15 Slate Countertops Design Ideas For Generate More Valuable Cooking Time

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TSP Home Decor – As a cooking lover, you must manage your kitchen well.

One of the things to do is choosing the best slate countertops design.

Here, we have several slate countertops design ideas to apply.

By choosing one of them, hopefully, that you can cook your favorite meals effectively.

Black Granite Slate Countertop

Slate Countertops

If you don’t want to use too many textures, you can just apply the black granite countertop.

This countertop is suitable with a white kitchen cabinet and aluminum kitchen utensils.

The best part is it is served you with texture but not as much as what you see in the ceramic countertop.

Black granite countertop helps to keep your cooking area neat and tidy.

For additional texture, you can add mosaic tiles for the wall.

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