Genuine Holidays

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Christmas is knocking at our door and, with only 4 more weeks to go until the greatest holiday of the whole year, this time, Santa has sent your Christmas cards earlier.

Please greet the fabulous Christmas Tree Decorations, an excellent idea for those finding themselves in lack of imagination.

From “Hot-Wheels” Race-tracks to “Mountain Dew” cans that energize your living room, nowadays Christmas Tree themes must definitely  symbolize originality.

From all around the world, amazing artists, mad engineers and full of imagination designers have created the top most “Original Trees for a perfect Christmas”.

While, most people, still keep the traditional look for their trees, clothed in globes, candles and colorful decorations, a few skillful individuals tried this year to revolutionize the aspect of the glorious green tree. In other words, the savine was replaced by floating globes, aluminium cans and even shopping carts.

Even though it is hard to believe that any supermarket would offer for the whole winter season free carts for their customers, it appears that some clients have successfully transformed their transportation bags into veracious decorations.

With a bit of talent, some lights and the proper tools and materials, every idea can be put into practice.

And the results will certainly impress Santa Claus as well!


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