. A fireproof underlayment might be needed in some setups. Right here are some products you may take into consideration for fireplaces and also surrounds:

  • Block or block veneers
  • Stone, stone veneers or cultured stone
  • Ceramic ceramic tile
  • Slate, marble, granite & strong surface area products
  • Metallic surface areas such as stainless-steel or copper
  • Cement pieces
  • Mantels and also Trim

Your mantel and also trim choice may have the greatest effect on the visual style of your fire place. A grand mantel could take a typical fire place from ordinary to charming!

Several property owner choose to allocate even more of their budget for the fire place setup right into the mantel than any other part of the job, so consider how the mantel will certainly affect your overall look and expenses.

The mantel is set up to from the border and provide a completed appearance. Detailed mantels are usually made use of in residences with a conventional style. The mantel consists of attractive vertical trim that remains on the fireplace hearth and also frequently consists of a mantel shelf.

Make sure the mantel is installed to allow adequate clearances to nicely meet the fire place producer’s directions. Deep shelves, for example, can present challenges with timber burning fire places as the overhang can cause fire threats as a result of the extreme increasing warmth.

Mantels are available in a substantial selection of products, styles and designs:

  • Marble
  • Timber
  • Cast Iron
  • Limestone
  • Cultured Stone
  • Plaster
  • Material

Trying to find an extremely modern style? Contemporary makes usage simple lines to create an unified feel, or interesting structures and patterns that might not be improved by utilize of a mantel or shelf. In a contemporary style, take into consideration utilizing a simple trim the merely finishes off the edges of your border.

I have the ideal style in mind! I know simply how it must look as well as I’m ready to go!


The complexity of your fireplace layout as well as installation will establish just how much assistance the average do-it-yourselfer may participate in the job.

Plan, Plan as well as Examine Your Strategies Again!

Does the fireplace provide the features you most desire?

Can your residence fit any called for venting requirements?

Do you have appropriate area for the fire place plus the required framing and fireplace needed for this model?

What hearth and also surround will you use?

Have you picked a mantel that fulfills clearance demands?

We recommend that you draw your fire place job on paper as well as strategy all dimensions extremely thoroughly. A wonderful following action is to use newspaper and develop a layout on your flooring and wall to ensure that you could visually see the quantity of area that will be set aside to your new fireplace setup, exactly how close furniture will certainly be to the new fireplace, and so on.

Buy your fire place and discover your specialists

Since you’ve chosen your fire place, your border, hearth as well as mantel, exactly what’s next?

Buy from a merchant or distributor that meets your private requirements. You might even discover that a solitary store could assist with whatever you require: the fire place, airing vent, mantel as well as border plus the installers to get the entire job done for you. Or you may have to purchase from several resources to get all the products needed for the task. Buy from the shop(s) that offer the technological support as well as item option that you most wish.

Framing and also sheetrock will possibly be needed. Is this a task you can do on your own, or is a carpenter or handyman called for? Make sure framework enables not only the appropriate opening for the fire place yet the hearth and also mantel too.

If you’re mounting a gas fire place, see to it you have an accredited tradesperson to run gas lines. Schedule distribution of the LP gas storage tank or connection of gas lines to your house if you’re adding a gas fire place to a residence that doesn’t currently have gas devices in operation. Gas service might consist of a wait from a couple of days to a number of weeks, so strategy early!

After the framework is done, the fire place is set up. Examine building regulations demands as well as make sure you or the contractor request the authorization and also have the called for evaluations done to help assure the fire place is installed securely and appropriately.

Installment of a wood or gas burning fireplace, the venting system and the gas lines are jobs ideal delegated a specialist. A security assessment is carried out after the fireplace is mounted, checking for correct clearances to framing, proper installation of the venting system and proper installment of gas lines.

After the mounting evaluation is done, you could set up sheetrock, border and also fireplace materials, and also the mantel. This component of the job may be done by gifted house owners, or could be left in the hands of tradesmen focusing on the materials you have actually chosen such as floor tile installers, woodworkers, general specialists or talented handy-man companies.

After your fire place installation is total, a last inspection by the structure inspector is required for gas or wood burning fire places. This aids assure that another tradesperson has not covered flammable locations of the fireplace with surround products (such as covering vents on the fire place with tile) which the fireplace and mantel are mounted with appropriate clearances. Final gas evaluations are likewise done currently, perhaps by a various assessor.

After last assessments are done, follow your supplier’s guidelines for burglary use. This generally entails little, low fires that assist treat paint and also refractory materials utilized on gas and timber burning fireplaces. Review usage and also security directions with everyone in the house that will certainly be operating the brand-new fireplace.

Now uncork the wine, call your loved ones, light a fire and enjoy! Your brand-new fire place will certainly add an unique warmth to a cold night. You have actually made a fantastic investment in your home’s worth and also to your lifestyle.

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