Cough Drops With Interesting Package

| August 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

Having a cold is never fun. You most likely will feel very bad, and the only good that may come out of this is that you will take a couple of days off work. However, don’t expect to enjoy this little break, since you’ll sleep through it, only waking up to blow your nose and to take your medication.

But when you don’t feel so good,it is important to try and find the best in anything and to find reasons to smile. And who knew that some herbal cough drops could make you feel so good?

A collaboration between Jung Von Matt,Scope Digital Studio, and Julien Canavezes is here to prove that packaging design, print arts and cough drops have something in common. To advertise for the cough drops created by the Swiss cough drop manufacturer Ricola, illustrated people are printed on each individual package. Their neck is strategically placed at the twisted end you have to unwrap in order to get the cough drops out. This explains the message: “Unwrap your voice”, while also giving you a peak at what these drops can do for your health.

The packaging was also used to run print ads for this campaign, a campaign that managed to take a simple object, one that we don’t like to buy, but have to, and make it a fun one, an interesting one and, most importantly, one that puts a smile on our face when we have a nasty cold.

Via Scope Digital Studio.

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