REwriting history!

| August 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

A word doesn’t mean a thing if it is not written down. That way, even if the people change, the facts remain the same way, catching within a glossary of events what we call today History.

If history were not to be written, how would we manage to survive and evolve?

This is Re-writing history, from scratch to bottom, more fun, easy and pleasant than ever!

Nowadays there are on the market thousands of pens and pencils that color our words in so many styles, but neither do what these precious tools can:

For example, there are invisible pens that use special lights to show their message and keep all your missives secret. From sticky notes to love poems, they all are now safe with this magic tool. Another amazing gadget is the pen that extracts the color you want from any object around the house and afterwards transposes it into letters. Pretty amazing, right?

But what if I told you there is also a clever lipstick-shaped pencil you could always use, wherever you are, whatever you do? This way, you will know how to write all the times with style!

But that’s not all, from ruler shaped pens to laser and modified-ink  gadgets, they all come in different models and designs to suit your needs and increase your pleasure in writing.

When did writing become so modern?

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