Infrared portraits of contemporary dancers

What we do in our daily lives define us. And this statement is often true when it comes to people making a living out of their bodies, such as athletes, dancers or models. The every day activities we put our bodies through transform the said bodies – and minds, as well.

Nir Arieli, a New York-based photographer, took this idea and made it into a series of photographs called “Inframen“. He took portraits of contemporary male dancers in order to show what happens to the body when you take on this job, what small, but visible changes in their appearance that one can notice.

The name of his photo series comes from the technique he applied to the photos: a special one using infrared that can help reveal more details about the contemporary dancers than regular photo techniques. Thus, the scars, blemishes and stretch marks become even more visible and prove to us that there is indeed a relationship between the way we present ourselves and the job we have – especially as dancers.

Source:  Nir Arieli




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