Visual rendering of human movement

| August 16, 2013 | 0 Comments

Human movement has always inspired artists all over the world into creating amazing art collections, installations that aim to immortalize us as powerful, balanced beings.

The latest creation of the design company KORB, JL Design and CypherAudio is another stunning rememberance that humans can actually be incredible. In a series of four Idents, we see a visual performance that’s animated using data of actor movements.

The client is CCTC Documentary Channel, who desired to create a metaphor of the little moments our life consists of. The digital sculptures are a kind reminder of our weaknesses, of how frail we are, of how important even the smallest moments are. The four idents are paired with four different human life themes: power, parenting, dancing and romantic love.

The result is a magical reminder of the beauty of life, that now we can envision through the use of digital means. Watch the video below !

Via CypherAudio

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