An illustrator and his cat

Being an illustrator means having to discover your own style, that unique element that makes you stand out from the crowd. However, being an illustrator also means sometimes being able to emulate different styles – and that may prove to be more difficult than you think.

Canadian illustrator Mike Holmes loves to do that, if we take in consideration his latest work, the project called Mikenesses, in which he portrays himself and his cat in the style of more than 100 different illustrators. He began this project in 2011 as he wanted to pay tribute to some illustrators, animators or even video games that shaped him as an artist.

In time, as his illustrations became more and more popular, he turned them into a book –  an ‘illustrated biography ‘, as he calls it, of him and his beloved pet cat. The portaits are really unique and the project goes to prove how chameleonic this illustrator can be – and how much fun having a pet cat is.


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