Sakura-Cherry Tress at night – by Arixxx

| February 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

As spring made its entrance much more sooner than expected, the streets of Taiwan and Japan have clothed their trees with hundreds of sakura petals, also known as cherry flowers in blossom.

The spectacular view was professionally photographed by a Japanese photo-artist that goes with the name of Arixxx and then presented to the worldwide audience, online.

As the night installs its scenery, with sparkling stars, quietness and peace, the cherry trees convert their pink flowers into radiant, heavenly spots of white and red.

The photographer used a long exposure in order to capture the trail lights of the cars that crossed these Wonder-land streets, in Hitachi, Japan.

As they blend together, the image created emphasizes an urban view of how nature and human-activity coexist, almost ignoring or even losing track of time.

In Japan, numerous festivals and activities are held in order to celebrate the beauty of the cherry trees in blossom. No wonder why they bloom so marvelously, they are so deeply respected and cherished.

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