Unprecedented sailor

| December 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

Water is crucial to our existence.

But even though we firstly need it for consumption and cleaning, water can also be used as a way of transportation.

And while we all know the classical boats and ships that cross our rivers, seas and oceans daily, it is high time we met the new sailors of our generation.

Meet the impressive alien-looking jellyfish! Its presence has been remarked in Bristol harbor and people immediately thought it was from “out-of-space.”

In this way, lots of videos appeared on YouTube, revealing the extraordinary creature and its movement.

While its tentacles were illuminated by a strong white light, the top body reflected blue and purple colors, transforming the glowing creature into an extraordinary appearance.

Biologists suggested it may be a marine salp which has drifted off course and now struggles in the harbor.

It turns out that the jellyfish was placed in Bristol harbor to promote a new TV program about magic.  Taking into consideration the size and its capacity to illuminate its own body, the creature has now been declared a hoax.

Photo source: dailymail.com


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